1833 Laws relating to Indiana’s Gore

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Abstracts of laws relating to Indiana’s Gore from:
Laws of the State of Indiana Passed and Published at the Seventeenth Session of the General Assembly. Indianapolis : Douglass and Maguire, 1833. Google Books


Page 17
Chapter XVII.
An Act to provide for a special session of the Switzerland Circuit Court.
(Approved January 19, 1833.)

  • That the associate judges of the Switzerland Circuit Court, are hereby authorized to hold a special session, for the trial of all prisoners now confined in the jail of said county.


Page 18
Chapter XVIII.
An Act for the relief of Vincent Dufour, heir of John James Dufour, deceased.
(Approved January 15, 1833.)

  • Whereas, John Francis Siebenthal, collector of the revenue for the county of Switzerland for the year 1825, was a defaulter, to the amount of six hundred and seventy-five dollars and ninety-one cents, in said year 1825; and John James Dufour became his security, and a judgment has lately be rendered against John Francis Dufour, administrator of the estate of the said John James Dufour, in the Switzerland Circuit Court, for the sum of eleven hundred and twenty-two dollars and four cents, on account of John James Dufour having been security as aforesaid, which judgment includes interest, percentage, damage, cost, &c.; and being satisfied that said Siebenthal is insolvent, and that the money might have been made without having recourse on the security, had the auditor of public accounts pressed the collection in due season; and that Seibenthal’s landed estate, worth two thousand dollars, was sold for seven hundred dollars, to satisfy a later defalcation, by reason of which the estate of said John James Dufour became liabe to pay said debt, costs and damages—Therefore
  • Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Indiana, That if the said John Francis Dufour, administrator as aforesaid, or the said Vincent Dufour, heir as aforesaid, or either of their legal representatives, do well and truly pay the said sum of six hundred and seventy-five dollars and ninety-one cents, with interest at six per cent per annum from the passage of this act, and all costs that have accrued of may accrue on said judgment, such payment shall be a full satisfaction of the judgment aforesaid; and all officers are hereby directed to govern themselves accordingly.


Page 26
Chapter XXX.
An Act to declare the post road passing Allensville in Switzerland county a state road.
(Approved January 28, 1833.)

  • That the road from Jacksonsville by Allensville in Switzerland county, intersecting the state road from Madison to Lawrenceburgh, near Myers’ tavern in Dearborn county, is hereby declared a state road.


Page 40
Chapter XLI.
An Act to repeal all special acts and parts of special acts allowing the County Commissioners of Dearborn county to lay an additional tax on said county.
(Approved, January 30, 1833.)


Page 42
Chapter XLV.
An Act amendatory of “an act to incorporate the town of Lawrenceburgh.”
(Approved, February 2, 1833.)


Page 51
Chapter LVIII.
An Act to appropriate part of the Three per Cent Fund.
(Approved, January 31, 1833.)

  • That the sum of five hundred dollars is hereby appropriated, out of the fund commonly called the three per cent fund, to each of the counties in this state.
  • That the sum herein appropriated to the county of Dearborn, shall be applied as follows: Fifty dollars thereof on the bridge over Laughery creek, on the road from Napoleon to Lawrenceburgh, to be expended by Luman Andrews, the present commissioner on said bridge. Two hundred and twenty-five dollars, on a bridge over Arnold’s creek at James’ saw mill, to be expended by Caleb A. Craft. Fifty dollars on the road leading from the state road at Boardman’s, to Harrison, to be expended within the county of Dearborn by Benjamin B. Bonham. One hundred dollars on the Tanners creek Hill, on the state road from Napoleon to Lawrenceburg, to be expended by Davis Woodward; also, twenty five dollars on that part of the same road lying between Micajah Dunn’s and Hogan creek, to be expended by Cyrus Mills. Twenty-five dollars on the hill near Wilmington, on the road leading from Wilmington to Lawrenceburg, to be expended by Robert Moore; and twenty-five dollars on Tanner’s creek Hill, on the road running up York ridge, to be expended by James T. Gedney; and that John P. Dunn, of Lawrenceburg, be, and is hereby appointed a commissioner to draw on the agent of the three per cent fund, for the whole amount due the county of Dearborn, and shall pay over the same as above directed.
  • The five hundred dollars allowed for the county of Switzerland by this act, shall be appropriated as follows, to wit: Two hundred and fifty dollars to Edward Patton or his successor in office, to be applied towards building a bridge across Indian creek in said county in pursuance of the 31st section of “an act to appropriate part of the three per cent fund, and for other purposes,” approved February 10th, 1831, with full power to draw the money in the same manner as therein expressed; And two hundred and fifty dollars to Newton H. Tapp, or his successor in office, to be applied to the building of a bridge over Plumb creek in said county heretofore directed to be built by an act approved, January 25, 1830, and the act supplemental hereto, approved, December 20, 1831; but said commissioner or his successor shall draw the said money immediately on giving the security required by that act.


Page 147
Chapter C.
An Act to incorporate the Harrison and Indianapolis Turnpike Company.
(Approved, February 2, 1833.)

  • That William Pursell of Dearborn county, George Sutton, John Quick, Richard Tyner, David Mount, and Joseph Anderson of Franklin county, Joseph Nichols and William J. Brown of Rush county, Willis Atherton of Marion county, and David Tracy of Shelby county, and their successors in office duly elected, as hereinafter directed, are hereby constituted and appointed a body politic and corporate, and by the name and style of “The President and Directors of the Harrison and Indianapolis Turnpike Company.”


Page 168
Chapter CXI.
An Act to establish a certain State Road therein named.

  • That George Waldroff, Merit Hubble, of county of Dearborn, and John Whitehead, of the county of Ripley, be, and they are hereby appointed commissioners to view, mark and locate a state road, beginning at Harrison in the county of Dearborn, and running thence on the nearest and best ground, via McKinsie’s Cross roads, to intersect the Indianapolis and Lawrenceburg state road at or near Amos Boardman’s, in Ripley county.