37th Indiana Regiment Reunion – 1877

Report on the 1877 reunion of the 37th Indiana Regiment of Volunteers appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 30 Aug 1877 – Page 3, Column 4

Re-Union of the 37th Indiana.

As was announced through the Register, the survivors of the 37th Indiana Regiment of Volunteers, met at the fairgrounds, in this city, on yesterday. After the social congratulations of the day and the partaking of the repast, prepared for the occasion, the veterans assembled around the stand to listen to the speeches and the recital of the incidents of the war connected with the regiment, by their officers. Each company was represented by one of its officers, who spoke for his company, Col. Ward speaking in behalf of his regiment, and Wm. H. Matthews, Esq., of this city, on behalf of our citizens. The following are the field of officers, company officers and the number of men of each company present:

  • W. D. Ward, of Vevay, Lieut. Colonel.
  • T. V. Kemble, Indianapolis, Major.
  • W. B. Harvey, Greenburgh, Adjutant.
  • John R. Goodwin, Brookville, Assistant Surgeon.
  • Charles Short, Quarter-Master.

The following is a list of the companies, the names of the officers and the number of men present:

Company A had no commissioned officers present. The number of men present was 15.

Co. B, no commissioned officers, number of men, 15.

Co. C, Capt. Thos. W. Pate, of Rising Sun, and Capt. Socrates Carvey, also at one time its Captain. Lieutenant M. H. Veigh, and only one high private, Thos. Gorman.

Co. D, Capt. H. Shook, Ripley county, with 10 men.

Co. E, Capt. M. C. Connett, of Iowa, with 5 men.

Co. F, Capt. Jas. L. Passel, with 12 men.

Co. G, Lieutenant D. S. Shafer, Franklin county, with 10 men.

Co. H, no commissioned officers, but 8 men.

Co. I, Capt. W. N. Doughty, of Tennessee, Lieut. John Breakey, of this city, and 9 men.

Co. K, Capt. John B. Reeve, of Rushville, with 20 men.


The gathering was quite a pleasant affair, and all seemed to enjoy the reunion with much gratification.