Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – Nov 1883

Proceedings of the November 1883 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:

Lawrenceburg Register – 22 Nov 1883 – Page 3, Column 4

Court convened on Monday with the following new cases on the docket:

Herman Lindeman vs. Peter Walter. On account.

Daniel Schluter vs. Fred Zinser and others. Demand $500.

Ezra Knapp vs. Silvia Richardson. Damages, $5000.

Rebecca Robertson vs. James Cooper and others. On bond.

Joseph Maffey vs. Phillip Kestner. Appeal.

Agnes Hilbert vs. Mary Gutzweiler. Slander.

Caroline Dexheimer et al vs. John Dexheimer Sr. and others. Foreclosure.

Joseph Donk vs. Nick Oberting, Foreclosure.

Elizabeth Gabel vs. John Sibernagel. Appeal.

David W. Wood vs. Louis Hitzfield. Appeal.

Nancy Reed vs. James Reed. Divorce.

Mary T. Randall vs. Charles H. Randall. Divorce.

David J. Johnson vs. Bertha Stein. On account.

James McKinney vs. Job M. Hayes. Attachment.

McCreary & Niebaum vs. William H. Small. Appeal.

John C. Miller, Trustee, vs. John Spencer. Appeal.

Fred Weileman vs. Jacob Haas. Appeal.

Lou S. Colshir vs. Robert Stinson. Bastardy.

Lawrenceburg Register – 29 Nov 1883 – Page 3, Column 4


Charles Kohlepp makes final report as administrator of the estate of Mary Mueller.

David H. Stapp resigns his trust as guardian of William Allen, an insane person, and Isaac S. Hafer is appointed in his stead.

Peter Endress makes final report as administrator of the estate of Engel Sunderbruch.

George B. Fitch makes final report as guardian of Jane Stack.

Isaac Hayes presents his final report as administrator of the estate of Sarah C. Miller, and is discharged.

Final report and order of the distribution of the surplus in the estate of Isaac Dunn is made.

The following new cases have been placed on the issue docket.

John A. Park vs. Elizabeth A. Towner. Foreclosure.

W. A. Greer, adm’r H. Herzog, vs. Droge & Donselman. On note.

John Snyder vs. Snyder & Baker. On note.

George W. Prior vs. Job M. Hayes. Attachment.

John H. Oester vs. Nicholas Oester. Demand $3,000.

John W. Briggs vs. Hannah Barton. Demand $500.

Isaac W. Butterworth vs. Robert A. Keen. Attachment.

Adaline Junker vs. Jacob Junker. Possession of real estate.

John B. Garnier, executor, vs. estate of M. Hoog. Foreclosure.

Lawrenceburg Register – 6 Dec 1883 – Page 3, Column 2


The will of Francis Stork has been admitted to probate. He leaves the greater part of his property to his wife.

Leander Lindsay makes final report as guardian of Cordelia Hess.

Joseph Emmenecker is appointed administrator of the estate of Peter Emmenecker. Bond, $3,000.