Cold Springs School Exercises – 1885

Exercises at Cold Springs School in Dearborn County, Indiana in 1885 appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 26 Mar 1885 – Page 4, Column 3


Miss Lizzie Fuller’s school closed last Thursday with the following exercises:

  • Salutatory, George Wenzel.
  • Waiting, Lizzie Bossng.
  • A Bad Case, Lulu Weitzel.
  • A Stitch in Time—A Dialogue.
  • Do as near right as you can, Fannie Turner.
  • Grumble Corner, Maggie Wenzel.
  • Romeo and the Cool, Fred. Silke.
  • The Little Red School House, Ellen Kelley.
  • Wishing—Dialogue.
  • Three Little Kittens, Anna Bossong.
  • Balm of Life, Ida Wenzel.
  • The Inventor’s Wife, Anna Fuller.
  • Hoe out Your Own Row, Benny Silke.
  • He Never Knew, Lily Wenzel.
  • Keet at It, Ida Chance.
  • Be Careful in Play, Emma Eden.
  • My Mother, Lizzie Eden.
  • Oh! Dear!—Dialogue.
  • Witches in the Cream, Lizzie Silke.
  • What we Learn at School—Dialogue.
  • Valedictory, Clara Wenzel.
  • Dialogue—Presentation by Ida Chance and Maggie Wenzel, in which they, through their classmates, presented their teacher with a splendid glass tea set. It was a grand surprise to the teacher, as she had not the least idea of any thing of the kind.

Number of days and times tardy and minutes lost by tardiness of scholars in School District No. 2, taught by Miss Lizzie Fuller: [See newspaper for details.]

  • Fannie Turner
  • Cora Chance
  • Albert Bossong
  • Willie Eckstein
  • Edwin Turner
  • Henry Bossong
  • Clara Wenzel
  • Ida Chance
  • Herb Turner
  • Lizzie Barders
  • Josie Ecstein
  • Ida Wenzel
  • Maggie Wenzel
  • Stella Griffin
  • Lizzie Bossong
  • Lydia Weitzel
  • Lily Wenzel
  • Henry Griffin
  • Geo. Wenzel
  • Robert Bossong
  • Lulu Weitzel
  • Lizzie Eden
  • Emma Eden
  • Dan Boarders
  • Dell. Boarders
  • Magie Boarders
  • John Griffin