Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – Nov 1892

Proceedings of the November 1892 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:
Aurora Dearborn Independent – 10 Nov 1892 – Page 2, Column 2

Dearborn County Court Report.

Ezra Cassaday vs. Estate of Sarah Cassaday, deceased, claim allowed, $95 and costs.

Wm. F. Luker vs. Frederick Hahn, injunction; dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

Mary A. Nowlin et al vs. Sol K. Gold, Trustee, et al, injunction; judgment for defendants on demurrer, appeal to Supreme Court.

Henry Hill vs. William Scheitzer et al, on note; default and judgment for $349.50 and costs.

Charles Lods vs. Henry Baker et al, on note; judgment by default for $183 and costs.

Mary F. Roberts vs. Estate of Elizabeth Roberts, trial by court, claim allowed $17.00 and costs.

George A. Riggs vs. Estate of Frances Riggs, deceased, claim allowed, $100 and costs.

Bernhardt Heile et al vs. William McCollum, on account; judgment for plaintiffs by agreement for $781 and costs.

Stephen West et al vs. Mollie E. Hollowell et al, to contest will; trial by jury, will adjudged invalid. Appeal to Supreme Court.

Margaret A. Greer vs. Jas. N. Greer et al, petition to sell real estate without assent of husband; trial by court and prayer of petition granted.

Della Cosby vs. William H. Cosby, divorce; trial by court, plaintiff given decree of divorce and custody of child.

Sophia Shuter et al vs. Alma P. Rumsey et al, partition; report of commissioners approved.

William E. Teke vs. James White, to be released from bond, new bond filed and suit dismissed.

Fidelity L. & B. A. vs. Thomas O. Lindsay et al, foreclosure; judgment for $2,000 and decree of foreclosure.

Charles Lods vs. George Zix et al, attachment; dismissed and costs paid.



Ellen Jackson vs. Pullman Palace Car Co., damages.

Jennie Wiles vs. Jacob C. Wiles, money demand.

William Chambers vs. Indiana Farmers Live Stock Insurance Co., on policy.

Louisa Dills et al vs. Elizabeth Hart et al; partition.

Isaac T. Acra vs. Ida E. Acra, divorce.

Xavier Scheibel vs. John Pfohl, attachment.

Peoples B. & L. Co. vs. Abram Lozier et al, interpleader.