Aurora Public Schools Roll of Honor – 1886

Rolls of honor of the Aurora Public Schools in Dearborn County, Indiana for 1886 appeared in:

Aurora Dearborn Independent – 28 Jan 1886 – Page 3, Column 5

Honor Roll.

The following pupils of the Aurora Public School have made a grade of 90 or above in attendance, deportment and scholarship for the month ending Jan. 8, 1886:



A Class—Amelia Sargent, Nettie Moore, Noah Bainum, Frank Fisk, Richard Slater, Ralph Buffington.

B Class—John Hopping, Vina Ruese, Rachel Kerr, Cassius McMullen, Jessie Smith.

C Class—Clara Chrisman, Edna Jennings, Emma Mendall.

D Class—Rowena Smith, Maud Powers, Frances Smith, Ella Ruese, Lawrence Glass, Charlie Downton, Sarah Webber.

Room No. 8—Mamie Beresford, Agnes Downton, Nellie Denton, Emma Sanks.

Room No. 7—Nora Griffith, Maggie Honan.

Room No. 6—Stanley McMullen, Jesse Trester, Katie Stafford.

Room No. 5—Etta Bailey, Rosa House.

Room No. 4—Fred Block, Sam Hagy, Edith Bebinger, Enola Buffington, Harry Small, Alex Stivers, Lucy Baker, Emma Wilhelm, Ollie Bailey.

Room No. 3—Willie Huckleberry, Paul Siemantel, Clyde Kelley, Permelia Buffington, Edgar Tanner, Lura Kilburn, Helen Baker, Jas. Durbin, Grace Hubbartt, Susie Lamkin, Ida Sanks, Harry Peters, Margaret Hubbartt.

Room No. 2—Maggie Beech, Anna Fisk, Flora Trester, Lotta Watts, Mabel McConnell, Willie Miller, Willie Peters, Willie Niebaum.

Room No. 1—Fred Hurst, Harry Thompson, Evart Walston, Myrtle Roberts, Rosa Willman, Nannie Beresford, Rena Kinnett, Tillie Miller, Rebecca Baker, Edith Giffin, Mabel Bebinger, Prudy Trester, Mary Canfield, Ira Stoney, Annie Tague, Francisco Schuler, Annie House.


Room No. 8—John Maloney, Alice Clark, Willie Vail.

Room No. 7—Nellie Smith, Frank Maltby, Nettie Schneider.

Room No. 6—Clinton Harmon, Ollie Glass.

Room No. 5—Clara Feustel, Ida Butz, Mollie Cox, Martin Mueller, Carrie Gooderson, Lizzie Hahn, Libbie Brison, Harry Chisman.

Room No. 4—Louisa Grossholtz, Mattie Maybin, Emma Scholle, Frank Felker, Henry Marsh, Garner Wood.

Room No. 3—Lillie Oester, Viola Lewis, Carrie Doerr, Janie Knight, Sadie Cadwell, Harry Schulz, Ada Uhly, Sarah Grabus, Mollie Swango, Jennie Kappel, Clifford Somerfield, Hattie Webber, Johnny Weis, Sadie Sassaman, Ida Schaefer, Woldemar Horr, Flora Noebel, Gustie Reiche, John Hinman, Inez Beinkamp.

Room No. 2—Anna Pohl, Cora McMurray, Ida Redding, Mary Schole, Lulu Goenawein, Emma Godert, Emma Gehrisch, Louis Kirtpatrick, Claud Biddinger, Louis Abbott, John Oester.

Room No. 1—Maggie Doerr, Harry Elliott, Hugh Taylor, Ross Macker, Bertha Thiel, Anna French, Dora Fuestel, Harry Huffmeir, Hattie Wood, Ella Kearney, Rosa Epstein, Matie Johnson, Freddy Reichert, Charley Butz, Harry Brossart, Freddy Weis.


Mary Hahn, Melisa Bruce, Harold Taylor, Inez Beinkamp, Flora Noeble, Louisa Grossholz, Johnny Weis, Louisa Hahn, Maggie Schaefer, Martin Mueller, Lulu Kirsch, Mamie Stamm, Jessie Klingelhoffer, Edward Oswald, Tillie Hauck, Ella Bloom, Nellie Smith, Ida Horr, Ida Butz, Clara Feustel, Sadie Sargent.

Aurora Dearborn Independent – 11 Feb 1886 – Page 3, Column 7

Honor Roll.

The following pupils of the Aurora Public Schools have made a grade of 90 or above in attendance, deportment and scholarship for the month ending, Feb. 5, 1886.



A Class—Amelia Sargent, Nettie Moore, Ralph Buffington, Richard Sinter.

B Class—Calla Kassebaum, Edith Conwell, Jessie Smith, Cassius Kassebaum, Ella Cadwell.

C Class—Edna Jennings, Emma Mendall, Clara Chisman, Lucy Williams.

D Class—Maud Powers, Charlie Downton, Rowena Smith, Frances Smith, Lawrence Glass, Sarah Webber, Ella Ruese, Iva Siemantel, Julia Spaeth.

Room No. 8—Agnes Downton, Mamie Beresford.

Room No. 7—Mary Sweet, Nora Griffith.

Room No. 6—Stanley McMullen, Katie Stafford.

Room No. 5—Rosa House.

Room No. 4—Sam Hagy, Frank Taylor, Oliver G Bailey, Harry Small, Alex Stivers, Edith Bebinger, Enola Buffington, Lucie Baker, Laura McConnell, Emma Wilhelm.

Room No. 3—James Durbin, Leonard Funck, Harry House, Wm. Huckleberry,Frank Hubbartt, Clyde Kelly, Edward Miller, John McDowell, Paul Siemantel, Edgar Tanner, Margaret Hubbartt, Lura Kilburn, Ida Sanks.

Room No. 2—Maggie Beach, Anna Fisk, Anna Powell, Flora Trester, Mabel McConnell, Harry Doran, John House, Willie Niebaum.


Room No. 8—Alice Clark.

Room No. 7—Bessie Bleasdale, Frank Maltby.

Room No. 5—Edwin Hurlbert, Clara Feustel, Ida Butz, Harry Chisman, Libbie Brison, Mollie Cox, Carrie Gooderson, Lucy Hahn, Lizzie Maloney, May Goenawein.

Room No. 4—Louisa Grossholtz, Lula Herdegen, Lulie Kirsch, Mattie Maybin, Emma Schole, James Colins, Garner Wood.

Room No. 3—Harry Schulz, Lillie Oester, Janie Knight, Mollie Swango, Hattie Webber, Woldemar Horr, Johnny Weis, Carrie Doerr, Inez Beinkamp, Gustie Reiche, Johnny Hinman, Sadie Cadwell, Ida Kirsch, Sadie Sassaman, Jonnie Kappel, Viola Lewis, Flora Noebel, Louis Hauck, Emma Zimmer, Sarah Grabus.

Room No. 2—Cora McMurray, Emma Godert, Luella Sweazey, Louis Kirtpatrick, George Ripking, Johnny Oester.


Ella Bloom, Henry Steinschneider, Ida Horr, Tillie Hauck, Nellie Smith, Lizzie Hahn, Clara Feustel, Ida Butz, Maggie Schafer, Martin Muller, Louise Grossholz, Louise Hahn, John Weis, Jesse Klingelhoffer, Lulu Kirsch, Mamie Stamm, Emma Zimmer, Inez Beinkamp, Flora Nobel, Ida Schafer, Rena Caldwell, Harold Taylor, Melissa Bruce, Mary Hahn, Lawrence Glass, Louis Severin.

Aurora Dearborn Independent – 18 Mar 1886 – Page 3, Column 4

Honor Roll.

The following pupils of the Aurora Public Schools have made a grade of 90 or above in attendance, deportment and scholarship for the month ending, March 5, 1886.



A Class—Amelia Sargent, Nettie Moore, Ralph Buffington, Richard Slater, Henry Wilson.

B Class—Calla Kassebaum, Edith Conwell, Jessie Smith, Cassius McMullen, Ella Cadwell, John Hopping, Lillie Radspinner, Rachel Kerr.

C Class—Edna Jennings, Clara Chisman, Wilalrd Stier.

D Class—Maud Powers, Charlie Downton, Rowena Smith, Frances Smith, Lawrence Glass, Sarah Webber, Iva Siemantel, Julia Spaeth.

Room No. 6—Stanley McMullen.

Room No. 4—Dow Whiteford, Lucie Baker, Enola Buffington, Sam Hagy, Harry Small, Bertha Small, Alex Stivers, Laura McConnell, Oliver G Bailey, Edith Bebinger.

Room No. 3—Jas. Durbin, Leonard Funck, Harry House, Wm. Huckleberry, Frank Hubbartt, Clyde Kelley, Joseph Nightingale, Harry Peters, Paul Siemantel, Edgar Tanner, Ida Block, Helen Baker, Permelia Buffington, Bessie Duchemin, Grace Hubbartt, Margaret Hubbartt, Lura Kilburn, Amelia Loew, Susie Lamkin.

Room No. 2—Maggie Beach, Lizzie Hagy, Mabel McConnell, Lotta Watts, Clarence Bell, Harry Doran, John House, Willie Miller, Willie Niebaum.

Room No. 1—Guy Tanner, Carrie Wymond, Evert Watson, Edwin Hill, Bruce Ramsey, [?] Downton, Mabel Bebinger, Harry Thompson, Davie Small, Fred Hurst, Annie House, Mary Campbell, Edna Giffin, Wallace Mattox, Edith [?], [?] Lukens, Rena Kinnett, Rob[?] [?], Minnie Beresford, Rebecca Baker.


Room 8—Stella Jennings, John Malon[?], Josie Smith.

Room No. 7—Frank Maltby, Nettie [?], [?] Smith

Room No. 6—Ida Horr, Agnes Ervin, Lulu Miller, Emma Miller, Birdie Wood, Lizzie French, Willie Dennerline, Paul Ebel, [?]ter Morand, Charley Maltby, Albert Siemantel.

Room No. 5—Martin Mueller, Carrie [?], [?] Brison, Harry Chisman, Minnie Shepard, May Goenawein.

Room No. 4—[?] Grossholtz, Lula Herdegen, Lulie [?], Emma Scholle, Lonnie Kern, James [?], James Colins, Harry Kappel, Hen[?] [?], [?] Walker, Garner Wood.

Room No. 3—Inez Reinkamp, Sadie Sassaman, Roy Stodghill, Ima Thompson, [?] Noebel, Rosa Martin, Eddie Maloney, John Hinman, Carrie Doerr, Jennie Kappel, Mollie Swango, Emma Zimmer, Josie Collins, Woldamar Horr, Viola Lewis, Hattie Webber, Jamie Knight, Addie Cox, Sarah Grabus, Johnnie Weis, Harry Schulz, Sadie Cadwell, Lizzie Oester.

Room No. 2—Harry Elliott, Maggie Doerr, Hughy Taylor, Ross Macker, Luly Oswald, James Maybin, Bertha Thiel, Lizzie Thompson, Anna French, Dora Feustel, Ruthie Goenawein, Hattie Wood, Ella Kearney, Louis Rieman, Matie Johnson, Charley Love, Rosa Epstein, Pearl Walker, Charley Butz, Mary Cox, Ella Kyle, Cora McMurray, Emma Godert, Emma Gehrisch, Luly Groenawein, Luella Sweazey, Herman Abeles, George Ripking, John Oester, George Wood, Johnny Teaney, Harry Willman, Louis Abbott.

Room No. 1—Lizzie Rudolph, Charles Baker, Luly Sokamp, Maggie Sohns, Morton Ervin, Vina Clark, George Morse, Alec Siegmundt, Scynthia Wood, Anna Knapp, Joie Hauck, Frank Kappel, Lilly Kapple.


Lawrence Glass, Etta Lansbery, Louis Severin, Ida Horr, Henry Steinschneider, Nellie Smith, Ella Bloom, Clara Feustel, Ida Butz, Albert Siemantel, Lizzie Hahn, Louise Hahn, Martin Mueller, Johnny Weis, Maggie Schaefer, Louise Grossholz, Emma Zimmer, Mamie Stamm, Jessie Klingelhoffer, Lulu Kirsch, Ida Schafer, Melisa Bruce, Flora Nobel, Mary Hahn, Harold Taylor, Inez Beinkamp, Jamey Keppel.

Aurora Dearborn Independent – 3 Jun 1886 – Page 3, Column 4

Faithful Pupils of the Aurora Public Schools.

The following pupils have been neither tardy nor absent during the year ending, May 28, 1886:


A Class—Amelia Sargent, Nettie Moore, Henry L. Wilson, Dick Slater.

B Class—Jessie Smith, Louis Severin, Eliza Billingsley.

C Class—Annie Bleasdale, Lucy Williams.

D Class—Rowena Smith, Everet Miller, Maud Powers.


No. 8—Mamie Beresford, Agnes Downton.

No. 7—Kate Stafford, Bena Canfield.

No. 4—Grace Buffington.

No. 3—Leonard Funck.


No. 7—Frank Maltby.

No. 6—Charlie Maltby.

No. 4—Eddie Denmare, Chambers Wood, Henry Marsh, Eldo Walker.

No. 3—Johnnie Bolander, Sarah Grabus, Willie Giffin, Mary Hahn.

Carrie Gooderson, Lizzie Maloney, Nellie Clarke, May Bolander, Maggie Shaefer.

The following pupils have not been tardy and have been absent only on account of their own sickness or a death in the family:

Frances Smith, Nellie Denton, Emma Sanks, Grace McGuire, Iona Taylor, Mary Sweet, Guy Tyrrell, Nora Griffith, Daisy Wildridge, Jack Stafford, Edith Bebinger, Bertha Small, Maud Jones, Laura McConnell, Willie Huckleberry, Clarence Bell, Carrie Doerr, Jennie Kappell, Sadie Sassaman, Frank Doerr, Libbie Brison, Agnes Dennerline, Clayton Conwell.

Aurora Dearborn Independent – 14 Oct 1886 – Page 3, Column 4

Honor Roll.

The following pupils of the Aurora Public School have made a grade of 90 or above in attendance, deportment and scholarship for the month ending Oct. 8, 1886:



A Class—Calla Kassebaum, Carrie Rectanus, Abbie Holman, Edith Conwell, Frank Shutts, John Hopping.

B Class—Emma Mendell, Ella Newkirk, Emma Cheesman.

C Class—Ella Ruese, Maud Powers, Lawrence Glass, Mamie Kassebaum, Ivy Siemantel.

D Class—Willie Vail, Pauline Wymond.

Room 8—Mary Sweet, Mamie Emrie.

Room 7—Katie Stafford, Eddie Lukens.

Room 6—Bert Jones, Cogley Marshall.

Room 5—Edith Bebinger, Oliver Bailey, Inez Cobb.

Room 4—John Steele, Bessie DuChemin, Wm. Huckleberry, Permelia Buffington, Ida Sanks.

Room 3—Joe Frazier, John House, Jane Steele, Harry Doran, Lotta Watts, Bertha Cobb, Anna Fisk, Flora Trester, Hattie Chisman, Lizzie Hagy.

Room 2—Charley Baker.


Room 4—Jessie Giegoldt, James Collins, Lonnie Keen.

Room 4—Jessie Bullock.

Room 3—Dora Feustel, Anna McClellan, Luly Oswald, Annie French, Maggie Doerr, Bertha Thiel, Hattie Wood, Ella Kearney, Willie Gay, Carl Lozier, Freddy Reichert, John Seigmundt, Beatrice Daniels, Willie Kirkpatrick, Bessie West, John Treseler.

Room 2—Ethel Held, Nellie Elliott, Lillian Lindsay, Luly Sokamp, Adam Uhley, Tommy McConnell, Joe Hauck, Hugo Sacking, Jas. Mills, Morton Ervin, Charlie Smith.

Aurora Dearborn Independent – 18 Nov 1886 – Page 3, Column 3

Honor Roll.

The following pupils of the Aurora Public School have made a grade of 90 or above in attendance, deportment and scholarship for the month ending Nov. 5, 1886:



A Class—Frank Shutts, Cassius McMullen, Calla Kassabaum, Abbie Holman, Jessie Smith, Carrie Rectanus, Edith Conwell.

B Class—Sadie Sargent, Ella Opperman, Emma Mendell, Ella Newkirk, Clara Chisman.

C Class—Ella Ruese, Francis Smith, Ivy Siemantel, Maud Powers, Lawrence Glass.

Room 9—Willie Vail, Frank Schuler, Louise Kerr, Mary Collins, Josie Smith, Pauline Wymond, Nina Coates.

Room 8—Mamie Sweet.

Room 7—Katie Stafford, Stanley McMullen, Clara Wood, Edwin Lukens.

Room No. 5—May Baker, Oliver Bailey, Edith Bebinger, Inez Cobb, Gertrude Kerr, Grace Hill, Jessie Lowe, Minnie Lamkin, Jessie Stage.

Room 4—Frank Hubbartt, Bennie Dow, Bessie DuChemen, Maggie Hubbartt, Permelia Buffington, Ida Sanks, Clyde Kelley, Helen Baker, William Huckleberry, Jennie Kappel, Jennie Steele.

Room 3—Bertha Cobb, Lotta Watts, Fannie Stage, Joseph Frazier, John House, Hattie Chisman, Alice Fairfield, Mattie Minish.

Room 2—Mabel Bebinger, Rebecca Baker, Mary Campbell, Edith Giffin, Edna Giffin, Franciska Shuler, Stella Wildridge, Charles Baker, Wallace Mattox.


Room 7 and 8—Mellie McCune, Nellie Smith, Bessie Bleasdale, Agnes Ervin.

Room 6—Ida Butz, Rena Caldwell, Alma Bloom, Mollie Cox, Asa Hathaway, Louis Daniels, Lizzie Maloney, Carrie Gooderson, Minnie Shepard.

Room 5—Lonnie Kern, Jessie Giegoldt, Lulu Kirsch, Mamie Stamm, Jennie Kyle, Vinnie Leive, Frank Felker, Garner Wood.

Room 4—Jessie Bullock, Sadie Cadwell, Hattie Webber, Jesse Melson.

Room 3—Ross Macker, Henry Sokamp, Willie Kirkpatrick, Freddy Reichert, James Maybin, Carl Lozier, Willie Gay, Laura Taylor, Ella Kearney, Hattie Wood, Ruthie Goenawein, Bertha Thiel, Maggie Doerr, Luly Oswald, Anna French, Dora Feustel, Mary Cox, Victoria Sterling, Johnny Oester, John Lohrer, Emma Godert.

Room 2—Pauline Schipper, Lewis Miller, Morton Ervin, Frank Kappis, Dudley Lamar, Luly Sokamp, Rosa Willman, Adam Uhly, Joe Hauck, Hugo Jaehnig, Ethel Held, Lilly Kapple, Lillian Lindsay, Ally Teany, Annie Gerish.

Room 1—Frank Kearney, George Ensinger, Harry Lochner, Will Clark, Albert Peters, John Green, Willie Itner, John Gooderson, Edward Underhill, Eddie Willman, Ida Godert, Olga Horr, Florence Greer, Edna Beinkamp, Anna Witte, Tena Reiche, Carrie Siegmundt, Anna Earns.