Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – Feb 1881

Proceedings of the February 1881 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:

Lawrenceburg Register – 3 Feb 1881 – Page 2, Column 5

Circuit Court.

The February term of the Circuit Court will begin on next Monday. The following is a list of the new cases filed:

John Wolfgang Kress vs. Estate of Lorenz Roesch. On note for $100.

McCreary & Niebaum vs. Guardian of Malinda Miller. On account $2.25.

Estate of J. H. Smith vs. Estate of Omer Tousey. On account $45.

Elizabeth Emmerson vs. Charles Emmerson. Divorce.

Charles Clark vs. Job Miller. Appeal.

Mary Koch vs. Ludwig Koch. Divorce.

Lou Ann Greer vs. Abraham Epstein. Appeal.

William Fenton vs. O. & M. R’y. Damages.

George W. Glardon vs. Mary Glardon. Appeal.

Margaretha Gass vs. Frank Schwing and others. On note, and to set aside deed.

Martha Clark vs. George Clark. Divorce.

Perry Small vs. W. R. McConnell. Replevin.

A. R. Bruce vs. Samuel Stockwell. Appeal.

Henry Semmons vs. Abram Epstein. Attachment.

Jetta Glaser vs. same. Attachment.

Wm. Roushein vs. same. Attachment.

Henry Semmons vs. same. Attachment.

Andrew Hornbeck vs. same. Attachment.

Estate of Amos Crozier vs. D. D. Crozier. On account.

Joseph Papenbroch vs. August Behrens. Foreclosure.

Gottlieb Spreen vs. Louis Veit. On account, $1,200.

Rosa Eilers vs. Lizette Ruskamp and others. To quiet title.

Ernst Schroeder vs. City of Aurora. Damages, $500.

Estate of David Powers vs. Ezra Hayes. Demand $20,000.

Jacob Cady vs. C., I., St. L., & C. R’y. Damages, $200.

Guardian of Carrie Hurley vs. White Water R’y. Damages. $3,600.

W. P. Beckett vs. Wilkerson Smith. Trespass and damages.

Margaret Uphouse vs. John Uphouse. Divorce.

First National Bank of Cincinnati vs. W. H. Rogers et al. On note, $100.

Robert Courtney vs. James D. Willis. On draft, $500.

Rebecca J. Barkis vs. James W. Pate. To quiet title.

H. D. McMullen vs. Nancy Halberstadt and others. Demand $3,000.

Executors of Joseph Hayes vs. J. H. Burkam and others. To gain possession of real estate.

B. F. Trester Jr. vs. School of City of Aurora. On contract. Demand $2,429.

Clem Robertson vs. T. J. Cooper. Demand $350.

Lawrenceburg Register – 24 Feb 1881 – Page 3, Column 2


B. N. McHenry vs. estate of Henry Brockenhoff. Judgment against defendant for $122.

State vs. Henry Grossholtz, grand larceny. The Prosecuting Attorney entered a nolle prosequi, and the defendant was discharged.

Henry Ellinghausen vs. Sylvia Richardson. Verdict: “We, the jury, find that the defendant did wrongfully detain the property of the plaintiff named in the complaint, and that the plaintiff is entitled to possession thereof.”

Ben Taylor vs. Ellender Taylor. Decree for divorce granted against defendant.

Sarah Purnell vs. Helena Krentzer. Slander. Judgment against the plaintiff for costs.

Lawrenceburg Register – 10 Mar 1881 – Page 2, Column 3


Will A. Greer makes final report as administrator of the estate of Jacob Giegoldt.

Michael Renjer appointed guardian of the heirs of Simon Jaeger.

Sarah Criswell makes final report as administratrix of the estate of Robert Criswell.

George M. Roberts makes final report as administrator of the estate of Sally Truitt.

Frank Marsh makes final report as guardian of Harvey R. Marsh.

Mary Junker appointed guardian of John A. Junker.

Jacob Walter makes final report as guardian of the heirs of Joseph Suter.

Rhoda Booth adopts a certain female child, aged about five weeks, and the child is named Alma Booth.

D. H. Stapp appointed guardian of William Allen, an insane person.

Margaret H. Dickins appointed administratrix of the estate of Frances A. Dickins.

Henry Bobrink petitions to be released as surety on the bond of Hannah Marshall, guardian of the heirs of Anson Marshall.

George W. Glardon vs. Mary T. Glardon. The jury find that the defendant is entitled to the possession of certain property, and is given judgment for one cent damages.

Estate of Amos Crozier vs. David D. Crozier. Judgment against defendant for $180.

William Morgan vs. Ezra G. Hayes. Judgment against the defendant for costs.

Margaret Uphouse vs. John Uphouse. Judgment and decree for divorce against defendant.

Ernst Schroeder vs. City of Aurora. The jury find for defendant.