Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – Aug 1879

Proceedings of the August 1879 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:

Lawrenceburg Register – 21 Aug 1879 – Page 3, Column 4

Special Session.

Joseph H. Burkam, Francis Lang and Warren Tebbs released from bond of F. M. Jackson, Trustee of Miller township. Jackson files new bond, with Thomas Langdale, Peter Braun and Francis Adkinson as sureties, in the sum of $8,000.

Abram Hill vs. Wm. H. Small; dismissed.

Jacob Young vs. Leive, Parks and Stapp; dismissed.

Thomas Gaff, surviving partner, &c., vs. the Auditor and Treasurer of Dearborn county; dismissed.

State ex rel Mary L. Purnell vs. John Calloway; stricken from the docket.

City of Aurora vs. James Greer et als; appeal; dismissed.

The latter is the famous Sunnyside case, in which the appellants submit to the inevitable decree of Fate, and become a part of the new fifth ward of the city of Aurora, with all the perquisites and appurtenances of such citizenship.

Lawrenceburg Register – 28 Aug 1873 – Page 3, Column 3

Special Session.


State of Indiana vs. Albert and Frank Manning—charge, grand larceny; verdict, three years in State’s prison, five dollars fine and five years disfranchisement each. The crime for which the above penalty was adjudged was the robbery of a Mrs. Winkley, living near Aurora, of about one hundred and thirty dollars in her absence, intimidating the only inmate of the house, their own sister, a mere child, by threats of death, and pointing a revolver at her to prevent her giving an alarm. They were captured in June last at Greensburgh, by Marshal J. R. Clemens.

State vs. Laborious Dill—plea of guilty; fined five dollars and costs for assault and battery. The assault was stabbing Jacob Johann, his nephew, with a knife, in June last. Laborious’ troubles all come from alcoholism, and the Court took a righteous view of his mental condition.

J. Halbert, charged with stealing a horse from H. Ickenroth; found guilty by a jury which returned a verdict of two years at Jeffersonville, five dollars fine, and disfranchisement for five years.

John S. Barrow, for knocking down and robbing J. H. Milholland three weeks ago, is under sentence by the Court on a plea of guilty. Judgement suspended; Barrow’s complicity appearing to be more of a drunken debauch and a maudlin assistant than that of a highwayman.

Otto Miller and Charles Winters were arraigned for a coat robbery at George’s Lane’s. Winters took all the crime upon his own shoulders, and was sentenced to Jeffersonville for one year. Miller was released—honorably discharged, as the Yankees have it.



Jacob Rief et al vs. Elijah Christopher et als; dismissed.

Ex parte Delia C. Elder, Charles W. Elder et als; decree of partition of real estate.

Joseph D. Curtis, guardian of Sarah B. Nevitt, &c., vs. Franklin Nevitt et als. Decree of partition of real estate of David Nevitt, deceased.

George Price vs. City of Aurora. Dismissed.



Estate of John N. Mattinger, deceased. Philip Horr appointed Executor.

Estate of Elizabeth Werneke, deceased. Daniel H. Miller appointed Executor.

Final report and discharge of guardian of minor heirs of Sarah A. Bailey, Wm. S. Bailey, guardian.

Elizabeth Winkley, guardian of Frank Manning, ordered to pay the costs of his trial for larceny and attorney’s fees ($50) in the same.

Richard Hubbartt, guardian of the heirs of Wm. Green, deceased, removed, and Elizabeth Green appointed to the same trust.

Estate of Diedrich Ellinghausen, deceased, Wm. H. Kyle appointed trustee under a bond of $1,000.

Guardianship of heirs of John Buckhorst, Wm. H. Kyle appointed guardian.

Guardianship of Phebe McCracken. Final report and discharge of Watts O. Liddle, guardian.