Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – Jan 1878

Proceedings of the January 1878 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:

Lawrenceburg Register – 3 Jan 1878 – Page 3, Column 3

Circuit Court.

Elvira Daily et al vs. Nancy McClellan. Partition. Trial before Judge Haynes, pro tem. Judgment in favor of Blakely Shoemaker, plaintiff.

Wm. H. Dunn vs. Harriett Dunn et al. To set aside will. Demurrer to complaint.

Jennie V. Ludlow vs. James Walker. Defendant give remitter for $367.

Joel C. Pennington appointed Administrator of the estate of J. W. Johnson, deceased.

Hon. W. S. Holman was appointed special Judge to try the cause of James R. Silvers vs. Benj. F. Vail.

The Grand Jury was in session yesterday.

Henry P. Spaeth et als vs. Cornelia Walser. Judgment vs. each party for costs.

Aurora Gas Light, Coke & Coal Co. vs. Brdiwell & Helphenstein. Judgment vs. defendant for $57.80 and costs.

State vs. Wm. Davis. Disturbing religious meeting. Trial by jury. Verdict, not guilty.

State vs. Ezra Guard, charged with assaulting his recently divorced wife. Two cases. Enters a plea of guilty in each case. Fine $1 and costs in each case.

Lawrenceburg Register – 10 Jan 1878 – Page 2, Column 3

Circuit Court.

Nathaniel Elliott vs. Oliver M. Shanks et al. Judgment vs. defendants for $96.50 and costs.

Joseph H. Burkam vs. David Nevitt and George W. Nevitt. Dismissed at plaintiffs costs.

Jacob Jack vs. Arad Petershagen et al. Judgment vs. defendants. New trial granted.

George A. Robson et al vs. Kosmos Frederick and Nicholas Oester. Judgment vs. Frederick for $445.25.

Frederick W. Becker vs. Seth Stedman. Dismissed.

Solman Biddinger vs. John W. Mecker et al and Wm. E. Daubenheyer vs. same. Judgment vs. defendants for $1,208.43, and $600 respectively, and order of sale of personal property under attachment.

Boerman vs. Boerman. Divorce. “Patched up.”

John T. Jackson vs. Joseph Wise et als. Judgment vs. defendants for $2,181.88.

Otho Billingsley vs. Pius Frederick. Judgment vs. plaintiff for costs.

O. P. Cobb & Co. vs. Richard Hubbartt et als. Judgment vs. defendants for $85.52.

State ex rel Susan A. Daggy vs. Frederick Menky. Verdict vs. defendant.

George F. Randall vs. Chris Ritter and wife. Judgment vs. defendants for $267, by agreement.

Joseph H. Burkam vs. Edward S. Ludlow and wife. Judgment vs. defendants for $3,042.86 and costs.

Jennie V. Ludlow vs. Jas. Walker. Judgment vs. plaintiff for $500 and costs. Contingent.

It was a German that Ezra Guard assaulted and not his wife, as appeared in these columns last week.

Mathias Stapp vs. Dearborn Furniture Company. Judgment vs. defendant. George Otto, Receiver, ordered to apply proceeds of furniture sold to protect Lipps and others.

Franceska Kuntzler arraigned, charge murder in the first degree and aiding and abetting in the first degree. Plea, not guilty.

Joseph Kuntzler arraigned, charge, murder in the first degree. Enters plea of not guilty, and both are remaned for trial.


Harriet Carl vs. William Car. Complaint for divorce. Bainbridge.