1806 Laws of Indiana Territory

Part of the Historic Indiana Law Project.

Abstracts of laws relating to the Indiana Territory from:
Philbrick, Francis S. The Laws of Indiana Territory, 1801-1809. Springfield, Illinois : Illinois State Historical Library, 1930. Internet Archive

Laws Passed at the Second Session of the First General Assembly of the Indiana Territory, Begun and Held at the Borough of Vincennes, on Monday the Third Day of November, In the Year Eighteen Hundred & Six.

Chapter 1. An act supplemental to an act, entitled “An act for levying and collecting a tax on land and for other purposes.

Chapter 2. An act to regulate Elections of Representatives to the General Assembly.

Chapter 3. An act to establish Election Districts in the county of Dearborn.

Chapter 4. A Resolution [for sheriffs to take a census.]

Chapter 5. An act to incorporate a University in the Indiana Territory.

Chapter 6. An act supplemental to an act to Incorporate a University in the Indiana Territory.

Chapter 7. An act to amend an act, entitled “An act establishing Courts for the trial of Small Causes.”

Chapter 8. An act for the relief of the Territorial Treasurer, and for other purposes.

Chapter 9. An act to amend an act respecting County Levies.

Chapter 10. An act concerning Executions.

Chapter 11. An act relating to the duties of Sheriffs, and for other purposes.

Chapter 12. An act concerning writs of ne exeat and other proceedings in the court of Chancery.

Chapter 13. An act supplemental to an act regulating County Levies.

Chapter 14. An act to alter and amend an act, entitled “An act for Incorporating the Borough of Vincennes.”

Chapter 15. An act concerning Clerks of Courts.

Chapter 16. An act altering the time of holding the Court of Common Pleas, of the counties therein mentioned.

Chapter 17. An act directing the Taxes on Law process, &c. in the different counties, to be paid into the County Treasuries.

Chapter 18. An act to incorporate the Vincennes Library Company.

Chapter 19. An act concerning Slaves and Servants.

Chapter 20. An act to regulate Marriages.

Chapter 21. An act for improving the breed of Horses.

Chapter 22. An act for making Appropriations for the ensuing year.

Chapter 23. An act for allowing compensation to the members of the Legislative Council and House of Representatives of the Indiana Territory, and to the officers of both houses, for the last and present session.

Chapter 24. An act to prevent altering and defacing marks and brands, and mismarking and misbranding Horses, cattle and hogs, unmarked and unbranded.

Chapter 25. An act to revive and amend an act establishing and regulating the militia.

Chapter 26. An act relative to the General Court, and the better to promote the impartial administration of Justice.

Chapter 27. An act to prohibit the giving or selling intoxicating liquors to Indians within forty miles of Vincennes, in the county of Knox.

Chapter 28. A resolution for revising the laws of this Territory, and for other purposes.