Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – Feb 1892

Proceedings of the February 1892 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:
Aurora Dearborn Independent – 4 Feb 1892 – Page 2, Column 3

Court Report.

New cases filed for next term of Court commencing Monday, February 15:

Sophia Wilkins vs. Henrich Schleter—partition.

John K. Thompson vs. Jonathan B. Bruce—Claim on account.

Mary A. Sykes vs. Joseph H. Burkam—Demand, $700.

Estate of Thomas W. Creaser, deceased—Petition to sell real estate.

Third National Bank of Chatanooga, Tenn., vs. Louis E. Rees—Attachment.

Estate of Agatha Grant vs. W. P. Grant—Complaint on note.

Jacob F. Hammerle vs. W. P. Grant et als—Petition for partition.

Abram Lozier vs. Frederica Scholle et als—Foreclosure.

Jennie Wiles vs. Jacob C. Wiles—Complaint on account.

State ex rel Emma B. Clark vs. Wm. H. Small—Bastardy.

Christian Vogel vs. W. B. Richardson et als—Complaint on note.

Henry J. Smith, Administrator, vs. James E. Christopher—Petition to sell real estate.

State ex rel Myrtie L. Rainer et al vs. David H. Stapp et al—Complaint on guardian’s bond.


Estate of Theodore Kremer, Julia E. K. Kremer, executrix.

Estate of Cynthia Griffin, Herzon Haynes, administrator.

Estate of James Stevenson, Wm. H. Greene, executor.

Estate of Charles W. Skidmore, Hiram B. Skidmore, administrator.

Estate of Wm. McConnell, George C. Voshell, administrator.

Estate of Joseph H. Guard, Margaret Guard, administrator.

Estate of Ditrich R. Lemon, Michael Singer, administrator.

Estate of Michael Hoff, Charles H. Hoff, administrator.

Estate of George Huschart, Margaret Huschart, executrix.

Guardian of Martha A. Cloud, John F. Tebbs, guardian.

Guardian of Emma H. Golden, Edward Golden, guardian.

Guardian of Louisa Bohlender, Herman Heckheiser, guardian.

Guardian of Laura L. Beckman, W. D. H. Hunter, guardian.

Guardian of heirs of John Skinner, Frank R. Dorman, guardian.

Guardian of Samuel V. Markland, Ezra F. Jackson, guardian.


Estate of Emily Stewart, Rebecca Coon, administratrix.

Estate of John Smith, Mark T. Smith, executor.

Estate of Henry Gerkin, John H. Reese, administrator.

Estate of Thomas Langdale, Robert H. Langdale Jr., executor.

Estate of Fredrick Krieg, Henry Krieg, executor.

Guardian of Dewitt C. Small, Darwin Bowlby, guardian.

Guardian of Mary E. Miller, Jos. S. Beckett, guardian.

Guardian of Jane E. Cook, John L. Haley, guardian.

Guardian of Edith Spencer et als, John F. Spencer, guardian.

Guardian of Alma P. Rumsey, John W. Rumsey, guardian.

Guardian of James N. Greer, Abram P. Shutts, guardian.

Guardian of Frederick Trennepohl et als, Fred Smith, guardian.

Guardian of Pearl McKinney et al, Elizabeth P. McKinney, guardian.