Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – Nov 1877

Proceedings of the November 1877 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:

Lawrenceburg Register – 15 Nov 1877 – Page 4, Column 3

Circuit Court Calendar.

The following is a list of the new cases to be tried at the November term of the Dearborn Circuit Court, which convenes next Monday:

Otho Billingsley vs. Pius Frederick. Appeal.

George B. Fitch vs. L. B. Lewis et als. Attachment.

Jane Sheldon vs. Perry Rogers. Bastardy.

Abner L. Frazier vs. H. H. Smittker et als. To set aside deed.

Martha J. Folencous vs. Christopher Folencous. Divorce.

Susan Daggy vs. Fred Henkey. Bastardy.

George A. Robson et al vs. Frederick & Oester. On account.

Margaret Boerman vs. John Boerman. Divorce.

Abbie Guard vs. Ezra Guard. Divorce.

Martha Meeker vs. Elijah Christopher et al. Replevin.

Charles A. Grooves vs. John A. Smith et al. Attachment.

Aurora Free Masons vs. Mary T. Weaver et als. Foreclosure.

State ex rel Roger Sheehy vs. Hannah Sheehy. On Admr bond.

Fannie Scuhell vs. Robert C. Wilber. Bastardy.

Fred Souders vs. Sarah C. Edwards et als. For new trial.

Mary A. Bonnell vs. Jacob Miller. Bastardy.

Philip Erle vs. McIntire & Davis. Damages.

W. E. Daubenheyer vs. John H. Meeker. Attachment.

W. H. Dowdell et al vs. E. W. Tuttle. Attachment.

Byron J. Clark vs. David H. Clark et al. Partition.

Mathew Jackson vs. Jonathan Barber. Damages.

James D. Willis vs. City of Lawrenceburgh. Appeal from report of City Commissioners.

F. W. Becker vs. Seth Stedman. On account.

Johannes Rueckert vs. Margaret Mundary et al. For new trial.

Schlotter & Walter vs. Ludwig Hanselman. Attachment.

Joseph Crots vs. John Gable Jr. et al. Foreclosure.

Henry Wilkenning vs. Benj. B. Eden. Two suits—on note and foreclosure.

State vs. George Hiram Wright. Civil action on forfeiture of recognizance.

Elvira Daily vs. Wm. Limekiller and others. Partition.

Barbara Kienger vs. Michael Zimmer. Appeal.

Edward Bradford vs. Wm. Young. Account.

The School Town of Brookville vs. John R. Goodwin. Change of venue.

Lewis Maus et als vs. Brookville National Bank et al. Damages.

Mathew Haring vs. D. W. Marsh et al. Two cases. Foreclosure.

Martha Green vs. Edward Green. Divorce.

John Huewe vs. Wm. Young. On note.

Francisca Kunzler vs. Joseph Kunzler. Divorce.

Lawrenceburg Register – 22 Nov 1877 – Page 3, Column 3


Court convened on Monday, Judge Roberts presiding.

Wm. L. Kennedy was appointed Riding Bailiff.

The following Commissioners were appointed to assess the benefits and damages occasioned by the laying out and opening of streets and alleys in the city of Aurora: Philip Wymond, B. N. McHenry, Michael Siemantel, M. Haring, and Abram Lozier.

State vs. Hiram Wright and George Wright. Forfeiture of bond. Judgment against Hiram Wright for $50.

Tuesday was taken up in preparing cases for issue.

Gideon Renner was appointed Administrator of Estate of Michael Karsch.

Hannah Sheehy made final report as Administratrix of John Sheehy’s estate.

An inquest as to the insanity of Mary Armstrong was held, and she was found to be a person of unsound mind, and Thomas Kilner was appointed her guardian.

R. F. Huddleston, administrator of John Huddleston, made final report and was discharged.


New cases filed:

Shadford Easton vs. Wm. Young. On note.

Frank J. Jones vs. First National Bank of Lawrenceburgh. On draft.

Joseph Bartholome vs. M. Whipple. On account.

Gideon Renner, Adm’r, vs. Caroline Gaertner. To revive judgment.

George F. Randall vs. Chris Ritter. Foreclosure.

Hiram Clark vs. David H. Clark. To set aside deed.

Job Miller vs. John H. Miller. Foreclosure.

Lawrenceburg Register – 6 Dec 1877 – Page 3, Column 3


Haynes & Thompson vs. J. H. Burkam. Dismissed.

M. H. Harding vs. D. W. C. Fitch, ex. Walter Hayes. Dismissed.

Ex. parto Sarah B. Carlisle et als. Partition E. D. Haynes appointed Commissioner.

John H. Heume vs. Wm. Young. Judgment against defendant for $150.

Z. B. Waler vs. B. Bradley. Judgment vs. pl’ft for costs.

Henry Wilkening vs. Benj. Eden et als. Foreclosure. Judgment vs. def’t for $1,177.

State vs. Henry Sheppard. Assault and Battery. Dismissed.

Sarah Criswell vs. Abe and Betty Epstein. Suit to foreclose mortgage. Plea of insanity as to Betty Epstein raised and the jury return a verdict declaring her of an unsound mind. Plaintiff file motion for new trial.

State vs. Babe Skinner. Carrying concealed weapons. Bound over in the sum of $50.

State vs. Reub Grill. Assault and battery with intent to kill. Pleads not guilty, and is remanded to jail for trial.

Francisco Kunzler vs. Joseph Kunzler. Defendant required to pay $50 to plaintiff to enable her to prosecute this cause.

State vs. Ezra Guard. Three cases of assault and battery. Bound over in the sum of $100. The complaint charges him with beating his wife from whom he was recently divorced.

Lawrenceburg Register – 13 Dec 1877 – Page 3, Column 3


Theodore Shockley made final report as administrator of Manning Hartman.

Fred Smith made final report as administrator of the estate of Adolph Rumler.

Mitchell Shanks vs. administrator John Shanks. Claim of $300.

E. H. Heuer made final report of his trust as administrator of the estate of Henry Schwier.

State vs. Harper, grand larceny. Dismissed.

State vs. Jones, grand larceny. Dismissed.

State vs. Johnson, burglary. Dismissed.

The following cases were continued:

  • State vs. H. H. Chance.
  • State vs. McFarland.
  • State vs. McLester.
  • State vs. Skelton.
  • State vs. Ferrill.
  • State vs. Steig.

State vs. Parks, obstructing highway. Dismissed.

Wm. D. Horner, administrator Jas. Boatman vs. Elizabeth and Jared Cloud. Foreclosure. Judgment against defendants.

Lorenzo D. Leming, a regular Petit Juror, being reported sick. Merritt Leming is selected to fill the vacancy.

Harriett Dunn vs. Marsh & Marsh. Judgment vs. defendants for $584.

W. D. H. Hunter vs. Marsh & Marsh. Judgment vs. defendants for $232.

A. R. Bruce vs. S. N. Fowler. Judgment vs. defendant for $125.

State vs. Bossong. Disturbing meeting. Trial by jury. Verdict of not guilty.

Lawrenceburg Register – 27 Dec 1877 – Page 3, Column 3


Edwin P. Elliott vs. W. E. Gibson. Stricken from the docket.

Kemper Brothers vs. John E. Meyer et als. Judgment against defendants for $861.57.

John B. Garnier vs. Barbara Garnier. Judgment satisfied.

Clara Betzner vs. Peter and Dennis Nead. Judgment against defendants for $237.79.

Delilah Marose vs. Charles Marose. Divorce. Degree granted, and judgment against defendant for costs.

Petition to sell real estate of Ann Daily, deceased, granted, made by Wm. Donlon, Executor.

Hamilton Conaway made final report as guardian of the heirs of Appolonia and Henry Dicker.

Omer Ludlow filed new bond of $75,000 as the guardian of Brower Ludlow.