1813 Laws of Indiana Territory

Part of the Historic Indiana Law Project.

Abstracts of laws relating to the Indiana Territory from:
Ewbank, Louis B. and Dorothy L. Riker, editors. The Laws of Indiana Territory, 1809-1816. Indianapols : Indiana Historical Bureau, 1934. Internet Archive

Acts of Assembly of the Indiana Territory, Passed at the First Session of the Fourth General Assembly of the Said Territory, Begun and held at the Borough of Vincennes, on Monday the first day of February, A. D. one thousand eight hundred and thirteen.

Chapter 1. An act to revive and amend an act entitled an act to incorporate the Vincennes Library Company.

Chapter 2. An act for improving the Navigation of White Water.

Chapter 3. An act to amend the act entitled “An act to License and Regulate Taverns.”

Chapter 4. An act providing a mean to keep and speed poor persons in their suits.

Chapter 5. An Act to amend an act entitled “An act providing for the appointment of Constables.

Chapter 6. An act directing the mode of changing the Venue.

Chapter 7. An act repealing all laws or parts of laws making it necessary to obtain a License for vending any article or articles the product or manufacture of the United States or Territories thereof.

Chapter 8. An act to reduce into one the several acts establishing a permanent Revenue.

Chapter 9. An act to revive and amend an act for Incorporating the Roman Catholic Church in Vincennes.

Chapter 10. An act for fixing the Seats of Justice in all new counties hereafter to be laid off.

Chapter 11. An act for the relief of the several Sheriffs and Collectors of County and Territorial Monies.

Chapter 12. An act in amendment to the “Act providing for the Auditing of claims against the Indiana Territory, and for other purposes.

Chapter 13. An act for the relief of the heirs of Henry Vander Burgh, deceased.

Chapter 14. An act allowing compensation to the Members and Officers of both Houses of the Legislature at the present Session.

Chapter 15. An act to remove the Seat of Government from the town of Vincennes to the town of Corydon, in the county of Harrison.

Chapter 16. A joint resolution respecting residence of the Governor and Secretary.

Chapter 17. An act for the relief of the several Listers of Personal Property in the Indiana Territory for the year, one thousand eight hundred and twelve.

Chapter 18. A bill for the relief of Isaac Montgomery and Robert Anderson.

Chapter 19. An act regulating the Inspection of Flour, Beef and Pork.

Chapter 20. An act regulating the duties of Sheriffs in certain cases.

Chapter 21. An act in amendment to the several acts concerning Public Roads and Highways.

Chapter 22. An act supplementary to an act entitled “An act for the relief of James Hamilton, Sheriff of Dearborn county, and for other purposes.”

Chapter 23. An act for the formation of two new counties out of the county of Knox.

Chapter 24. An act authorizing the courts of Common Pleas of Dearborn county to Levy an additional Tax in the year one thousand eight hundred and thirteen, for certain purposes.

Chapter 25. An act for correcting the Duplicate or Assessment of the Land within this Territory, and for other purposes.

Chapter 26. An act for the relief of John Hunter, and the heirs of Jacob Warrick, deceased.

Chapter 27. An act to amend the act to prevent Trespassing by Cutting of Timber.

Chapter 28. An act regulating Divorces within the Indiana Territory.

Chapter 29. An act making certain Specific Appropriations.

Chapter 30. A joint resolution of both Houses.

Chapter 31. An act fixing the times of holding certain Courts within the Indiana Territory.

Chapter 32. [A resolution for specific appropriation.]


[Available in Appendix 2.]

Joint Resolution: Navigation of Whitewater River, 1813.

Memorial: Relief of Land Purchasers, 1813.

Memorial: Confirmation of Land Titles, 1813.

Memorial: Defense of the Territory, 1813.

Memorial: Appointment of Governor, 1813.