Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – Oct 1889

Proceedings of the October 1889 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 17 Oct 1889 – Page 4, Column 1


Peter K. Dedrick vs. Franklin F. Taylor—on note. Judgment vs. defendant by agreement for $83.60 and costs.

State ex rel Louis Paulowsky vs. Charles Schrader—surety of the peace. Dismissed at costs of relator.

State ex rel Wilkinson Smith et als vs. Aristides Tufts, Trustee—mandamus. Dismissed and costs paid.

Charles Bruce vs. Sophia Bruce—divorce. Decree of divorce granted plaintiff.

David Cohen et al vs. The Standard Manufacturing Co.—on account. Dismissed and costs paid.

John E. Trumbower vs. O & M Ry Co.—damages. Dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

Lew H. Griffith vs. Charles M. Bowers—libel. Dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

Joseph Glardon vs. Mary Canfield et als—partition. Dismissed and costs paid.

Bank of Commerce vs. Franklin F. Taylor et al—on note. Dismissed and costs paid.

Joseph Bechtel vs. Maria E. Weber et al—replevin. Dismissed and costs paid.

Jennie M. Stapp vs. George F. Horlan Jr. et als—for accounting. Dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

William A. Bennett et al vs. Tuthill & Co.—on account. Judgment for plaintiffs for $489.46 and costs.

Aurora National Bank vs. William A. Bennett et al—injunction. Finding and judgment for plaintiff.

Harry Lindsay vs. Julius Freiberg et als—damages. Cause removed to U.S. Court.

State vs. John Buckly—petit larceny. Plea of guilty; sentenced to county jail for 5 days, fined 1 cent and disfranchised for 1 year.

State vs. Edward Williams—petit larceny. Plea of guilty; sent to county jail for 7 days, fined 1 cent and disfranchised for 1 year.

Temperance Davis et als vs. Richard Hubbartt et als—to satisfy mortgage. Decree for plaintiffs.

Ex parte Pinkney J. Trester et al—partition. Final report and discharge of Commissioner.

Jacob Walter et al vs. John H. Russe. Dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

Olive Laws vs. Columbus Powell et als. To set aside final report. Stricken from docket.

George Schneidt vs. Louis Bihr—injunction. Judgment vs. plaintiff for costs; appeal to Supreme Court.



Abram Lozier vs. George W. Griffin et al.

Crescent Brewing Co. vs. Frederick Reichert et al—on notes.

Union L & B Association vs. Belle Boyd et al—foreclosure.

Same vs. Isabella McIntyre et al—Foreclosure.

Same vs. Isabella McIntyre et al—foreclosure.

Oliver P. Cobb et al vs. City of Aurora—damages.

John V. Canfield vs. Robert Ketchum et al—to quiet title.

Harrison, N. T., R. & B. Turnpike Co., vs. Michael Singer—appeal.



Estate of Lorenzo D. Leming—Merit Leming, Administrator.

Estate of Wilson Dorman—Sarah E. Dorman, Executrix.

Guardian of Matilda Heckheiser—Herman Heckheiser, Guardian.

Guardian of Arthur H. Canfield—Clark Canfield, Guardian.

Guardian of Carrie Seidler—William Seidler, Guardian.

Guardian of Effie Hathaway—Theodore Shockley, Guardian.

Guardian of heirs of David Guard—Nancy G Hayes, Guardian.

Guardian of James Powell Jr.—James Powell, Guardian.

Guardian of Harry Wood—Francis Worley, Guardian.


Estate of Peter Stewart—William H. Green, Administrator.

Estate of George Huschart—Margaretha Huschart, Executrix.

Estate of Sarah Cassady—Warren Tebbs, Administrator.

Estate of Catharine Schwartz—Charles F. Schwartz, Administrator.

Guardian of Laura L. Beckman—W. D. H. Hunter, Guardian.


Will of Eliza Canfield.


Estate of Louis M. Foulk

Estate of Joseph Sutton

Estate of William Bosse