Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – Jan 1889

Proceedings of the January 1889 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 17 Jan 1889 – Page 2, Column 2


George R. Nicklin et als vs. Aurora Iron Co. et als. Trial by Court; finding for plaintiffs—about $8,000. In favor of First National Bank of Aurora, $13,172.02; James R. Vail, $1,171.29; John Thumser, $962.74; Thos W Sargent, $7,471.56; Nathan Stedman, $4,303.86.

John Mahoney vs. Ann Mahoney; divorce; dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

South Branch Lumber Co. vs. Wm J McHenry; on note; default and judgment for $416.50.

Jonathan Boyce vs. Wm J McHenry; on note; default and judgment, $435.83.

John Black et als vs. Cobbs Iron and Nail Co et al; judgment for plaintiffs and cross complaints aggregating about $50,000.

Cobbs Iron and Nail Co vs. City of Aurora; on account; judmgnet for plaintiff by agreement for $1,000.

Centre Lan and Building Association vs. Henrietta Woolever et al; foreclosure; judgment for plffs for $15.00, and decree of foreclosure.

Joseph H Burkam vs. Elizabeth West et als; to quiet title; trial by Court; finding and judgment for defendants; appeal to Supreme Court.

Clement W Robertson vs. John W Cooper et als; on note; trial by Court; finding and judgment for defendants; appeal to Supreme Court.

Henry Stenger vs. Estate of James P Sater; attachment; trial by jury; finding and judgment for plff for $1,000.

On petition of Ella M C Murdock—name changed to Emma M C Coulter.

John Cunningham vs. Mary A Rice et als; foreclosure; default and judgment for plaintiff for $1,541.33. For Margaret E Skirving, $514.40.

James B Miller vs. Estate of Emeline Hisey, dec’d; claim on note; dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

Anna Chambers vs. Wm Chambers Jr.; for support; dismissed and costs paid.

Noah S Givan vs. John Doty et als; on account; default and judgment for $115.

Aurora National Bank vs. Aurora Iron Co; on notes; judgment for plffs by default by $3,576.90.

Abram Hill vs. John Probst et al; injunction; trial by Court; finding and judgment for defendants; appeal to Supreme Court.

Gerhart A Roberg vs. The D Catillier Co; foreclosure; trial by Court; judgment for plff for $4,106.66. Appeal to Supreme Court by defendant Joseph E Small.

George W Taylor vs. Estate of Lucinda Christopher, dec’d; claim for $30 allowed.

Mary Simmonds vs. Estate of James P Sater, dec’d. Dismissed at defendant’s costs.



Estate of Rebecca Fox—Martin V. Fox, Administrator.

Estate of Benjamin J. Spooner—Warren Tebbs, Administrator.

Estate of George A. Geis—Alois Rosenberger, Administrator.

Estate of Francis A. Walliser—F. A. Walliser, Administrator.

Guardian of Rosa and Joseph A. Garnier—John B. Garnier, Guardian.

Guardian of heirs of Elvira Dailey—Noah S. Givan, Guardian.


Estate of Otho W. Dowden—Virgil Dowden, Administrator.

Estate of Maria A. Glaneman—John G. Easley, Administrator.

Estate of William L. Hansell—A. E. Nowlin, Administrator.

Estate of Clarinda Osborn—John Feist, Administrator.

Guardian of heirs of Aaron Vogt—John D Focke, Guardian.

Guardian of heirs of Carrie Mulford—Thomas Downton, Guardian.

Guardian of Mary Huber (insane)—Albert Huber, Guardian.

Will of Wm L Hansell probated.

In assignment of O P Cobb & Co. Joseph E Small, Receiver, is discharged and property conveyed to Company.

Ernst H Niebaum makes voluntary assignment to Fred Smith for benefit of creditors.

Estates set apart to widows as worth less than $500:

Estate of Jacob Lang

Estate of John Stitt

Estate of Oliver S Mulford

Estate of John Tyler

Estate of Frederick Meyer

Estate of Henry Leive