Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – Apr 1886

Proceedings of the April 1886 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 1 Apr 1886 – Page 3, Column 3


Cynthia A. Griffin vs. George Griffin et al, partition. Dismissed by plaintiff.

Leopold Kupferschmidt vs. Jeremiah Mendell et al. Judgment for plaintiff by confession for $2,543.42 and decree of foreclosure.

State vs. John Kunz, contempt of court. Committed to jail for three hours.

Fred Nachman vs. Catharine Losecamp, appeal. Trial by jury, judgment for plaintiff for $15 and part of costs; judgment in favor of defendant for balance of costs.

State vs. Ed Tilford, petit larceny, plea guilty, defendant fined $1 and committed to jail for two months.

Siegmund C. Frank vs. William P. Squibb et al, on contract. Trial by jury, judgment in favor of plaintiff for $72.50 and part of costs; in favor of defendant for balance.

State vs. George Frieberger, selling to intoxicated person. Jury trial, defendant fined $10 and costs.

Frederick Ester vs. Charles Brichler et al, foreclosure. Judgment for plaintiff for $158 and costs.

Abram H. Vail vs. Richard Wood et al. Dismissed.

Eden Purdy vs. James P. Sater. Dismissed.

Ferris J. Nowlin vs. C. I. St. L. & C. R. R. Co. Dismissed.

George W. Robinson vs. Rachel Shanks et al, damages. Trial by jury finding and judgment for defendants. Appeal to Supreme Court.

Union Central Life Insurance Co. vs. Edwin Dobell et al. Judgment for plaintiff for $146.56. Appeal to Supreme Court.


Joseph D. Curtis vs. John A. Parks et al.

Mary C. Hamlin vs. Jasper Ross et al.

Theodore Harting vs. Greendale Furniture Co.

Nellie Kreitzer et al vs. William Kreitzer et al.

John B. Garnier vs. Bernard Burkart et al.

James Wymond vs. John Donovan et al.

David E. Sparks et al vs. Zephamiah Heutis, on account. Default and judgment for $52.05.

Amos M. Dunn vs. Edward Hayes et al. Jury trial, finding and judgment for defendant.

Anton Amann et al vs. B. Frank Green et al. Change of venue to Ohio county.

Julius Miller vs. Estate of Joseph Miller. Dismissed by plaintiff.

E. B. Nowlin vs. Estate of Lorenzo D. Leming. Dismissed by plaintiff.


Will of John Gutzwiller.

Will of Margaret Godert.

Will of Philip Frieberger.

Will of Peter Kessler.

Will of Henry Sievering.


Guardian heirs of Flora A. B. Godert, John H. Godert, Guardian.

Guardian heirs of David Wheeler, Wm. C. Henry, Guardian.

Guardian heirs of John W. Mullen, Carrie I. Shepperd, Guardian.

Guardian heirs of Louisa Lux, Joseph Lux, Guardian.

Estate of James Murtaugh, John Probst, Administrator.

Estate of James Smith, Wilkison Smith, Administrator.

Estate of William E. Gibson, Seth Stedman, Administrator.

Estate of Mary Godert, W. C. D. Stevenson, Administrator.

Estate of Peter Stenger, Peter Stenger, Administrator.


Guardian heirs of Fredrick Lange, Henry C. Busse, Guardian.

Guardian heirs of Anna Jene, C. H. A. Hitzfield, Guardian.

Estate of Humphrey Cain, W. C. D. Stevenson, Administrator.

Estate of Louisa Ripking, Louisa Ripking, Jr., Executor.