Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – Nov 1874

Proceedings of the November 1874 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:

Aurora Dearborn Independent – 5 Nov 1874 – Page 2, Column 2

Circuit Court Report.
Before Judge Roberts.

228. John L. Mulford vs. W. B. Miller, Administrator of J. Baley’s estate. Plaintiff defaulted and cause dismissed.

229. Same vs. Same. Plaintiff defaulted and cause dismissed.

238. Dr. A. J. Bowers vs. Stewart, Administrator of Stewart’s estate. Claim of $15.00 allowed.

241. E. G. & J. H. Burkam vs. George Ludlow’s estate. Claim on bill of Exchange, and $1372.47 allowed.

243. O. Priest vs. Wm. Thompson’s estate. Allowed $4.00.

244. Fred. Peter vs. Entils’ estate. Claim dismissed.

635. State vs. Wm. McDole. Since our last report McDole has received his sentence—imprisonment for life. Perpetual obscurity.

634. John R. Davis. Arson. Judgment on the verdict was pronounced by the Court on last Thursday, after overruling a motion for a new trial. Judgment, imprisonment in the State prison for 5 years and that he pay a fine of $100.00.

640. State vs. Joe Mondary. Charge, stealing chickens. Trial by jury. Verdict of guilty, imprisonment for five days, fine $3, and disfranchisement for six months.

644. State vs. Alice Cramer. Provoking assault. Plea of guilty and fine of $1.00.

650. State vs. A. Smith. Assault and Battery. Trial by jury and fine $3.00.

653. State vs. John W. Briggs. Nol. Pros. by Prosecutor.

654. State vs. John F. Trulock. Nol. Pros. by Prosecutor.

656. State vs. Ben. Anderson. Assault and Battery. Trial by jury. Verdict “not guilty.”

660. State vs. W. H. Elman. Surety of the peace. Trial by jury. Finding “not guilty.”

662. State vs. Ingenthorn. Surety of the Peace. Dismissed.

State vs. Anthony Schott. Assault. “Not Guilty.”

69. Catharine Rees by E Gilleland, her next friend, vs. Louis Rees et al. Partition. Judgment of partition granted.

177. Hulda Osgood, Administratrix of S. Osgood vs. Ph. L. Spooner. Dismissed at Plaintiffs costs.

196. W. M. Suit vs. Priscilla Garrison et al. Stricken from the docket.

329. Perry Small, Administrator of Henry Small’s estate vs. R. C. Arnold. Suit to recover for the price of a horse, buggy, and set of harness. Trial by the Court and finding for the Defendant.

419. Jo. C. Small vs. John Hisey et al. Offer to confess judgment for $25.00, and costs accepted. Stricken from the docket.

423. State ex rel Jo. C. Small vs. Richard Hubbartt et als. Action on official bond. Offer to confess judgment for $10 and costs accepted. Stricken from the docket.

478. Jane E. Hayes vs. Edward Hayes. Action for divorce. Dismissed on account of defective affidavit.

491. Martha E. Copeland vs. Leibecke and Metcalfe. Action to recover damages under the liquor law. Dismissed by plaintiff.

496. Sophia Wagner vs. J. C. Bernard. Action for breach of marriage contract and seduction. Trial by the Court and judgment for Plaintiff for $1,000.

500. G. W. Cochaan vs. O. & M. Railway Co. Action to recover the lands on which the Cochran Shops are located. Demurrer to complaint overruled. Defendant ruled to answer.

526. The Rising Sun & H. T. Co. vs. C. E. Hamilton, Action to recover damages for locating a turnpike over Defendant’s land. Trial by jury and finding for Plaintiff for $475.00.

528. Michael Miester vs. I. C. & L. R. R. Co. Dismissed at Defendant’s costs.

533. Carl Kauffman vs. Henry Longe et al. Action to set aside deed. Dismissed at Plaintiff’s costs.

535. Mary J. Hunter vs. John Cooper. Action for damages for obstructing private way. Trial by jury and verdict for one cent.

543. Elizabeth Brooks vs. Matthias Voshall. Breach of marriage contract. Trial by jury & verdict for $1000. The Defendant is seventy five years old.

546. Wm. Wheeler vs. Jos. Helphenstein et al. Judgement for foreclosure and for $281.50.

555. Geo. Zimmerman vs. Jno. B. Garnier. On account. Dismissed.

565. Nancy Hays vs. Ezra Guard et als. Action on note. Judgment for $462.18.

591. Wm. Bruce vs. O. & M. R. W. Co. Damage for killing cow. Judgment for $25.00.

Wesley Shumake vs. Jennie Schmake. Divorce. Dismissed on account of defective affidavit.

609. Wm. Wheeler vs. F. E. Coffee et als. Foreclosure of mortgage and judgment for $803.62.

614. Catharine E. Stevens vs. Mahlon Stevens. Divorce. Dismissed.

620. Pierce and Walker vs. D. H. Miller. Action to recover real estate. Judgment by agreement for Plaintiff for $150 and for possession.

627. H. C. Vincent vs. Liborions Dill. Tried by jury and verdict for Plaintiff for $29.00.

632. Jacob Oswald vs. John Petscher. Foreclosure of chattel mortgage, judgment of sale.

674. John A. Conwell vs. J. G. Brodbeck et als. Defendants defaulted. Judgment of foreclosure.

679. L. G. Hurlbert vs. Amanda Younker et als. Foreclosure and judgment for $361.49.