Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – Apr 1882

Proceedings of the April 1882 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:

Lawrenceburg Register – 20 Apr 1882 – Page 3, Column 2

The April term of the Dearborn Circuit Court convenes on next Monday, with the following new cases on the docket:

E B Dobell vs. Casper Wiegel. Demand on account, $57.70.

Carrie Wetzler vs. Jacob Wetzler. Divorce.

Mary A Angevine vs. Albert Steinmetz. Complaint on note; demand $200.

George W Keen vs. Samuel Brackenridge. Receiver of George W Keen & Co. Petition and complaint demanding $5,000.

Mary A Voedisch vs. John Voedish. Divorce.

Mary Koch vs. Ludwig Koch. Divorce.

F R Dorman, Adm’r estate of Louis Peterman, vs. Caroline Peterman and others. Petition to sell real estate.

Sandford Mendell vs. Emmett Bedunnah. Complaint on note.

Leonard Klingelhoffer vs. Lucinda Christopher. Complaint on account.

Mary A Angevine vs. Albert Steinmetz. Complaint on note. Demand $150.

W A Greer, Adm’r, vs. William B M[?]er—on note. Demand $2,300.

Emma Howard vs. William Howard. Divorce.

Preston Conaway vs. Fred Fisher. Complaint on notes.

In the matter of the estate of Julia A Darling. Objections to admission of will to probate.

Mary A Buffington vs. Josephus Buffington. Divorce.

James Noble vs. William H Small—on contract. Demand $400.

George W Keen, Adm’r estate of James Dair, vs. S Z Brackenridge. Demand $10,000.

Jemima Anderson vs. Henry Anderson. Divorce.

John H Thompson vs. Seth Platt. Damages $1,000.

Barbara Dill vs. H C Vincent. Complaint to reform decree.

Mary Smith vs. Jeff Smith. Divorce.

Mary A Steinmetz vs. John A Steinmetz. Complaint to be released from administrator’s bond, and for removal of administrator.

Charles Nolte vs. Alfred Helms. To recover real estate, and damages in sum of $500.

Theodore Cross vs. Lucinda Haynes. Complaint to enforce Deed Bond.

Alms & Doepke vs. E G Hayes. Complaint on note. Demand $350.

James Noble vs. Malinda Noble. Civil action to enforce contract.

Emeline Rodgers vs. Laura Drake & Co. Complaint to set aside deed.

Jacob Junker vs. Adaline Junker. Divorce.

Lawrenceburg Register – 27 Apr 1882 – Page 4, Column 3

The following new cases have been filed in Court, in addition to those published last week:

Leah Hayes vs. Edward Hayes. Ejectment and damages, $2,100.

George Hayes vs. America McKee. To recover real estate and rent.

Margaret Moerka vs. William Moerka. Divorce.

Sarah Smith vs. John P Green. Foreclosure.

Charles R Rothchild vs. George Campbell. Replevin.

Preston Conaway vs. Frank Kettle. Change of venue from Ohio county.

M R Cannon vs. F W Beecher. To recover realty and replevin.

Estate of John Schwartz vs. E G Hayes. On account.

Catharina Roth vs. Fred Dammeyer. Foreclosure.

Lawrenceburg Register – 4 May 1882 – Page 3, Column 3

Court Report.

Daniel T. Downey vs. John H. Lamar. Judgment against defendant for $750.

Edward S. Jaffray and others vs. John H. Lamar. Judgment against defendant for 31,910.

Frederick Snyder vs. Luther Holcomb. Judgment against defendant for $221.

Henry Russe, Commissioner in ex parte Jane Armstrong, makes report of sale of real estate, which is approved in all things.

The jury paid Dennis Halpin, bailiff, honor by making mention of his prompt and attentive work in their report.

Final reports were made in the following cases:

  • Estate of Thomas Darling, dec’d.
  • Estate of Jane Turner, dec’d.
  • Estate of John Ferris, dec’d.

Albion S. Jaquith appointed administrator of Christopher Jaquith.

The will of Julia A. Darling is admitted to probate, the court being satisfied that said will was duly executed in all things.

John Cairns appointed administrator of the estate of Nancy Hudson.

George Bruce appointed guardian of heirs of Louis Peterman.