Cochran Public Schools Roll of Honor – 1888

Rolls of honor of the Cochran Schools in Dearborn County, Indiana appeared in:

Aurora Dearborn Independent – 18 Oct 1888 – Page 3, Column 4

Cochran Public School.

Report for the month ending October 5, 1888:

A, Primary Department—Edith Hubbert, teacher; enrolled, 68; Average daily attendance, 62.

B, Primary Department—Kate T. Doud, teacher; enrolled, 46; average daily attendance, 43.

Intermediate Department—J. W. Hopper, teacher; enrolled, 40; average daily attendance, 37.

Grammar School Department—Enrolled, 16; average daily attendance, 14.

Higher Department—Enrolled, 14; average daily attendance, 13.


A, Primary Department—Sophia Rose, Tillie Bloner, Annie Licking, Ella Siefferman, Mary Mathias, Hattie Newell, Lena Rose, Stella Teaney, Susie Henry, Fannie Stonebraker, Katie McDermott, Gracie Lindsay, Eddie White, Otto Schumacher, Willie Ittner, John Barlett, Albert Cain, Willie Buening, and Poe Emery.

B, Primary Department—None.

Intermediate Department—John Brumblay, Carrie Clause, Otto Dresser, Nora Stonebacker, and Clara Trester.

Grammar School Department—Mable Dale, Pearl Trester, Sadie Bradley, Mary Lindsay, Willie Emery, George Siefferman, Henry Mathias, Charles Siefferman, Chas. X. Bobbitt, and Rosalia Allen.

Higher Department—Stella Bobbitt, Annie Greer, Florence Greer, Blanche Shutts, Annie Upton, and Amelia Leive.

JON. H. BOBBITT, Superintendent.

Lawrenceburg Register – 8 Nov 1888 – Page 3, Column 4

Cochran Schools Roll of Honor for Month of October.

A, Primary Department—Sophia Rose, Maggie Dunigan, Tillie Blonner, Annie Licking, Lottie Cosby, John Barblett, Susie Henry, Stella Teaney, Alma Robbins, Harry Buening, John Mahoney.

B, Primary Department—Grace White, Laura Henry, Nellie White, Nora Walte, Portia Binkerd, Jennie Dixon, Pearl Treon, Tillie Leive.

Grammar Department—Mary Lindsay, Willie Emery, Chas. Bobbitt, Mabel Dale, Pearl Treon, Sadie Bradley, Geo. Siefferman, Henry Mathias, Chas. Siefferman, Rosie Allen.

Higher Department—Florence Greer, Annie Upton, Annie Greer, Nettie Wheeler, Estelle Bobbitt, Amelia Leive.