Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – Feb 1880

Proceedings of the February 1880 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:

Lawrenceburg Register – 5 Feb 1880 – Page 3, Column 4


The February term of Court convened on Monday, Judge Givan presiding.

Louisa Gilliland was declared an heir to Sarah A. Thompson, deceased, and entitled to a distributive share in the monies belonging to that estate. The clerk was ordered to pay her $133.

The following cases were continued until the next term of Court:

  • State vs. Pat McLeaster. Manslaughter.
  • State vs. Hiram Chance. Assault and battery.
  • State vs. Frank Skelton. Same.
  • State vs. Enos Jones. Grand larceny.
  • State vs. Ernst Noble. Embezzlement.
  • State vs. Antoney Hayes. Desecration of the Sabbath.
  • State vs. John Dugan. Same.
  • State vs. Samuel P. Bowles. Forgery.
  • State vs. James Chisman. Seduction.
  • State vs. Wm. Ehlerman. Grand larceny.
  • State vs. John Meagher. Embezzlement.
  • State vs. John Kirsch Jr. Petit larceny.
  • State vs. George Linkenbach. Grand larceny.
  • State vs. John S. Barrow and John Ellington. Robbery.
  • State vs. James Thacker. Assault and battery.

State vs. Garret Rosse. Appeal. Action dismissed, and defendant discharged.

The most of Tuesday and Wednesday was occupied in getting cases at issue.

George B. Tebbs was appointed Administrator of the estate of Robert Ellis.

James H. Sale appointed Administrator of the estate of Ann E. Hunt.

James F. Crozier appointed Administrator of the estate of John Crozier.

Joseph D. Curtis appointed Guardian of John W. Griffin, an insane person.

Final reports have been made in the following estates:

  • Thomas Nighbert, Guardian of Rebecca Nighbert.
  • Frederick Ginter, Guardian of Gatch Wilson.
  • George B. Fitch, Guardian of Ezra G. Guard.
  • Magdalena Kuntz, Administratrix of estate of Joseph Kuntz.

Lawrenceburg Register – 12 Feb 1880 – Page 3, Column 3


Frank R. Dorman vs. George Gibson. Judgment vs. defendant for $216 and costs.

Oliver P. Cobb and many others vs. William F. Bailey and others. W. S. Holman Jr. appointed commissioner to sell real estate.

John K. Thompson appointed special judge to try the cause of Fred Wesler vs. Margaret Wesler.

State ex rel Com’r McCormick vs. George P. Jenkins. Case stricken from the docket. Judgment against plaintiff for costs.

State vs. Louisa Dedrick. Malicious trespass. Discharged.

State vs. Henrietta Griffin. Public indecency. Dicharged.

State vs. Warren Tout. False pretense. Discharged.

Judge Givan appointed the following Commissioners for the City of Aurora: David B. Beatty, William Willman, Richard C. Bond, J. H. Droge, and Nicholas Oester.

State vs. Charles Kepple. Carrying concealed weapons. Fined $2 and costs.

State vs. Helmuth Viernow. Grand Larceny. The defendant being unable to employ counsel, Hugh McMullen was appointed to conduct the defense.

Jacob Pfalzgraf, Admr., &c., vs. Martin Koehler. Judgment against defendant for $208.

State vs. Alice Godden. Assault and battery. Trial by jury. Verdict returned of not guilty.

Same. Fine $1 and costs.

State vs. Josephine Osborn and others. Riot. Case dismissed, and defendants discharged.

Joel C. Pennington made final report as administrator of the estate of John W. Johnson, deceased.

Barbara Singer makes final report as guardian of John Singer.

Harry L. Cooper removed as executor of the estate of Enoch Hayes and Edward Hayes appointed in his stead.

Lawrenceburg Register – 19 Feb 1880 – Page 3, Column 4


A voluminous transcript from Ohio county in the case of William H. Burges vs. Lucinda Powell and others, for damages, has been filed in the Clerk’s office. The case comes to this court on change of venue.

The case of the guardian of George Ludlow against the guardian of Brower Ludlow, which was appealed to the Supreme Court, has been dismissed.

W. H. Dowdell, admr., &c., vs. Jane Sheldon, et als., continued until the next term.

George Beckenholdt vs. J. C. McCullough, Receiver, &c. The defendant is ordered to pay taxes on personal property to the amount of $195. The Court also finds that taxes to the amount of $272 on real estate shall accrue against the same.

State vs. Amos Sweasy. Carrying concealed weapons. Defendant discharged.

State vs. Alfred M. Pate. Judgment against defendant for costs. Surety of the peace.

Claim of $400 against Franklin County for monies expended in the Pelton-Gold case, was allowed.

The claim of $113 against Franklin County for costs in the case of Brookville School Trustees vs. John R. Goodwin was allowed.

John A. Parks makes report as commissioners in the case of Margaret Mundary vs. Austin Trulock, and is discharged from said trust.

Final reports have been made in the following estates and guardianships: Estate of Barbara Manne, guardianship of Catharine Hergemather.

Wm. N. Abbott, admr of the estate of David D. Carnine, files an application to sell real estate, which is granted.

Jane J. Pool vs. estate of John H. Burrlage. Claim for $200 allowed.

Wolfgang Kress appointed administrator of the estate of John Ross.

The following claims against the estate of David D. Carnine were allowed: Hartzell Abbott, R. A. Becket, Amelia Fleming, Thomas Scudder, Wm. Johnson, estate of James Burougs, W. H. Shipman.

Lawrenceburg Register – 4 Mar 1880 – Page 2, Column 5


Idelia P. Cole vs. Alfred L. Cole. Decree of divorce granted.

Ann Kuhn vs. Mary E. McClure. Albert Huber, commissioner, reports that he had collected $650.

Bailey H. Lowe vs. Daniel Collins. Judgment against defendant for $1694.

George Robertson vs. Philip Becker. Judgment against defendant for $128.

Henry Chairsell vs. Jacob Smith. Judgment against defendant for $522.

Anton Oher vs. Peter Ebertz. Judgment against defendant for $510.

Sam. McElfresh vs. Estate of Abbie Guard. Judgment against defendant for $131.

Abigal McElfresh vs. Estate of Abbie Guard. Judgment against defendant for $50.

City of Aurora vs. Henry Wood. Jury find for defendant.

Scott Chisman vs. Estate of W. P. Chisman. Judgment against defendant for $83.07.

State ex rel William Lazenby vs. George W. Sheldon. Judgment against defendant for $1869.

R. H. Givan appointed Guardian of the minor heirs of John Crozier, deceased.

John B. Garnier makes final report of Josephine Garnier.

Edward Hayes, administrator of the Estate of Enoch Hayes, files petition to sell real estate.

Peter J. J. Duddenhousen makes final report as executor of John Lebert.

Stephen Burlingame makes final report as Guardian of Charles W. Burlingame.

W. H. Russell appointed Guardian of the minor heirs of S. H. McKinstry.

Nettie Mason vs. Luella Mason and others. Petition for partition granted, and John Spiedel appointed commissioner in the premises.

Philip Renckert vs. Jacob Pfalzgraf, administrator, &c. Judgment against defendant for $701.

Laura McCardle vs. Cornelius McGinley. Jury find for defendant.

Samuel Wymond vs. Daniel Dorrel. Judgment against defendant for $260.

Philip Renckert vs. Jacob Pfalzgraf, administrator &c., and others. Judgment against defendant for $1111.

Will Greer appointed Guardian of Melinda Miller, an insane person. Bond $1000.

The claims of Levin Cornwell for $20, and Alfred White for $88, against the estate of John Rumsey were allowed.

In the great case of Joanna Nevitt vs. the administrators of the estate of David Nevitt, deceased, the jury, after being out nearly all night, brought in a verdict for the plaintiff, giving her $300. The plaintiff is the widow of Wm. Nevitt, who was a son of David Nevitt. Some time after the death of her husband she went to live with her father-in-law as his housekeeper, taking with her three children, each of whom was old enough to earn a living. The plaintiff remained there for about five years, and filed her claim for $1,500 for services. The claim was stoutly resisted upon the ground that plaintiff had been fully compensated, and that she lived with the defendant as a member of the family, without contract, expressed or implied, for compensation.

An interesting suit was begun before Judge Givan on Monday morning, in which Judge Tullis, nephew of the noted Jerry Tullis, and Louis, Wm. H. and Lena Teake, all children by former husbands of the late old mother Veit, of Dillsboro, are the plaintiffs, and Louis Veit, husband of the late mother Veit, is the defendant. It appears that when Mrs. Veit purchased a lot of property in and about Dillsboro, valued at about $12,000, she had it deeded to her and her husband jointly. The plaintiffs allege that this property was purchased with the money obtained by selling an estate which their father left them, and that now because the property in question was jointly deeded contrary to the wishes of their mother they are now to be swindled out of their patrimony. The John Tufts who makes a claim in the case is the same who claims $10,000 worth of the Jerry Tullis estate, and who for the same is making a fight.