1817 Laws of Indiana

Part of the Historic Indiana Law Project.

List of Indiana laws from:
Vincennes Western Sun – 18 Jan 1817 – Page 1

A list of Acts and Resolutions, passed at the first session of the first General Assembly of the State of Indiana.

An act prescribing the manner of conducting the special election in Orange county.

Authorizing a loan for the benefit of the state.

Concerning the secretary of state.

Providing for a public seal and press.

Concerning the auditor of public accounts and the treasurer of state.

Establishing a board of county commissioners.

For the incorporation of public libraries.

To regulate the inspection of tobacco.

Providing for the commissioning of Coroners and Sheriffs.

Providing for the public printing and other purposes.

To remove the seat of justice from the town of Salisbury, in the county of Wayne, to the town of Centerville, in said county.

Organizing Circuit courts, and for other purposes.

For the formation of a new county out of the counties of Knox, Gibson & Perry.

Organizing the Supreme court, and regulating the practice therein.

Incorporating the Walnut Ridge Library company.

Providing for the election of county and township officers.

Dissolving the marriage of Mary Catt, with her husband John Catt.

To vacate the town of Edenburg.

Legalizing the proceedings of the circuit court of Gibson, at their term of October last.

To regulate the practice of Physic and Surgery.

For the formation of a new county out of the county of Knox.

To provide for the appointment of a collector of county and territorial taxes, for the county of Perry.

To amend the act entitled an act to encourage the killing of wolves.

Authorizing replevin bonds in certain cases.

Authorizing R. M. Heth, & Jonathan Wright, guardians of the infant heirs of Richard M’Mahan, decd. to lay out certain monies belonging to said heirs, in the purchase of lands.

To prevent waste on lands reserved for the use of schools.

To amend the act, entitled an act for the regulation of the town of Vevay.

For the relief of Adam Conrad, adm. of George Conrad, decd.

To amend the several acts respecting Ferries.

Fixing the salaries of certain officers, and for other purposes.

For the formation of a new county out of the counties of Jackson & Jefferson.

Supplementary to the act, regulating grist-mills and millers.

For the prevention of gaming.

To prevent man-stealing.

For the formation of a new county out of the county of Knox.

Authorizing Rebecca Heth & Fielding M. Bradford, admrs of Harvey Heth, decd. to sell and convey certain lots.

Attaching part of the county of Gibson, to the county of Posey, and for other purposes.

Providing for the incorporating of towns in the state of Indiana.

To prevent forgery & counterfeiting.

To establish a county treasurer.

Providing for the collection of certain debts due the state.

To provide for running the line between the counties of Jefferson & Clark.

Regulating proceedings in suits at law and in chancery.

To dissolve the marriage contract entered between Maria H. Wardell and Thomas Wardell.

For the relief of James Vawter, late sheriff of Jefferson county.

Respecting the appropriation of certain fines.

To amend the act now in force for the partition of land.

Authorizing the printing and distribution of the acts and journals of the present session of the General Assembly.

Authorizing Wm. Hurst guardian of the minor heirs of John Morgan, dec. to purchase lands for said minors.

To regulate descents.

Incorporating a county library for the county of Pike, and for other purposes.

To regulate elections.

Making certain specific appropriations.

To add the lots lately laid out by gen. Harrison to the borough of Vincennes.

Supplementary to the act entitled an act organizing & regulating the militia.

To prevent certain immoral practices.

To provide for the election of senators and representatives from this state to the Congress of the United States.

To dissolve the bands of matrimony between D. Woodfeil & Anna his wife.

More effectually to prevent dueling.

Supplementary to the act, entitled an act respecting crimes and punishments.

Providing for the payment of certain claims.

Providing for the printing 600 copies of the militia law.

To change the plan of the town of Jeffersonville.

Giving certain powers to the Supreme and Circuit courts.

To authorize the county commissioners to appoint certain officers.

Providing for the assessing and collecting the revenue.

Incorporating the Ohio Canal Company.

Regulating the jurisdiction and duties of justices of the peace.

Respecting the opening and keeping in repair public roads and highways.

A joint resolution to remove the Circuit court of Harrison county, from the court house to the seminary in Corydon.

A joint resolution fixing the time, place and manner of conducting and holding the election of senators of this state to the senate of the United States.

A joint resolution respecting the immediate printing of certain acts passed at the present session of the general assembly.

A joint resolution respecting the public printing.

A joint resolution respecting the collecting from the citizens of Harrison county $1000.