Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – Jun 1879

Proceedings of the June 1879 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:

Lawrenceburg Register – 19 Jun 1879 – Page 2, Column 3


Alice V. Wilber vs. William Glenn et als. Judgment for plaintiff for possession of personal property and costs.

The School Town of Brookville vs. John R. Goodwin et al. On change of venue from Franklin county. William J. Peck appointed trustee of the $4,000 invested fund.

Wm. F. Denmure vs. Fred W. Becker. On contract. Judgment for plaintiff for $121.35.

Fourth National Bank, Cincinnati, O., vs. Freeman Mulbarger et al. On note. Judgment against defendants for $128.40.

John B. Muhle vs. Theodore Thorner; to recover personal property. Judgment for defendant for $23 worth of lumber.

Mary Madigan vs. John Madigan. Divorce; by jury; verdict for defendant.

Bruce et als vs. Hennegen et als. Final report of Commissioner received in partition action.

Charles L. Hunter vs. Bettie Hunter. Divorce. Decree granted.

State vs. Frederick Swetfeld. Surety of the Peace. Released on personal recognizance until September term.

State vs. Simon Griffin; obstructing highway. W. H. Bainbridge surety until September term.



Estate of Jasper and Anson Marshall, minor heirs of Anson Marshall, deceased. Sale of real estate confirmed.

Guardianship of Emma J. Ward. Josiah Campbell appointed guardian. Bond $100.

Estate of Herman Sanger, deceased. Proof of sole heirship by the widow.

Estate of Adolph Rumeier, deceased. Final distribution.

Estate of Sarah C. Miller, Isaac Hayes, administrator. Partial report.

Guardianship of Christina Schneider; William Schneider, guardian. Final report.

Guardianship of Barbara Giegoldt; Margaret Giegoldt, guardian. George Siemantel files petition to be released from guardian’s bond.

Estate of Joseph Mueller, deceased. Probate of will of said decedent.