Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – Jan 1887

Proceedings of the January 1887 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 13 Jan 1887 – Page 2, Column 2


Louis E. Beinkamp vs. Margaret Giegoldt, on note. Trial by jury. Verdict and judgment for Plaintiff for $347.83 and costs.

Joseph G. Parks et al vs. Sun Fire Office, on Policy of Insurance. Trial by Jury. Verdict and judgment for Plaintiffs for $1000 and costs. Appeal to Supreme Court.

Anton Amann et al vs. B. Frank Green et als, foreclosure, chattel mortgage. Trial by Court. Judgment for Plaintiffs for costs, and in favor of Defendant John Hornberger for $40.

Catharine Gillig vs. estate John Jeffries, deceased. Trial by Court. Claim allowed for $16 and costs.

Elizabeth Kuhn vs. Jacob Kuhn et al, for support. Dismissed by Plaintiff.

Nathaniel Anthony vs. Harrison Risinger. On note. Judgment vs. Plaintiff for costs on demurrer.

John S. Morris vs. St. Marks Episcopal Church, et als. On contract. Trial by Court. Finding and judgment for Defendants for costs.

Lewellyn N. Crigler et al vs. Peter W. Hartman et al, on account. Trial by Jury. Verdict and judgment vs. defendant Peter W. Hartman for $264.70 and costs. Judgment in favor of Defendant Peter Hartman for costs.

Frederick Jents vs. Samuel Jents, alimony. Judgment on demurrer vs. Plaintiff for costs.

State ex rel Alta Jackson vs. William Tucker, bastardy. Dismissed by relatrix.

John S. Dorman & Co., vs. Estate Nancy B. Hayes, deceased. Trial by Court. Claim allowed for $1268.58 and costs.

State ex rel Wilkison Smith et al vs. Aristides Tufts, Trustee Washington Township, mandamus. Finding and judgment for Plaintiffs and writ of mandate granted vs. Defendant.

Leopold Kupferschmidt vs. O. & M. Railway Co., et als. Injunction. Dismissed at costs of City of Lawrenceburgh.

Lawrenceburgh Building Society vs. Nancy and Jacob Jones, Foreclosure. Decree and judgment vs. Defendants for $169.90 and costs.

Sally Maria Lane vs. George W. Lane, judgment revived for $14,561.44.

Susan Roser vs. Estate Sarah D. Franklin, deceased. Trial by Court. Claim allowed for $95.50 and costs.

Eliza Swift et al vs. Estate Nancy B. Hayes, deceased. Trail by Court. Claim allowed for $1400 and costs.

Nathan H. Wilson et al vs. Hamilton Conaway et als to contest will. Compromised and judgment rendered in accordance therewith.


Charles Cochran’s estate vs. Henry Koehler et als. Foreclosure.

Peter Walter et al vs. Louisa Ahlbrandt et als. Partition.

John A. Parks et al vs. Walter S. Baker. Injunction.

State ex rel Auditor D. C. vs. Strawder Cheek et als. Foreclosure.

Wilkison Smith and Charles R. Campbell were appointed as Jury Commissioners for the ensuing year.

The following gentlemen were admitted to the bar during term: John R. Smith, Jason B. Brown, and James R. Hayes.


Guardian of Arthur L. Hayes—John G. Bauer, Guardian.

Guardian of Barbara Krentzer—Louis E. Beinkamp, Guardian.

Estate of Francis M. Miles—W. C. D. Stevenson, Administrator.

Estate of Harrison Wade—Charles W. Stapp, Administrator.

Estate of Elvira Daily—Charles W. Stapp, Administrator.

Estate of Belle H. Weitzel—Joseph M. Bossong, Executor.


Guardian of Mabel Criswell et al—Susan Criswell, Guardian.

Estate of Wm. Duncan—Charles W. Stapp, Administrator.

Guardian of David T. Nevitt—Geo. W. Nevitt, Guardian.


Will of John Nitters.

Will of Belle H. Weitzel.