Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – Jan 1866

Proceedings of the January 1866 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana, Circuit Court appeared in:
Aurora Commercial – 27 Jan 1866 – Page 4, Column 1

COURT PROCEEDINGS.—During the present week the following cases have been disposed of:

DISMISSSED—Longfeldt vs. steamer St. Charles; Wagner vs. Wagner, divorce; State vs. Dowden; Love vs Love; State vs. Hoover; State vs. Wells; State vs. Godfey; State vs. Bailey; State vs. Henderson; State vs. Cheek; State vs. Worel and others.

DECIDED—Job Miller vs. Sarah Hayes, judg’t for def’t; Frazier vs. Frazier, verdict divided; D. Guard vs. I. & C. R. R., judg’t for pl’ff; Wright vs. Wright, divorce granted wife; Little vs. Cook, judg’t for pl’ff; Buchanan vs. Knowlin, judg’t for pl’ff; Jackson vs. I. & C. R. R. judg’t for pl’ff; McClintock vs. McClintock, divorce granted wife; Kennedy vs. Weber, judg’t for pl’ff.

The case of Webber vs. Sheit was continued. The divorce suit of Miller vs. Miller was changed to Ohio county.

In the case of Longfeldt vs. the steamer St. Charles, the suit having been dismissed on account of informality of the Sheriff’s return, on Wednesday the Sheriff again levied on the boat, the captain gave bonds, and a new suit will be instituted.