Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – Dec 1881

Proceedings of the December 1881 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:

Lawrenceburg Register – 1 Dec 1881 – Page 3, Column 3


Final reports were made in the following estates and guardianships: Estates of Martin Koehler, Malinda Miller, Margaret Platt, Mason J. Cloud, John Dorst, Paulus Neurohr, Mary Anna Mondary, Carolien Pruden, and David Powers; Guardianships of Jacob Probst’s heirs, John S. Harper, Jacob Smith’s heirs, and Betty Epstein.

The will of Mary A. Luke, late of Dillsborough, was admitted to probate on Saturday. She bequeathed the bulk of her possessions to her son, Wm. F. Luke.

Will A. Greer, assignee of W. H. Murdoch, has transferred to Mr. Murdoch the property belonging to his estate—Mr. Murdoch having settled with his creditors satisfactorily by giving each creditor two notes, one payable in 12 months and one payable in 24 months.

Thomas L. Baker was appointed guardian of the minor heirs of Samiford Sparks. Bond $400.

John E. Baker has been appointed administrator of the estate of Wm. S. Bridwell. Bond $500.

Rebecca Walters has been appointed administratrix of the estate of John F. Walters. Bond $1,200.

Elizabeth Mangold was appointed guardian of the minor heirs of Jacob Mangold.

Wendel Labbe appointed administrator of the estate of Mathias Thebalt.

William Renner vs. Ann Clendenning. The plaintiff is granted possession of lots Nos. 16 and 17 in Lawrenceburgh, and judgment is rendered against defendant for costs.

Thomas Johnston, Foreman of the Grand Jury, made a report of their visit to the county jail, which reads as follows: “Having visited the county jail, we report everything in good order as to sanitary arrangements under the management of our excellent Sheriff. Mr. John Sims, and his excellent lady. The inmates seem to be well cared for, and we have no improvements to suggest at the present.”

Omar F. Roberts vs. Mary J. Roberts. Judgment against defendant for divorce. The plaintiff is required to pay William J. McHenry $2.50 per week for the support of Paul Wickliffe Roberts, who is placed in the custody of the mother.

John Cairns, commissioner in the ex parte proceedings of Jane Cairns and others, heirs of Claudius Anderson, makes a report of his doings in this case, which is approved by the court.

The Grand Jury adjourned on Saturday. During their session they found twelve indictments.

Lawrenceburg Register – 8 Dec 1881 – Page 2, Column 4


William S. Holman, Trustee, vs. Adam Kerr. Judgment against defendant for $915.

State vs. Jordan Ransom. Assault and battery. Enters a plea of guilty. Fined $2 and costs.

Jacob Hallowell vs. Charles Bantley. Judgment against defendant for $5 and injunction.

Jacob Z. Nowlin vs. Ferris H. Whipple. Judgment against the plaintiff.

B. N. McHenry & Co. vs. Wm. Block. Judgment against defendant for $800.

Stephen Peters vs. Mary Peters. Decree of divorce granted to the plaintiff. The grounds being cruel treatment, drunkenness and abandonment.

The will of the late Joseph Hall was admitted to probate. After the payment of debts, if any exist, all of the property, both real and personal, is given to his wife, Mrs. Ann Hall. The will bears date October 21, 1881.

Alice Goodwin vs. Jacob Goodwin. Judgment against defendant for divorce.

William Negele vs. Patrick Garrity. Judgment against defendant for $225.

Upon the petition of John Gaines, Administrator, the estate of Claudius and Jane Anderson are consolidated.

Andrew P. Daughters makes final report as commissioner of the estate of Britannia Heaton.

Hannah Marshal makes final report as guardian of the heirs of Anson Marshal and resigns her trust.

James Garrigus makes final report as administrator of the estate of Silas Wicks.