Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – Feb 1887

Proceedings at the February 1887 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 24 Feb 1887 – Page 3, Column 3


State vs. John P. Hornaday; dismissed.

State vs. Harmon Muller; dismissed.

Charles Cochran’s estate vs. Henry Koehler et al; foreclosure; dismissed.

John B. Garnier vs. estate of Catharine Gernert, dec’d; claim of $12.65 allowed at claimant’s costs.

John T. Penny, Trustee, &c., vs. Malcolm T. Andrews et al; for satisfaction of mortgage. Trial by Court and judgment for plaintiff.

State vs. William P. Sinclair; burglary; plea of guilty and sentenced to eight years in State Prison and disfranchised for ten years.

Henry Peters & Son vs. estate of Catharine Grenert, dec’d; claim of $270.21 allowed.

Traugott W. Kestner vs. Joseph Ottoway et al; on note; default and judgment against defendants for $98.65 and costs.

James B. Curtis vs. Michael Giegoldt; replevin; dismissed.

State vs. Michael Vahey; petit larceny. Trial by Court; sentenced to the State Prison for one year, fined $1, and disfranchised for one year.


William Meister vs. Margaret Meister; divorce.

John T. Penny, Trustee, vs. Malcolm T. Andrews et al; to satisfy mortgage.

Catharine Ake vs. George Ake; divorce.

Maria L. Koehler vs. William T. Edwards et al; to quiet title.

Frederick Widau et al vs. George E. Kolb et al; appeal from Commissioners.

Benjamin Headley vs. William C. Mulford; on note.

Andrew S. Winkley et al vs. William Leive et al; partition, &c.

Josephine B. Benz et al vs. Charles Lods et al; to set aside Will.

H. D. McMullen et al vs. Charles S. Hisey et al; foreclosure.

Charles E. Green vs. George Ann Green; divorce.

John Lohmeier vs. Dedrick Kramer et al; foreclosure.

Charles F. Defflbacher et al vs. Herny Mehrhoff et al; on account.

H. D. McMullen et al vs. Malinda B. Noble et al; ejectment.

L. Kupferschmid vs. Hayden H. Miller et al; foreclosure.

Mary A. Weaver vs. John Weaver; divorce.

Mutual Loan and Building Association vs. Patrick Garrity et als; foreclosure.

Same vs. Joseph Tague et als; foreclosure.

Same vs. Lucy Rider et als; foreclosure.

Same vs. Patrick Maloney et al; foreclosure.

John Simpkinson et al vs. William W. Lamar.

First National Bank of Aurora vs. John McGuire et al; on note.

Charles Rolf vs. Robert Wilber et als; on account.

Mutual Loan and Building Association vs. Thomas O. Lindsay et als; foreclosure.

Joseph G. Parks et al vs. Frank Mathias et al; foreclosure.

Catharine Cady vs. John W. Truitt et al; foreclosure.

James B. Curtis vs. Michael Giegoldt; replevin.

Center Loan and Building Association vs. Henrietta Woolever et al; foreclosure.


Estate of Ann E. Burress, dec’d; L. G. Adkinson, Executor.

Estate of Philip J. Schaeffer, dec’d; Levina N. Schaeffer, Administratrix.


Estate of Rhoda C. Johnson; Warren Tebbs, Administrator.

Estate of James C. Cordry; Isaac M. Truitt, Administrator.

Estate of Christopher Buchta; Levin P. Chance, Administrator.


Will of Sophia E. Miller.

Will of Martin Christman.

Benjamin Vail Jr., of Aurora, was admitted to practice.