Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – Mar 1889

Proceedings of the March 1889 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 28 Mar 1889 – Page 3, Column 3


Board of Commissioners vs. William H. Kyle. Judgment vs defendant by agreement for $101 and costs.

State vs. Edward Tilford and Henry Harper; petit larceny. Dismissed by Prosecuting Attorney.

Annie Baxendale vs. David W. Baxendale; divorce. Decree of divorce granted plaintiff.

Eva Eschman vs. Nicholas Eschman; divorce. Dismissed by plaintiff.

Omar F Roberts vs. C. I. St. L. and C. R. W. Co.; on account. Dismissed at defendant’s costs.

Aaron Huffman vs. Samuel G. Sweet et al; foreclosure. Dismissed and costs paid.

August F. Sommer vs. Estate of John McGuire, deceased. Dismissed at plaintiff’s costs for want of prosecution.

Frederick Slater vs. estate of Thomas Rice, deceased. Claim allowed $88.65 and costs.

Robert Huddleston vs. Logan J. Collins et al; foreclosure. Final report and discharge of receiver.

Elizabeth West vs. Joseph H. Burkam et als; injunction. Dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

Louisa Giegoldt vs. Michael Zimmer et al; on note. Judgment for plaintiff for $5 and costs.

H. A. Conaway, administrator &c., vs. Lewis Wilson et als; on account. Dismissed at defendant’s costs.

Frederick Oehlman vs. estate of Dewitt C. Wilber, deceased; on account. Dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

Aurora National Bank vs. Aurora Iron Co. et als; proceedings at plaintiff’s costs.

State ex rel Katie Keeler vs. Joseph Lowe; bastardy. Settled, dismissed and costs paid.

Katie Keeler vs. Joseph Lowe; breach of promise. Trial by Court. Finding and judgment for defendant.

George W. Newman vs. Agnes Newman; divorce. Dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

Evaline Todd vs. Joseph F. Todd; divorce. Decree of divorce granted plaintiff.

Mary Abbott vs. Nathaniel Abbott; divorce. Decree of divorce, custody of children and personal property given plaintiff.

Henry Tilford vs. Betty Tilford; divorce. Dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.



Emeline Roudebush et al vs. Chales E. Dair, trustee et al. Injunction.

Rosa Landers vs. Martin Landers—Divorce.

William                  Wheeler vs. David H. Stapp et al. On note.

Crescent Building Association vs. Newton Canfield et als. Foreclosure.

Same vs. Sophia M. Miller et als. Foreclosure.

Same vs. John A. Parks et al. Foreclosure.

Commissioners of Decatur county vs. Edward D. Moore, Auditor. Mandate.

George W. Newman vs. Agnes Newman. Divorce.



Estate of John Crozier, deceased; James F. Crozier, administrator.

Estate of Oliver P. Small, deceased; William H. Kyle et al, executors.

Estate of Roberts & Suits; Leroy Roberts, surviving partner.

Estate of D. Cattellier Co.; Warren Tebbs, Assignee.

Estate of Nancy B. Hayes, deceased; John S. Dorman, executor.

Guardian heirs of William B. Suits, deceased; Agnes Suits, guardian.

Guardian Arthur Hayes; John G. Bauer, guardian.

Guardian John P. Hornaday; George B. Tebbs, guardian.

Guardian Harry Knoebel et al; Chas. Schnell, guardian.


Guardian heirs of David Small, deceased; James W. Tebbs, guardian.

Guardian heirs of Charles Libbert, deceased; Henry J. Libbert, guardian.

Guardian heirs of William S. Markland, deceased; Ezra F. Jackson, guardian.


Hugh G. Kidd vs. Estate of Otho W. Dowden, deceased, $8.60.

John H. Roberts vs. Estate of Dewitt C. Wilber, deceased, $5.50.


Will of Henry Meinsen, deceased.

The estate of Will Beinke, deceased, was set over to his widow as being worth less than $500.

Henry P. Spaeth was released as surety on bond of Helen F. Bloom, as Guardian of heirs of August Bloom, deceased.