1845 Laws relating to Indiana’s Gore

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Abstracts of laws relating to Indiana’s Gore from:
Laws of a Local Nature, Passed and Published at the Twenty-Ninth Session of the General Assembly of the State of Indiana. Indianapolis : J. P. Chapman, 1845. Google Books

Page 126
Chapter XCII
An Act for the relief of Joseph Proctor and others.
(Approved January 13, 1845.)

  • Whereas, It is made known to the General Assembly of the State of Indiana, that William Shepherd and Mary his wife, formerly of Dearborn county, in said State, sold and conveyed certain lands in said county, to divers persons for valuable considerations; and among others sold and conveyed to Joseph Proctor, the south east quarter of section ten, and the north east quarter of section fifteen, both in town six, range two west, in said county; and that the said William Shepherd, at the time of making the said conveyance was an alien, and that he has since died; whereby the said lands are escheated and forfeited to the State of Indiana.
  • That any and all deeds or conveyances made by the said William Shepherd and Mary his wife, of any lands in the said county of Dearborn be confirmed.


Page 135
Chapter CVI
An Act to change the name of Susannah Poe to Susannah Cundale.
(Approved January 13, 1845.)

  • That the name of Susannah Poe, of the county of Dearborn, in this State, and daughter of Jane Cundale of the same place, wife of John Cundale, be and the same is hereby changed to Susannah Cundale, by which name she shall hereafter be known and called.


Page 171
Chapter CL.
An Act to incorporate the Proprietors of the Lawrenceburgh Cemetery.
(Approved January 8, 1845.)

  • That from the time this act shall take effect, Stephen Ludlow, Isaac Dunn, George P. Buell, William Tate, William McCullough, William Craft, George Tousey, and William Brown, and their associates and successors, be, and they are hereby constituted a body corporate, under the name of the Lawrenceburgh Cemetery.


Page 192
An Act for the relief of the Administrators of John Coce, late of Dearborn county, deceased
(Approved January 13, 1845.)

  • That the Agent of State be authorized to pay to John P. Coce and Abraham Hyter, administrators of the estate of John Coce, late of Dearborn county, deceased, out of the suspended debt, the sum of two hundred and eighty dollars, as a full compensation for ten thousand cubic feet of oak and other timber taken off the lands of John Coce, and applied to the construction of the White Water Canal, by order of the resident engineer, for which he has never received compensation.


Page 192
An Act for the relief of Joana Mahoney.
(Approved January 13, 1845.)

  • That whenever satisfactory proof shall be produced to the Dearborn probate court, that James Mahoney, late of the county of Dearborn, deceased, hath left him surviving no heirs within the United States, and that all demands presented against his estate have been paid, the said court shall be authorized to order and direct the administrator of said estate, to pay over to said Joana Mahoney, the residue of the personal estate of said decedent in his hands, not exceeding in amount one hundred dollars.


Page 232
An Act to locate a State Road in the county of Switzerland.
(Approved December 27, 1844.)

  • That Stephen Humphrey, William Howe, and William McNutt, of the county of Switzerland , be and they are hereby appointed commissioners to view, mark, and locate a State road from Henry McMakin’s, in Egypt bottom, on the Ohio river; thence a north-westerly direction until it intersects the State road leading from the town of Patriot to Querace’s Grove, at or near Supply Walker’s.


Page 263
An Act to incorporate the Lawrenceburgh Seminary of Learning in the County of Dearborn
(Approved January 8, 1845.)

  • That C. G. W. Comyges, J. H. Brower, Owen Tousey, George Tousey, Wm. E. Craft, Wm. Tate, Wm. Brown, J. H. Lane, John Calihan, Josiah Beldem, A. B. Adams, Wm. McCullough, Abraham Roland, Geo. H. Dunn, E. Morgan, Stephen Ludlow, B. S. Ferris, B. Stockman, B. Mahew and their successors in office, be, and they are hereby constituted a body corporate by the name and style of “The Lawenceburgh Seminary of Learning.”


Page 266
An Act for the relief of Priscilla Lazenby, and others.
(Approved January 10, 1845.)

  • That the judgment, order, decree, and proceedings of the Dearborn circuit court of the term of March, 1833, in the case of Robert Huddleston vs. the residue of the heirs of Thomas Huddleston, deceased, on petition for partition; and the judgment, order, decree and proceedings of the probate court of the said county of Dearborn, of the term of November, 1837, relative to the partition of the real estate which was of one William Huddleston, deceased, be, and the same are hereby declared to be valid and good, and sufficient in law to vest in the several persons therein mentioned, and the person or persons holding or claiming by, through, or under them, the several tracts of land therein set apart to them respectively.
  • That the State of Indiana doth hereby grant, release, and forever quit claim unto the several persons respectively, now claiming or holding said lands, by, through, or under the persons to whom the same were, by the proceedings aforesaid set apart, all her right and title to the several tracts or parcels of land in said proceedings mentioned, acquired by escheat thereof, for alienage.