Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – May 1884

Proceedings of the May 1884 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 8 May 1884 – Page 3, Column 3

The following new cases have been commenced:

Oliver P. Cobb vs. William Block. Demand $3,000.

National Bank of Rising Sun vs. Harrison Small et als. Demand $500.

W. H. Dowdell vs. John Haas et als. Foreclosure.

State ex rel Henry Hammerle, Trustee York township, vs. Michael Reidinger and others. On bond.

John C. McCullough, administrator of the estate of Martin Hoog, made report of the sale of real estate to Joseph Bechtel for the sum of $1,890.

Final reports made in the following trusts:

Estate of Lucy Guion

Estate of Amos M. Wright

Guardianship of heirs of George L. Buhrlage

Guardianship of heirs of George Kueher

McCormick Harvesting Machine Co. vs. Peter Urton. Judgment against defendant for $160.

Warren N. Hauck was admitted to the bar on motion of W. H. Bainbridge.

George C. Columbia vs. Rebecca Beatty et als. Judgment against defendants for $441.

George W. Baker vs. Thos. M. Hood. Judgment against defendant for $305.

State vs. Henry Schroeder. The defendant is charged with manslaughter by killing “Bubby” Day. In default of bail he was sent to jail to await trial.

State vs. Wm. McLaughlin. The defendant was indicted by the last grand jury for grand larceny. The larceny consisted in stealing a horse from George Lowe of Hardentown. The jury returned a verdict of guilty and fixed the punishment at four years in the penitentiary. McLaughlin is only 19 years old.

State vs. Wm. Dodd and David Diggs. The defendants were charged with stealing a rubber overcoat of Dr. Liddell. The jury found Dodd guilty, and fixed his punishment at one year in the State prison. Diggs was acquitted of the charge of larceny.

Patrick J. McCormick is appointed guardian of Mary Kuhn, who is declared to be a person of unsound mind, and incapable of managing her estate with reason and discretion.