1807 Revised Laws of Indiana Territory

Part of the Historic Indiana Law Project.

Abstracts of laws relating to the Indiana Territory from:
Philbrick, Francis S. The Laws of Indiana Territory, 1801-1809. Springfield, Illinois : Illinois State Historical Library, 1930. Internet Archive

Laws of the Indiana Territory; Comprising those Acts formerly in force, and as Revised by Messrs. John Rice Jones, and John Johnson, and passed (after amendments) by the Legislature; and the Original Acts Passed at the First Session of the Second General Assembly of the said Territory. Begun and held at the Borough of Vincennes, on the sixteenth day of August, Anno Domini eighteen hundred and seven.

Chapter 1. An act for the appointment of Justices of the Peace within the several counties of the Territory, and therein of their duties and powers.

Chapter 2. An act organizing courts of Common Pleas.

Chapter 3. An act regulating the General Courts.

Chapter 4. An act for the establishment of the Office of Sheriff, and for the appointment of Sheriffs.

Chapter 5. An act respecting Oaths of Office.

Chapter 6. An act respecting Crimes and Punishments.

Chapter 7. An act regulating Marriages.

Chapter 8. An act for the appointment of Coroners, their duty and power.

Chapter 9. An act to authorize and require the Courts of Common Pleas to divide the counties into Townships, and to alter the boundaries of the same, when necessary.

Chapter 10. An act for rendering authentic as Evidence in the courts of this Territory, the public acts, records and Judicial proceedings of Courts in the United States.

Chapter 11. An act regulating Prisons, and Prison bounds.

Chapter 12. An act subjecting Real Estates to Execution for Debt.

Chapter 13. An act allowing Foreign Attachments.

Chapter 14. An act to prevent unnecessary delays in causes after issue joined.

Chapter 15. An act concerning persons Conscientiously scrupulous to take an Oath in the common form.

Chapter 16. An act authorizing the granting of letters Testamentary, and letters of Administration, for the settlement of intestate’s estates, and for other purposes.

Chapter 17. An act to License and Regulate Taverns.

Chapter 18. A law establishing the Recorders Office, and for other purposes.

Chapter 19. An act concerning Trespassing Animals.

Chapter 20. An act to regulate the disposition of Water Crafts, of certain descriptions found, gone, or going adrift, and of estray animals.

Chapter 21. An act for the speedy assignment of Dower.

Chapter 22. An act giving remedies in Equity, in certain cases.

Chapter 23. A law for the relief of the Poor.

Chapter 24. An act declaring what Laws shall be in force.

Chapter 25. An act respecting Divorce.

Chapter 26. An act for improving the breed of Horses.

Chapter 27. An act against forcible entry and detainer.

Chapter 28. An act as to the proceedings in Ejectment, Distress for Rent, and Tenants at will, holding over.

Chapter 29. An act regulating the admission, and practice of Attorneys and Counsellors at Law.

Chapter 30. An act regulating Enclosures.

Chapter 31. An act for regulating the Interest of Money.

Chapter 32. An act authorizing and regulating arbitrations.

Chapter 31 [sic]. An act to establish and regulate ferries.

Chapter 34. An act making Promissory Notes, Bonds, and Inland Bills of Exchange, negotiable.

Chapter 35. An act to prevent Trespassing by Cutting of Timber.

Chapter 36. An act regulating Grist Mills and Millers.

Chapter 37. An act for the prevention of Vice and Immorality.

Chapter 38. An act establishing Courts for the trial of Small Causes.

Chapter 39. An act providing for the appointment of Constables.

Chapter 40. A law to regulate Elections.

Chapter 41. An act regulating the firing of Woods, Prairies and other Lands.

Chapter 42. An act establishing and regulating the Militia.

Chapter 43. An act defining and regulating Privileges in certain cases.

Chapter 44. An act for opening and regulating public Roads and Highways.

Chapter 45. An act to regulate the enclosing and cultivating of Common Fields.

Chapter 46. An act regulating the Practice in the General Court, and Court of Common Pleas, and for other purposes.

Chapter 47. An act for the appointment of Surveyors and their Deputies, and for allowing them Fees.

Chapter 48. An act concerning Servants.

Chapter 49. An act regulating the Fees of the several Officers and Persons therein named.

Chapter 50. An act authorizing the appointment of a Pilot.

Chapter 51. A law to regulate county Levies.

Chapter 52. An act laying a Tax on Law Process.

Chapter 53. An act prohibiting the sale of Ardent Spirits, and other Intoxicating Liquors to Indians.

Chapter 54. An act regulating Notaries Public.

Chapter 55. An act to authorize Aliens to Purchase and hold real estates within this Territory.

Chapter 56. An act respecting Apprentices.

Chapter 57. An act for the relief of persons imprisoned for Debt.

Chapter 58. An act regulating weights and measures.

Chapter 59. An act for organizing a Court of Chancery.

Chapter 60. An act to incorporate the Borough of Vincennes.

Chapter 61. An act concerning Debtors and their Securities, and to empower Securities to recover damages in a summary way.

Chapter 62. An act directing the manner of proceeding in cases of Impeachment.

Chapter 63. An act for the Partition of Land.

Chapter 64. An act concerning the introduction of Negroes and Mullattoes in this Territory.

Chapter 65. An act to authorize the Courts of the Counties within this Territory, to draw on the county Treasurer, for the services and expenses therein mentioned.

Chapter 66. An act for the appointment of an Auditor and Territorial Treasurer.

Chapter 67. An act to incorporate a University in the Indiana Territory.

Chapter 68. An act for the relief of the Territorial Treasurer and for other purposes.

Chapter 69. An act concerning Executions.

Chapter 70. An act regulating the duties of Sheriffs, and for other purposes.

Chapter 71. An act concerning Clerks of Courts.

Chapter 72. An act to Incorporate the Vincennes Library Company.


Act Originated at the First Session of the Second General Assembly of the Indiana Territory, Begun August 16th, 1807.

Chapter 73. An act to alter the next September Term of the Court of Common Pleas of the County of Clark.

Chapter 74. An act for adjourning the next General Court of the Indiana Territory, and for amending an act passed at this Session, entitled “An act to alter the next September Term of the Court of Common Pleas of the County of Clark.”

Chapter 75. An act authorizing the Collection of the Territorial Tax on Land in the Counties of St. Clair and Knox.

Chapter 76. An act to alter the times of holding the Circuit Courts for the Counties of St. Clair and Randolph.

Chapter 77. An act prescribing the mode of proceeding against absconding Debtors.

Chapter 78. An act concerning the Territorial Tax, and authorizing the collection thereof in the County of Randolph.

Chapter 79. An act regulating the Fees in the General Court, and for other purposes.

Chapter 80. An act to encourage the killing of wolves.

Chapter 81. An act concerning the Town of Jeffersonville.

Chapter 82. An act concerning Vagrants.

Chapter 83. An act concerning the Town of Kaskaskia.

Chapter 84. An act to alter and amend an act to regulate elections, and an act to establish election districts, in the several counties in this Territory.

Chapter 85. An act to incorporate the Wabash Baptist Church.

Chapter 86. An act authorizing the Territorial Collector of Taxes on Lands in the County of Knox, for the year eighteen hundred and six, to collect the arrearages thereof.

Chapter 87. An act authorizing William Henry Harrison to sell a tract of Land for the purposes therein mentioned.

Chapter 88. An act authorizing the Administrators of the estate of John Francis Hamtramck, deceased to sell certain lands for the benefit of his Creditors, Heirs and Representatives.

Chapter 89. A Resolution for printing the Laws of the Territory, and the Journals of both Houses of the Legislature.

Chapter 90. An act to authorize the Proprietors of Lands in the Lower Prairie, in the county of Knox, to inclose the same, and for other purposes.

Chapter 91. An act to prevent the disposing of Arms, and other Warlike Implements, and Ammunition to Indians and others.

Chapter 92. An act for Levying and Collecting a Tax on Land and for other purposes.

Chapter 93. A resolution concerning the Collection of certain Land Tax in the county of Dearborn.

Chapter 94. An act allowing Compensation to the Members of the Legislative Council and House of Representatives of the Indiana Territory, and to the Officers of both Houses for their present Session.

Chapter 95. Specific Appropriation [for printing and distributing Revised Code.]

Chapter 96. A Joint Resolution of both Houses [for index to Revised Code.]

Chapter 97. An act making appropriations for the ensuing year.

Chapter 98. An act declaring that the Laws of the Territory as Revised and Reported to the Legislature, shall, with the several additions, amendments, and alterations made to the Original Laws have force in the Territory.