Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – Oct 1885

Proceedings of the October 1885 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 8 Oct 1885 – Page 3, Column 4


John B. Garnier vs. Margaret Rissel, attachment. Decree and judgment vs. defendant for $36.76 and costs.

State vs. Frank Christman, appeal. Appeal dismissed at defendant’s costs.

Emma Brossard vs. John Brossard, divorce. Dismissed by plaintiff.

Harriett Darling vs. Thomas Darling et al, partition. Sale of real estate reported.

Eliza King vs. Theodore King, divorce. Decree of divorce granted.

Joseph H. Burkam vs. Louisa S. Lillie et als, foreclosure. Decree and judgment in favor of Thomas Johnston for $913.65 and in favor of Robert Runnels for $352.65.

State vs. Michael Vahey, petit larceny. Trial by jury, sentenced to one year imprisonment in State prison and disfranchised for two years.

State vs. George Horton, rape. Trial by jury, sentenced to State prison for five years.

State vs. Frank Nelson, rape. Jury trial, sentenced to State prison for 21 years.

Mrs. Rebecca J. Nelson was allowed $7.00 expenses to and from Portsmouth, Ohio, as a witness in the case of the State vs. Frank Nelson.

William H. Kyle vs. Jonathan B. Bruce et al, on note. Default and judgment vs. defendants for $71.20.

Francis Adkinson vs. estate of Enoch Hayes, claim. Dismissed by plaintiff.

William Sawdon vs. Richard T. Winkley, judgment vs. defendant by agreement for $582.30.

Indiana Loan and Building Association vs. Sarah J. Stedman, foreclosure. Decree and judgment by default for $126.25.

Aurora National Bank vs. P. Louis Mathews et al, foreclosure. Default and judgment vs. defendants for $4085.22.

Luther Perkins vs. P. Louis Matheus et al, on note. Default and judgment vs. defendants for $575.91.

German National Bank vs. P. Louis Matheus et al, on note. Default and judgment vs. defendants for $1,578.90.

Henry H. Meyer vs. P. Louis Matheus et al, on note. Judgment vs. defendants by default for $403.44.

Kate Seekatz vs. William Seekatz. Divorce. Divorce granted; alimony $100; custody of child given to defendant.

Jacob Miller vs. C. I. St. L. & C. R. W. Co. Damages. Dismissed at costs of defendants.

Sophronia J. Anderson vs. Lucius L. Anderson. Divorce. Plaintiff granted a divorce and custody of children.

Frank Schroeder vs. John Miller. Appeal. Trial by Court, and finding for defendant.

Ferris Nowlin vs. Estate of Mathias Voshel. Claim. Trial by Court, and claim allowed for $481.

Charles Uttman et al vs. George F. Randall. Judgment on verdict of jury for defendant.

State ex rel Ullrich, Adm’r, vs. Patrick Dobel et al. On bond. Judgment against defendants for costs.


Mary M. Ewan vs. Napoleon B. Ewan et al. Attachment.

Jacob Donnewarth vs. Caroline Donnewarth. Divorce.

Lillian J. Lamar vs. J. Howard Lamar. Divorce.

Joseph S. Wayne Jr. vs. Edwin B. Dobell Sr. On note.

John M. Roesch vs. C. I. St. L. & C. R. W. Co. Damages.

Robert E. Chaffin et als vs. Vinnie M. Lows et al. Partition.

George S. Crawford vs. George F. Randall.


Guardian Carolien E. Ewan et al.—Mary M. Ewan, Guardian.

Guardian heirs of Henry Telker, dec’d—Philip Alig, Guardian.

Estate of Henry Talker, dec’d. Henry Telker Jr., Administrator.

Guardian heirs of Eleazer Small.—James Powell, Guardian.

Estate of Myron H. Harding. E. D. Moore, Administrator.

Guardian heirs of Mary C. Lyon. Rebecca Robertson, Guardian.


Estate of Peter H. Darling. Will A. Greer, Adm’r.

Estate of James W. Gibson. James Wymond, Adm’r.

Estate of Christopher Seidler. Wm. Seidler, Adm’r.

Guardian of Willie Langfels. Francis Greskamp, Guardian.

Estate of Josephine Watts. Thomas Watts, Administrator.

Claim allowed John S. Dorman & Co. vs. estate of Leah Hayes, $22.33.


Will of Anton Weber.

Will of Martin C. Ewbank.

John W. Griffin declared sane by a jury.