Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – Oct 1892

Proceedings of the October 1892 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:
Aurora Dearborn Independent – 6 Oct 1892 – Page 2, Column 3

Dearborn County Court Report.


State ex rel Rosa Theobald vs. John A. Theobald, surety of the peace; dismissed at costs of relatrix.

George M. Roberts et al vs. City of Aurora, damages; dismissed and costs paid.

Caroline M Hayes vs. Joseph H. Burkham et al, partition; final report and discharge of commissioner.

Milton P. Hayward vs. Estate of Frederick Krieg, deceased, on account; dismissed at defendant’s cost.

Josephine Canfield et al vs. George W. Baker et al, on legacy; dismissed and costs paid.

Wm. W. Davison Jr. vs. Estate of George K. Pruden, deceased, on account; A. G. Miller vs. Estate of John Lenover, deceased, on account; Armour S. Peck vs. Estate of Bazil N. McHenry, deceased, on account; Edward A. Foy & Co. vs. Estate of John Lenover, deceased, on account. The above claims dismissed at claimants costs for want of prosecution.


The following claims were allowed with costs:

Blythe W. Buffington vs. Estate of Lucinda Christopher, $100.

Benjamin C. Eversole vs. Estate of Sarah E. Dorman, $428.60.

Elizabeth P. McKinney vs. estate of James McKinney, $247.08.

Otto Widan vs. estate of George K. Pruden, $2.25.

Wm. W. Davison Jr. vs. estate of same, $1.50.

Chas. Ashby vs. estate of same, $6.25.

Henry Slete vs. estate of same, $79.

W. H. H. Willete vs. estae of same, $5.00.

F. Hatkemeyer & Co. vs. estate of Frederick Krieg, $41.45.

Peter Bidner vs. estate of Michael Bittner, $2,665.42.

Wachtel & Weil vs. estate of Frederick Krieg, $222.44.


Dismissed at Defendant’s costs:

H. G. Freeman vs. estate of Michael Fichter, claim $4.81.

W. C. Henry vs. estate of Frederick Probst, claim $61.


State of Indiana vs. Wm. E. Teke et al, forfeited recognizance; dismissed by Prosecuting Attorney.

Hattie Hinman vs. William Hinman et al, for support; dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

William H. Bainbridge vs. Edward Hayes et al, foreclosure; dismissed and costs paid.

Cleveland Dryer Co. vs. Peter Walter et al, on account; dismissed and costs paid.

Frank Helfrich vs. Louis Klumpf, for receiver; dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

Henry L. Janeway et al vs. Martin Kieffer, on account; default and judgment vs. Defendant for $148.15 and costs.

The St. Louis Refrigerator and Wooden Gutter Co. vs. Martin Kieffer, on draft; default and judgment vs. defendant for $98.15 and costs.

State of Indiana vs. Charles Andrews, malicious trespass; plea of guilty, fine $2.50 in each case.

Samuel McMullen vs. Emma L. McMullen, divorce; dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

Bessie Goodman vs. Wm. W. Lamar et al, foreclosure; decree of sale and judgment by default of $1,836.90.

Charles W. Stapp, adm’r vs. Rebecca Klepper et al, partition; report of sale and discharge of commissioner.

State of Indiana vs. Grant Haisch, petit larceny; plea of guilty, sentenced to county jail for 30 days, fined $5 and disfranchised for one year.

Rebecca Cheek vs. Edward Cheek, divorce; decree of divorce granted defendant on his cross complaint.

Amos Whitely & Co. vs. Blythe W. Buffington, on note; judgment vs. defendant by agreement for $268.72 and costs.

John N. Fox vs. Nancy West, to quiet title; judgment for plaintiff’s by default, quieting their title.

Frederick Albers et al vs. William Cors, guardian, to be released from bond; judgment for plaintiff by default and guardian ordered to file new bond in five days.



Ellen Jackson vs. The Pullman Palace Car Co., damages.

Wm. E. Teke vs. James White, to be released from bond.

The Fidelity L. & B. A. vs. Thomas O. Lindsay et al, foreclosure.

Jennie Wiles vs. Jacob C. Wiles, money demand.

Wm. Chambers vs. the Indiana Farmers Insurance Co., on policy.

Louisa Dils et al vs. Elizabeth Hart et al, partition.

Charley Lods vs. George Zix et al, attachment.

The grand jury completed their labors on Saturday, having returned 12 indictments and condemned the county jail as usual.



Estate Martha J. Nowlin, deceased, Enoch W. Jackson, adm’r.

Estate of Henry Wood, deceased, Elizabeth Wood, adm’x.

Estate of John Swift, deceased, S. McElfresh, adm’r.

Estate of Hannah Plummer, dec’d, John W. House, Ex.

Guardian of heirs of Barbara A. Zeh, dec’d, Henry W. Holtegel, guardian.

Guardian of heirs of Marlha Lenover, dec’d, Wm. H. Lenover, guardian.

Guardian of Mary Kuhn, insane, Patrick J. McCormick, guardian.



Will of Thomas W. Sargent, dec’d.

Will of William E. Yeager, dec’d.