Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – Nov 1878

Proceedings of the November 1878 Term of Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:

Lawrenceburg Register – 28 Nov 1878 – Page 3, Column 4

Circuit Court Proceedings.

Wm. H. Smith vs. Orange T. Gookins. Judgment against defendant for $269.

Wm. Kestner vs. Sarah J. Meyers. Judgment against defendant for $125.

First National Bank of Lawrenceburgh vs. George W. Miller et al. Judgment against defendant for $410.

Barbara Garnier vs. Lawrenceburgh Wheel Company. Judgment against defendant for $5,755.

John H. Jackson vs. Frank Jackson. Judgment against defendant for $219.

State vs. Hiram McFarland and Lorenza Jones—three cases of burglary and grand larceny. Stricken from the docket.

Hiram Lange, Adm’r, &c., vs. Charles Lange. Judgment against defendant for $435.

In the case of Lizzie M. Dove vs. Josiah Chambers’ estate, a demand for a struck jury was made.

The Grand Jury failed to return indictments against Irish Pat and Michael Kerrigan, owing to want of evidence, and they were discharged from custody.

The Petit Jury was sworn in on Monday.

The Grand Jury was discharged on Tuesday, after returning twenty indictments.

Wm. D. Horner, Adm’r of the estate of Jas. M. Boatman, dec’d, made his final report, and was discharged.

John Probst was appointed Guardian of the minor heirs of Joseph Sherbaugh, dec’d.

For want of evidence the Grand Jury refused to return indictments against John Emmitt and Wm. Smith, charged with stealing goods out of a car on the O. & M. R. R. at Cochran, and they were discharged from custody.

James Hall and Eddy West, indicted for petit larceny, and charged with breaking into and stealing goods from a car on the O. & M. R. R. at Cochran, were arraigned on Tuesday. A plea of not guilty was entered by them, and as they were unable to procure counsel, Wm. H. Bainbridge was appointed by the Court to defend them.

State vs. Lewis Garrison—malicious trespass. Trial by jury, and a verdict of not guilty.

John Locie, of Newtown, has been indicted for failure to return a correct list of taxable. He is charged with failing to list a promissory note of $800. Upon being arraigned he entered a plea of not guilty, and was bound over in the sum of $50, surety being furnished.

Lawrenceburg Register – 12 Dec 1878 – Page 2, Column 2


Frederick Wesler vs. Margaret Wesler et als. Petition to sell real estate granted.

First National Bank of Lawrenceburgh vs. Lawrenceburgh Wheel Company. Judgment against defendant for $1608.

National Bank of Vandallia vs. Edwin B. Dobell. Judgment against defendant for $283.

Schloss & Meyer vs. E. B. Dobell. Judgment against defendant for $167.

Louis Shott granted a divorce from Mary Shott.

Nicholas Henner vs. Caroline Henner. Divorce. Decree granted.

Henry J. Smith vs. Henry Holtegel. Judgment against defendant for $205.

F. R. Dorman & Co. vs. estate of Sarah C. Miller and Lawrence Daily. Judgment against defendant for $280.

M. Maroney vs. same. Judgment against defendant for $215.

Lawrenceburg Register – 19 Dec 1878 – Page 3, Column 3


W. F. Howard was appointed administrator of the estates of Candelaro Benavdes, dec’d; Jesus Chapa, dec’d; and Manuel Sepulveda, dec’d.

Mary Howard made final report as administratrix of the estate of Benjamin Howard and was discharged. Sarah Criswell was appointed guardian of the minor heirs of Mary Ann Wilson. Bond $600.

Joseph D. Curtis, guardian of Mrs. Sarah B. Nevitt, presents a petition from Mrs. Daniel Coy, who is a sister of Mrs. Nevitt, desiring to take care of said ward. The petition was granted, and Mrs. Nevitt was taken to Greensburg, the home of Mrs. Coy, who is to received $300 per annum for boarding, clothing, &c.

R. D. Brown was appointed guardian of the estate of Margaret Griswold.

Sarah Criswell, adm’x &c., vs. Thomas J. Fenton et al. Judgment against defendants for $675.50 and costs.

Harriet Dunn vs. D. W. Marsh et als. Judgment against defendants for $826.58.

W. H. Bainbridge was allowed $[?] for defending Hall and West.

W. H. Bainbridge was appointed special Judge to try the case of John Cobb vs. B. N. McHenry & Co.

Hamilton Conaway vs. Rudolph Wolf. The court appoints John K. Thompson special Judge to try this cause.

Edward Hayes vs. F. M. and Edward Jackson. Judgment against defendant for $134.60.

Louisa B. Willette vs. William Dair et als. Petition for partition granted.