Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – Nov 1868

Proceedings of the November 1868 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:

Aurora Peoples Advocate – 26 Nov 1868 – Page 3, Column 3


State vs. John Proctor, a young man of Dillsboro; charge of assault and battery upon William H. Conaway. Defendant pled a former conviction before a Justice of the Peace, where he escaped with a fine of five cents, and was acquitted.

State vs. Erastus Caldwell, a youth of about 18 years; charge of malicious trespass, in placing filth upon the door knob of a citizen of Wilmington. The court assessed a fine of three dollars and costs.

State vs. Elias Small, charge of malicious trespass, cutting harness of Charles Bruce, whilst a political meeting was in progress at Wilmington.—Fined $7.

State vs. Joseph Parks; charge attempting to provoke an assault and battery. Defendant acquitted.

Several cases for violating the liquor law were disposed of by the usual fines.

State vs. Henry Adler, for failing to give list of property for taxation. Indictment quashed, for defects in allegations.

William Tibbetts vs. Ann Tibbetts; complaint for a divorce. Evidence heard and decree granted. Charge of abandonment by the defendant. The complainant is aged about 83 years, and the defendant about 70. It was intimated to the court, after the granting of the divorce, that a marriage was contemplated in the evening by the plaintiff to some fair one of about 80 summers; but the court thought proper to interpose an objection to the said plaintiff linking his fate for his few remaining years with another—thereupon the matter of marriage was indefinitely postponed.

Aurora Peoples Advocate – 3 Dec 1868 – Page 2, Column 1

State vs. John Stitt—assault and battery with intent to kill. The Prosecutor could not sustain the charge of intent, and entered a nolle prosequi, defendant entered a plea of guilty, and the court assessed a fine of five dollars and costs.

State vs. Frank Knorr—assault and battery with intent to murder. The evidence would not show any intention to commit the felony, and upon a plea of guilty of assault and battery, he was fined five dollars and costs.

State vs. Hugh Sterling—charge of grand larceny, in stealing a jeans coat. The evidence heard tended to show that it was mischievous mischief, and the jury acquitted the defendant.

State vs. Weikel—indictment for grand larceny. Trial by jury and acquitted.

O’Brien and Jones vs. John B. and Sarah A. Vail. This case was tried by jury, being the second trial of the case. There was involved the sum of about $2,000, and the title to valuable real estate. At the time of the loan of some money, John B. Vail claims that the execution of a certain deed, held by Jones, was intended for a mortgage. Jones claiming that he had purchased the land bona fide. The jury found, upon the issue as to the effect of the deed, for defendant. Another motion is pending for a new trial.

Aurora Peoples Advocate – 17 Dec 1868 – Page 3, Column 3

Circuit Court.

John L. Buell was appointed Trustee for Ruth Bell Buell.

J. & J. M. Pfan vs. Nicholas Garnert. Verdict for plaintiffs for $124.83.

Mason vs. Buells. Actions growing out of a Southern enterprise. John L. Buell defends only for himself denying responsibility as a partner. Evidence heard and under advisement.

Ingalls vs. White Water Valley Railroad Company. Action for killing stock. Judgment by agreement for $325.

Carbaugh vs. Carbaugh. Divorce. Charge, cruel treatment. Decree, and plaintiff restored to her maiden name, Lydia Henry.

Mary E. Clause vs. Mary A. Miller. Action to recover the value of a horse. Defendant claimed the horse as the property of the estate of her deceased husband. Plaintiff claimed by right of gift from her father. Trial by jury. Verdict for plaintiff, and ten dollars damages.

Eliza Wallace vs. A. S. Wallace. Divorce. Decree, dissolving marriage contract, and giving plaintiff custody of children.

Simonson vs. White Water Valley Railroad Company. Action to recover value of stock killed. Judgment by agreement for $115.

Blasdel vs. Steinmetz. Action on note. Judgment for $20.16.

Mary Moll vs. Frank Moll. Divorce. Decree and custody of children.

Welchman vs. Uhhininsick. For slander. Trial by jury. Verdict of one cent damages.