Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – Dec 1891

Proceedings of the December 1891 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:
Aurora Dearborn Independent – 24 Dec 1891 – Page 3, Column 3

Dearborn Circuit Court.

Thomas M. Kyle vs. Frances M. Elwell—Dismissed.

Star Milling Co. vs. Rachel S. Gaff and others—Title to real estate quieted.

Wilson Grubbs et als vs. Frances Swales—Change of venue to Ohio county.

Michael Singer vs. Martin V. Fox et als—Change of venue to Ohio county.

Louisa B. Willette vs. George W. Keen et als—Dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

State of Indiana vs. Julius Severin—Defendant not guilty and discharged.

Franklin Bank vs. Julius Severin—Judgment against defendant for $548.

Ella Smith vs. Ernst L. Smith—Decree of divorce granted.

Martha Arnold vs. Charles Dair et al—Dismissed.

David Haley vs. Board of Commissioners—Dismissed at plaintiff’s cost.

John J. Perkins vs. Stollman & Schweitzer—Dismissed.

Harry L. Nowlin vs. same—Dismissed.

Noah S. Givan makes final report as Commissioner in case of Nancy West vs. Caroline M. Hayes.

Gustav H. Donk et al vs. Charle J. Donk et al—Partition. W. H. O’Brien, T. T. Annis and T. W. Kestner were appointed Commissioners.

John N. Milburn vs. George W. Taylor Jr., Executor. Claim allowed $1,221.

Herman Belmer vs. Schweitzer & Hackman—Judgment against defendants for $70.

Cyrus Canfield vs. W. C. Henry—Judgment against defendant for $339.

Cyrus Canfield vs. Louis Kreite—Judgment against defendant for $275.

John H. Russe was appointed administrator of the estate of Henry Gerkin—Bond $800.

Wills probated—John L. Puchta, Bazil N. McHenry, Fred Krieg, John Smith, Henry Gerkin.

James W. Tebbs resign as guardian of Dewitt C. Small.

The following guardians, administrators and executors having moved fro the State of Indiana, the Court removed their trusts from them:

James Frances, administrator of John W. Henry.

Joseph H. Burkam, administrator of Anthony Halberstadt.

Tom O. Lindsay, administrator Eliza Goodrich.

Bertha Petcher, administrator Geo. Petcher.

John H. Wilson, administrator John H. Clause.

Anna M. Isgrigg, administrator Thomas Isgrigg.

G. Rainor, administrator Jacob G. Siebenthal.

D. H. Stapp, administrator William Duncan Jr.

W. A. Greer, administrator of Rachel W. Lyons.

Elijah Christopher, administrator Lucinda Christopher.

W. A. Greer, administrator Fred Reichert.

D. H. Stapp, administrator James A. Kelsey.

George Clark, guardian heirs Eleazer Small.

G. H. Robinson, guardian heirs of John E. Dennis.

Thos. H. Hunt, guardian of Anna Hayes.

George B. Fitch, guardian heirs of Ira Goodhue.

George B. Fitch, guardian heirs of Nancy Hudson.

James R. Brewer, guardian heirs of Lucinda Brewer.

Mary L. Bradley, guardian heirs of John T. Bradley.


Final reports were filed in the following trusts:

Estate of Joseph H. Guard.

Estate of John McGuire.

Estate William McConnell.

Estate of D. R. Lemon.

Estate of Theodore Kremer.

Estate of George Huschart.

Estate of Charles W. Skidmore.

Guardianship of Martha A. Cloud.

Estate of Cynthia Griffin.

Estate of Henry Eastman.

Estate of Charles Bruce.

Guardianship of Emma H. Golden.

Guardianship of the heirs of John Roehm.

Guardianship of the heirs of John Roehm.

Guardianship of the heirs of Louisa Bohlender.