1830 Laws relating to Indiana’s Gore

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Abstracts of laws relating to Indiana’s Gore from:
Laws of the State of Indiana, Passed and Published at the Fourteenth Session of the General Assembly. Indianapolis : Smith and Bolton, 1830. Google Books

Page 7
Chapter 3. An act authorizing Asylums for the Poor in the counties of Washington and Dearborn.
(Approved, January 29, 1830.)

  • That the boards of justices of the counties of Washington and Dearborn, whenever they shall deem it advisable, shall purchase and hold a tract of land, in the name of the county, and erect building thereon for the accommodation of the poor, as to them may appear expedient and proper; and in order that the same may be effected, the board of justices shall have power, from time to time, to assess on property liable to the assessed for raising a county revenue, to an amount sufficient to carry this act into complete effect.


Page 55
Chapter 40. An act giving further powers to the President and Select council, of the town of Lawrenceburgh, in the county of Dearborn, Indiana.
(Approved, January 29, 1830.)


Page 199
Chapter 90. An act relative to the state road from Rushville in Rush county, to Lawrenceburgh in Dearborn county.
(Approved January 29, 1830.)

  • That Elias Poston of the county of Rush, be and he is hereby appointed a commissioner on the road leading from Rushville to Lawrenceburgh; and that the agent of the three per cent fund, is hereby directed to pay over to the said commissioner all monies that may heretofore have been appropriated…on said road, between John Hopkins’ in Decatur county and John Simmons’ in Ripley county.


Page 163
Chapter 114. An act to Incorporate the Rising Sun Seminary Society.
(Approved, December 30, 1829.)

  • That Pinkney James, Matthias Haines, Abel C. Pepper, James Jones, Samuel Jelley, William Lanius, Basil James and their associates, shall be and hereby are constituted a body corporate and politic, by the name and style of the president and trustees of the Rising Sun seminary society.