Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – Sep 1875

Proceedings of the September 1875 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:

Aurora Dearborn Independent – 23 Sep 1875 – Page 2, Column 2


886—Samuel McElfresh et al vs. Board of Commissioners of Dearborn Co. Judgment against defendants for costs.

717—State of Indiana vs. Buck Goodpaster. Recognizance forfeited.

454—Rosa Knote et als vs. Jno. Kuntz et al. Judgment against defts. for costs.

721—State of Indiana vs. John Newell. Defendant acquitted.

716—State of Indiana vs. Patrick Maloney Jr., Jack Greeley, Thos. Greeley, and John Scofield. Defendants acquitted.

891—Hamilton Conaway vs. Elizabeth Sherman et al. Dismissed at Pltfs. costs.

856—Elizabeth Wheeler vs. Samuel Wheeler. Divorce granted. $500 alimony.

906—Mary Alice Mefford vs. Jas. B. Wymond. Dismissed by agreement. Plaintiff receiving $100.

824—State of Indiana vs. Barbara Wagner. Defendant acquitted.

962—Wm. Wheeler vs. Henry Swift et al. Judgment for Plft. for costs and $10 Attys. fee.

895—Henry Schweitzer vs. Wm. Libbing.

896—Henry Hill vs. Same.

897—Henry Moxen vs. Same.

898—Chas. Creamer vs. Same.

927—Henry Bastting vs. Same. Judgment for pltfs. order for attached property to be sold.

923—William Wheeler vs. Geo. A. Matson et al. Judgment for pltfs for $180.86.

934—Wm. Wheeler vs. John Kerrigan et al. Mortgage foreclosed. Judgment $152.65.

967—Alfred O. Gould vs. John Kerrigan et al. Mortgage foreclosed. Judgment $73.65.

982—Lawrence D. Stanford vs. John Kerrigan et al. Mortgage foreclosed. Judgment $65.45.

751—Sidney L. Wilkson vs. Elizabeth A. Willson. Dismissed at pltfs costs.

976—Maria Roth by William H. Dowdell her next friend, vs. Clement W. Robertson. Decree of partition.

Aurora Dearborn Independent – 14 Oct 1875 – Page 2, Column 3


959—Robt. Elliott vs. Joseph Proctor et al. Judgment for pltf. For $310.35.

792—Rezin Johnson, administrator of Thos. Wilson’s estate, vs. B. F. Mulford, stricken from docket.

856—Abiah Hayes vs. Daniel H. Miller, dismissed at deft’s costs.

713—State of Indiana vs. Henry Rief. Defendant found guilty and sentenced to the State Prison for life.

259—Andrew A. Helfer vs. Jas. S. Smith. Judgment for Pltf.

1573—J. W. Neroman vs. Abram Hill. Taken to Ohio county on change of venue.

771—O. & M. R. W. Co. vs. Michael Tracey. Judgment against plfts for costs.

858—Smith No. Fowler vs. Ellen J. Fowler. Dismissed.

976—Maria Roth, by her next friend Wm. H. Dowdell, vs. Clement W. Robertson. Real estate sold and Com. Deed made.

989—Wm. Wheeler vs. Geo. W. Lamb et al. Judgment for Pltf for $308.25.

Aurora Dearborn Independent – 21 Oct 1875 – Page 2, Column 4


764 ½–Harriet Shepherd vs. Elias C. Canfield. Breach of promise. Dismissed at pltf’s costs.

788—State ex rel James S. Bigelow vs. Benj. F. Vail, Administrator et al. Judgment against Retainer for costs.

954—Louis Felk vs. Frank Messang et al. Judgment against deft’s for $689.77.

949—William D. Horser, Adm. de bonis non of estate of James Boatman, vs. Job Shearer. Judgment against deft for $442.10.

889—Philip Metzzar vs. Solomon Longnecke. Judgment against deft for costs.

693—Jacob P. Dunn et al vs. Jeremiah D. Skene et al. Judgment for foreclosure.

726—Emily Bromwell, Adm. of Joseph Bromwell, vs. U. S. Mail Line Company. Removed to U.S. district court.

801—Daniel C. Keeney Sr., Admin. of Daniel Keeney Jr., vs. U. S. Mail Line Company. Removed to U.S. District Court.

842—Mary A. Cheek vs. Strawder Cheek. Judgment for plaintiff.

937—City of Aurora vs. Wm. Cunningham. Judgment against deft for costs.