1822 Laws of Indiana

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List of Indiana laws from:
Lawrenceburg Indiana Oracle – 2 Feb 1822 – Page 1

A List of Acts,

Passed at the late session of the General Assembly of the state of Indiana.

1. An act legalizing the acts and proceedings of the Commissioners appointed by the last General Assembly to lay off a town on the site selected as the permanent seat of government; and to legalize the report and allowances made, and signed by Christopher Harrison one of said Commissioners.

2. Authorizing the associate judges to appoint a clerk pro tem in certain cases.

3. Repealing a joint resolution of the general assembly of the senate of Indiana approved Jan. 22, 1820.

4. Repealing part of a joint resolution concerning the Treasurer of State, approved Dec. 13, 1820.

5. Establishing the office of Attorney General and providing for the appointment of such officer.

6. Providing for additional Trustees for the state Seminary, and for other purposes.

7. Providing for the election of President and Trustees for the Monroe county Library.

8. Establishing a permanent system of statute laws in this state.

9. Supplemental to the act providing for the incorporation of towns in the state of Indiana, approved Jan. 1, 1817.

10. To provide for the sale of the Seminary Township, in Gibson county, and for other purposes.

11. Authorizing the issuing and reissuing Treasury Notes.

12. To amend an act regulating divorces, approved Jan. 26, 1818.

13. To amend the several acts for opening and repairing public roads and highways.

14. Requiring certain public officers to give further security when the original shall remove, become insolvent, or insufficient.

15. Amendatory to the several acts now in force regulating the assessment and collection of Revenue.

16. To provide for the judicial circuits and fixing the time of holding courts.

17. Relative to costs and fee bills in this state.

18. Legalizing the election of Trustees for the county Library of Sullivan county, and for other purposes.

19. Authorizing the writ of Replevin.

20. To prevent passing counterfeit money, and for other purposes.

21. Legalizing certain proceedings of the board of county Commissioners of Vigo county.

22. To amend an act entitled “An act for the limitation of criminal prosecutions,” approved Jan. 22, 1820.

23. Supplemental to an act organizing circuit courts, and for other purposes, approved December 24, 1818.

24. To continue in force an act entitled “An act locating certain roads therein named, and for other purposes,” approved Jan. 9, 1821.

25. To establish a permanent road from Lawrenceburgh to Terre Haute.

26. To amend an act respecting public Seminaries, and for other purposes, approved Jan. 26, 1818.

27. Authorizing called sessions of the circuit courts within the state, for the purposes herein named.

28. Repealing part of an act declaring certain streams navigable.

29. To amend the act entitled “An act prescribing the mode of changing the Venue,” approved Dec. 31, 1818.

30. Amendatory to an act entitled “An act authorizing the granting of letters testamentary and letters of administration for the settlement of intestate estates, and for other purposes.

31. To amend the act reducing into one all the acts and parts of acts now in force in this state regulating proceeding in actions in law and suits in chancery.

32. To appropriate money for the payment of the public debt.

33. Supplemental to an act, entitled “An act for the relief of the poor.”

34. Providing for the collection of fines in certain cases.

35. Authorizing the laying off certain State Roads in this state and appropriating one hundred thousand dollars of the fund commonly called the three per cent fund for opening said roads.

36. Dissolving the bands of matrimony between Polly Jenkins and her husband, Josiah Jenkins.

37. To divorce Peggy Harnis from her husband Michael Harnis.

39. To dissolve the bands of matrimony between Lymon Beeman, and Sally Mafort.

40. To dissolve the bands of matrimony between Josephus Collett and Elizabeth Tiffin.

41. For the relief of James Besse and John Easborn.

42. For the relief of Thomas Beezley and others.

43 For the relief of Jeremiah Lockwood.

44. For the relief of Robert Gray and Reuben H. Murry.

45. For the relief of William H. Ewing.

46. Authorizing John M’Donald and William M’Cartney to erect mills upon Fall creek, upon the falls thereof.

47. For the relief of the county agent of Pike county.

48. For the relief of Ann Ludlow.

49. Authorizing John Pichili to keep a ferry below & adjoining the town of Jeffersonville.

50. Supplementary to an act authorizing Rebeca Heth and Fielding M. Bradford, administrator of Harvey Heth dec’d to sell and convey lots &c.

51. Attaching part of Wabash county to Owen county and for other purposes.

52. Appointing commissioners to relocate the seat of justice of Crawford county and for other purposes.

53. Providing for the location of the seat of justice of Union county.

54. Attaching part of Switzerland county to the county of Ripley.

55. Attaching part of Posey county to the county of Gibson.

56. Attaching the county of Wabash to the counties of Parke and Putnam, for certain purposes.

57. For the formation of Henry county out of the county of Delaware.

58. For the formation of Shelby county north of Bartholomew county.

59. For the formation of Marion county out of Delaware.

60. For the formation of Putnam county out of Owen and Vigo counties and north of Owen.

61. For the formation of Morgan county out of the counties of Delaware and Wabash.

62. For the formation of Decatur county, north of Jennings county.

63. For the formation of Rush county west of Franklin and Fayette.

64. Supplemental to the act for the formation of a new county north of Vigo county.

65. Concerning lands granted for the use of Salt Springs.

66. To authorize the issuing of a writ of quo warranto against the Bank of Vincennes the state bank of Indiana, and for other purposes.

67. Relating to the navigation of the river Wabash.

68. To provide for the distribution of the laws and journals.

69. Respecting county agents & county Libraries.

70. To amend an act entitled “An act to reduce into one act, all acts and parts of acts relative to crimes and punishments,” approved Jan. 29, 1818.

71. To amend the act directing the mode of proceeding in impeachment, approved Jan. 21, 1818.

72. To amend the act defining the duties of Constables.

73. Supplemental to an act to prevent waste on lands reserved for the use of schools and Salt Springs.

74. Authorizing the agent at Indianapolis to lease a ferry and for other purposes.

75. For dividing this state into Congressional Districts, for the election of members of Congress of the U. States.

76. Authorizing the Guardians of the infant heirs of Henry Hickey dec’d to lay out certain moneys.

77. Amending and confirming an act regulating the fees of the officers and persons herein named, approved Jan. 21, 1818.

79. [sic] For the relief of the sheriff of Fayette county.

80. Supplemental to an act, entitled “An act subjecting real and personal estate to execution.”

81. Making appropriations for the support of government for the year 1822.


1. A joint resolution on the subject of Education.

2. Respecting the three per cent act.

3. Confirming the line between the State of Indiana and Illinois.

4. Concerning the public debt.

5. Providing for printing and distributing the Militia law.

6. Recommending a day of fasting and prayer.

7. For the relief of Benjamine Adams.

8. Respecting the trial of Curtis Gilbert, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Vigo county.

9. On the subject of Public lands lying within the Terre Haute land district.

10. Changing the place of holding the election in Harrison Township in the county of Harrison.

11. Making an appropriation of money for a certain purpose.

12. For the benefit of the Public Printer.

13. On the subject of printing the Revenue act.

14. For the benefit of H. H. Moore.

15. Respecting the Revision of the Laws.

16. Respecting the laws of the present Session of the General Assembly.