Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – Feb 1882

Proceedings of the February 1882 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 9 Feb 1882 – Page 3, Column 2

Court convened on Monday, with the following new cases on the docket:

Charlotte Yentz vs. Charles Yentz. Divorce.

Annie Patzker vs. Frank Patzker. Divorce.

Nannie Hughes vs. John Hughes. Divorce.

Henry Ramer vs. Clarissa Daniels. Complaint on note.

Annie E. Roberts vs. John J Roberts. Divorce.

Thomas L Baker vs. George F Randall et al. Complaint for injunction.

Mary Mahoney vs. John Mahoney. Divorce.

John H Thompson vs. Seth Platt. Damages of $1000.

Joseph H Burkam vs. Charles C Kepper. Complaint on note.

Daniel Barkis vs. James W Pate. Complaint on note.

Eliza A Miller vs. Ezra G Hayes. Complaint for injunction to apportion certain costs.

Bernard McDermott vs. John Mack. Petition and complaint for partition.

Rebecca Robertson vs. James Cooper. Demand, $500.

Ada Frazier vs. David Frazier. Proceedings supplementary to exception.

Annie Perry vs. Leonidas Perry. Divorce.

Alex Beckman vs. Rudolph Walters. Damages.

Wm Probasco & Braun vs. Thomas Watts and D Stapp. Complaint for $1,200.

State ex rel Hattie Mason vs E Blake Lamar. Complaint for bastardy.

Martin  Corcoran vs. Mary Cocoran. Complaint for equitable relief.

Robert Mason vs. James Grange. Appeal.

Stephen Liddell vs. Adaline Junker. Appeal.

George M Roberts vs. Clarissa Daniels. Attachment.

Caroline Bruce vs. Job Little. Demand, $500.

John Tellis makes final report as administrator of the estate of John E. Godert.

Precilla Garrison makes final report and resigns her trust as guardian of Hazel Suit.

John Probst makes final report in the estate of Barbara Huth.

The will of Charles Reisman was admitted to probate. He bequeaths all his property to his wife.

Annie E. Nowlin appointed guardian of the heirs of Jacob Z. Nowlin. Bond $5.000.

John Probst appointed guardian of the minor heirs of Barbara Huth. Bond $1,400.

John Kimmel enters a plea of guilty to the charge of carrying concealed weapons, and is fined $3.

Caroline Bruce vs. Job Little. Judgment against defendant for $50.