1805 Laws of Indiana Territory

Part of the Historic Indiana Law Project.

Abstracts of laws relating to the Indiana Territory from:
Philbrick, Francis S. The Laws of Indiana Territory, 1801-1809. Springfield, Illinois : Illinois State Historical Library, 1930. Internet Archive

Laws Passed at the First Session of the General Assembly of the Indiana Territory, Begun and Held at the Borough of Vincennes, on Monday the Twenty-Ninth of July, in the Year 1805.

Chapter 1. An act for prohibiting the sale of ardent spirits, or other intoxicating liquors to Indians.

Chapter 2. An act to amend an act entitled an act establishing courts for the trial of small causes.

Chapter 3. An act regulating notaries public.

Chapter 4. An act authorizing the court of common pleas to appoint commissioners for the conveyance of land in certain cases.

Chapter 5. An act to authorize aliens to purchase and hold real estates within the Territory.

Chapter 6. An act respecting Apprentices.

Chapter 7. An act to prohibit the giving or selling intoxicating liquors to Indians.

Chapter 8. An act making bonds for the payment of money or property assignable.

Chapter 9. An act reviving and continuing suits in the Court of Common Pleas of Knox county, and regulating the teste of writs.

Chapter 10. An act for the relief of persons imprisoned for debt.

Chapter 11. An act to regulate weights and measures.

Chapter 12. An act respecting bail in certain cases.

Chapter 13. An act to authorize guardians of minors to sell houses and lots in towns and villages in certain cases.

Chapter 14. An act to amend and continue in force a law entitled, β€œa law respecting divorce.”

Chapter 15. An act to amend an act entitled an act for opening and repairing Public Roads and Highways.

Chapter 16. An act for organizing a Court of Chancery.

Chapter 17. An act for incorporating the Borough of Vincennes.

Chapter 18. An act to amend an act respecting Tavern License.

Chapter 19. An act organizing inferior courts.

Chapter 20. An act respecting certain Crimes and Punishments.

Chapter 21. An act concerning Debtors and their Securities, and to empower Securities to recover damages in a summary way.

Chapter 22. An act directing the manner of proceeding in cases of Impeachment.

Chapter 23. An act for the partition of Land.

Chapter 24. An act for the sale and Conveyance of Land under Executions.

Chapter 25. An act concerning mills and millers.

Chapter 26. An act concerning the introduction of Negroes and Mulattoes in this Territory.

Chapter 27. An act to authorize the Courts of the Counties within this Territory, to draw on the county Treasurer for the services and expenses therein mentioned.

Chapter 28. An act repealing a part of an act, entitled β€œAn act for the admission of Attorneys and Counsellors at Law.”

Chapter 29. An act for the more easy acknowledgement of deeds.

Chapter 30. An act making appropriations for the ensuing year.

Chapter 31. An act for the appointment of an auditor and territorial treasurer.

Chapter 32. An act for levying and collecting a tax on Land and for other purposes.

A Resolution for revising the Laws of this Territory, and for other purposes.

A Resolution allowing compensation to A. Defrance, Door keeper.

An Act to incorporate the Indiana Canal Company.