Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – Sep 1877

Proceedings of the September 1877 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:

Lawrenceburg Register – 30 Aug 1877 – Page 2, Column 3

Dearborn Circuit Court.

Last Friday was the last day of service for the September term of Court. The following is a complete list of cases to be disposed of at the term which convenes Monday next:

Barbara Hofreiter vs. Joseph Hofreiter. To sell property.

R T Winkley vs. E G Hayes. Damages.

Emma Z Whipple vs. Mike Whipple. Divorce.

Wm E Wiley vs. Joseph Bechtel, Admr John Nixon’s estate. To establish heirship, &c.

Thomas Bailey and Wm Griffin vs. Hamilton Conaway and Joseph Beall. Appeal.

State ex rel Alice Pate vs. Ezra Wilson. Bastardy.

Phillip Schlosser vs. Dearborn Furniture Co. Account.

Mathias Lipps vs. same Co. Receivership.

J. W. Muller vs. John Ahles. Appeal.

Greensburgh and Columbus Turnpike Co. vs. J W Galbreth. On note.

T. J. Taylor vs. Matthew Randall (1st Nat. Bank, Aurora, garnishee). Attachment.

Bonaparte Ewan vs. Wm. Shelshour and Henry Bocker. On note.

Nicholas Gillig and Catharine Gillig vs. Catharine Wind. Partition.

Bonaparte Ewan vs. Henry Bosker. On note.

Mathew Haring vs. Wm. H. Small. Appeal.

Henry Mearhauf vs. D W Marsh, Wm Ewbank and Sam Vanhorn. On note.

Ferdinand Esler vs. Louisa Esler. Divorce.

Catherine Gable and John Gable vs. Mary, George, John, Lizzie and Wolf Dennerline, Guardian, &c. Appeal.

W A Moore Admr of estate of Jas Gavin decd vs. Hezron Haynes, Mary E Haynes and S H Conger. Foreclosure.

J L McMullen vs. W H Kennedy. Appeal.

J H Burkam vs. G W Souter. Replevin and foreclosure of Chattel mortgage.

Martha Marsh vs. David Marsh. Divorce.

Wm. Seidler and F C Briddel vs. Barbara Kreitzer. Quiet title &c.

Malinda Durfee and Howard Durfee vs. Jos., Jas., and Catherine Vinson, Henry Myers, and – Myers. Foreclosure.

Michael Griffin vs. O & M R W Co. Damages.

Center Tp vs. H D McMullen. Appeal.

Wm W Chisman vs. Dearborn Furniture Co., Pierre Jaquot and others. On note.

Amor Bruce and Adam Bruce vs. same company, Pierre Jaquot and others. On note.

Geo Ragsdale vs. North Hogan Gravel Road Co. and Chas. Elder. Injunction.

John Schwartz vs. City of Law’bgh and Myron H Harding, F. R. Dorman, Isaac Hayes, Sam L Yourtee and J P Thompson. For injunction &c.

Wm and Jas Brewington, Emaline and Mary Hisey vs. Johnathan and Elizabeth Wilson. Foreclosure.

Jacob Kirsh vs. C C Miller. Foreclosure. Dismissed.

Wm T Pate and S Q Howe vs. J W and Thos. Gaff. On account.

Mary Hunt vs. Geo Phillips and J F Trulock. Appeal.

Rhoda A Banta vs. Thos Mason. On account.

Eliza Ragsdale vs. Charles Elder and North Hogan Gravel Road Co. Replevin.

T W Kestner and many others vs. Dearborn Furniture Co. and many others. Foreclosure.

Martha Corcoran vs. Mary Corcoran. To set aside deed.

Mary Tracy vs. James and Mary Ferrin; Board Co Com and many others. Foreclosure.

J P Walker vs. Isaac Busby. Appeal. (Dismissed.)

Sarah E and G C Edwards vs. Emily J Brevoort et al. Partition.

Hartford Fire Ins Co vs. G W Souter, J F Vaughan, and J H Burkam. On note.

Delia Morose vs. Chas Mrose. Divorce.

G A Kastner vs. Kosmus and Josephine Frederick and Nicholas Oester. Foreclosure.

Wm E Owens by his guardian G W Walston vs. J E Walston, Annie M and G W Walston. Partition.

State ex rel Annie Collier vs. W H Baker. Bastardy.

State ex rel Eliza J Johnson vs. Frank Langley. Bastardy.

E G Hayes and Warren West, special Adms of estate of Jos Hayes decd vs. Hayden H Miller and J H Burkam Adms of Anthony Halverstadts estate. On note.

E P Elliot vs. Wm E Gibson, T & J W Gaff, and J R Hayes. On replevin bond.

Wm H Dunn vs. Harriet Dunn and many others. To set aside will of Isaac Dunn decd.

John Cobb vs. Basil N McHenry, Adam Herdigan, Jacob Peters, Chas. Bauer and Nathan Steadman. On agreement.

Mary E Wilson vs. Eva, C H and Wm D Wilson et als. Partition.

Wm H Gray vs. G W Souter. For possession of real estate.

Henry Shuter vs. Abram Lozier, Columbus Johnson et als. “Quo warranto.”

Maggie C Pate vs. Clarissa Daniels and Alfred M Pate. For personal property.

S S Harding vs. Jacob Rodmoker. On note.

Sarah Johnson vs. F M Johnson and others. Partition.

Jacob Kline vs. Marsh & Ewbank, and Sallie Marsh. On note $500.

Sohn, Frank and Geo Hoffman vs. Mary M Hoffman. Foreclosure.

Wm D Horner, Adm’r &c Charlotte Souders estate vs. George Edmons. Amount $500.

Job Miller vs. Nancy Hayes and husband, Lewis Hayes and Nancy Hayes Sr. Foreclosure $2500.

Louis Ellerbrook vs. J F Ellerbrook. Notes $800.

Wm D Horner Admr &c vs. F Sounders. Unlawful converting money to his own use. Demand $300.

Fred Slater guardn &c vs. J C Martin and Abiah Hayes. On note $600.

Louis M Foulk and Hiram Cox vs. Sarah Phalin et als. To quiet title.

H D McMullen vs. John Jackson et al. Foreclosure.

Harriet Bath Exr &c. of will of Nicholas Bath decd vs. Henry Roll. On note $550.

Nathaniel Elliot vs. Chris Ahnefield. Note $223.

G B Fitch guardn of Jane E Hayes vs. Ezra and Abbie Guard and Isaac Hayes. Foreclosure $850.

Jno Walker vs. Jos Sassman et als. On note.

S D Langtree et al vs. Richard Hubbart et al. Foreclosure.

M E Ingalls Receiver of I C & L R R Co vs. Edgar Bramwell et als. On bond.

1st Nat Bank of Lawbgh Ind vs. Crist Wesler et als. On note.

Jno Hoffman et als vs. Mary M Hoffman.

Simon Bartholome vs. Sam Freeman. Foreclosure.

Jas Walser and H D McMullen vs. The Pres’t and Directors of the Lawbgh and Napoleon Turnpike Co., W H Baker, Z T Baker, A E Nowlin, M K Goodrich, and Wm Hill. For Receivers &c.

Chas Niebrugge vs. Fred Kessler. Damages.

Gen S Jaquith, Eph Butterfield vs. Henry Ruble, Nath’l Elliott and Oron Smith. To satisfy by Mortgage.

Jno Bush vs. Elizabeth R Bush. Divorce.

H D McMullen and Richard Gregg vs. Wm H Small. Appeal.

Wm Brewington vs. Johnathan Wilson. Appeal.

Elizabeth Gage and Maria P Gage vs. Wm Burk et als. Foreclosure.

The I C & L R R Co and the W W V Canal Co vs. Job Miller. For possession of real estate.

W H Baker vs. The Lawbgh and Napoleon Turnpike Co. On note.

State of Indiana on relation of G S Green and Emma J Green vs. Rich’d Hubbart and Wm S Holman. On Guardians bond.

City of Lawbgh vs. Alex Beckman et als. On bond.

Strawder Cheek vs. the Board of Commissioners of Dearborn Co. Ind. On order.

Jno Billingsley vs. the O & M R W Co. Damages.

Wm Wheeler vs. D C Fitch and Leah Fitch. Partition.

Wm Wheeler vs. Ann B Rudolph. Complaint for new trial.

S F Fox et als vs. the City of Aurora and Thos Chisman. Damages.

Aurora Loan & Building Association vs. Margaretha E Nieman, H F Nieman. Foreclosure.

Johannes Rueckert vs. Austin Trueck. Breach of warranty.

Rudolph Wurlitzer and Anton Wurlitzer vs. G M Mayer. On account.

Jas Burk vs. Sally Truitt. On note.

Catherine Rupp vs. Elizabeth Rupp. Damages.



Isaac Dunn, J P Dunn Jr. and others vs. Geo Tousey Exr of the will of Isaac Dunn decd. On account $40,000.

Same vs. same. On account $40,000.

Same vs. same. On account $40,000.

Mary E Scholle et als vs. Chas Ruhlman, Admr of Frederick Scholl’s estate. Note $972.

Geo Pfalzgraf & Bro vs. Joseph H Burkam Admr of A Halverstadt’s estate. On account $27.45.

J R Gardner et als vs. J P Walker Admr of Sarah Killenes’ estate. On bond $1,000.

G W Taylor vs. J P Walker Admr Sarah Killenes’ estate. On account $15.

Wm T Dav vs. same estate. On account $30.

Tebbs Bros vs. G B Fitch Admr Frank Skeleton. On account $6.25.

Gatch & Miller vs. same. On account $17.

Wm. Day vs. Mary Howard Admx Ben Howard. On account $15.

Louis Weitzel et als vs. E G Hayes and Warren West special Amdrs of Jos Hayes’ estate. On account $14.50.

Lou Weitzel et als E G Hayes, Warren West special adms Jos Hayes’ estate. Costs $318.45.



State ex rel Leo Kupferschmid vs. George Wright. Surety of the peace.

State vs. Frank Skeleton. Carrying concealed weapon.

State vs. same. Assault with intent to kill.

State vs. Jane Chaney. Fornication.

State vs. Tom Farrel. Assault with intent to kill.

State vs. Hiram McFarland and Lorenzo Jones. Burglary and grand larceny. Three cases.

State vs. Edgar Bramwell. Embezzlement.

State vs. S N Fowler. Fornication.

State vs. Geo Rouse. Petit larceny.

State ex rel Anna M Borman vs. J T Borman. Surety of the peace.

State vs. Wm R and Robt McConnell. Assault and battery.

State vs. Jas Harrison. Petit larceny.

State vs. Tom Croxton. Assault and battery.

State vs. John Cooper. Petit larceny.

State vs. Caroline Toelke. Assault and battery.

State vs. L H Bruce. Obstructing highway.

State vs. John Henderson. Assault and bat’y.

State vs. Margaret Kleffner. Assault and bat’y.

State vs. Fred Kriete. Provoke.

State vs. Jno Parks. Obstructing highway. Appeal.

Lawrenceburg Register – 6 Sep 1877 – Page 3, Column 5

Circuit Court.

Court convened on Monday with Hon. Addison Williams presiding as Judge pro tem. A venire was issued for the Grand Jury to appear on Thursday. The following are the members thereof: Frederic Ginter, Jacob Gaffga, Lawrence Kappes, Charles Libbert, Chris Smith and Jas. Walser.

J P Walker vs. Isaac Busby. Plaintiff dismisses at his own cost.

On Tuesday Judge Roberts was on hand and since has disposed of the following cases:

Louis Ellerbrook vs. J T Ellerbrook. Judgment against defendant for $513 and costs.

Harriet Bath Executor &c. vs. Henry Roll. Judgment against defendant for $384.05 and costs.

Wm Moore admx &c. vs. Hezron Haynes et als. Judgment against defendant for $759.50 and costs.

Lawrenceburg Register – 20 Sep 1877 – Page 2, Column 3

Circuit Court.

Malinda Durfee et al vs. Jas Vinson. Judgment vs. defendants for $532 and costs.

J J Hauck vs. Louis Stine. Judgment vs. Plaintiff for costs.

Aultman & Taylor Manufacturing Co. vs. George Farran. Stricken from the docket.

Delannah Cordry vs. J. C. Martin. Judgment vs defendant for $257.25.

Ezra Hayes administrator Joseph and Nancy Hayes vs. Hayden Miller et als. Judgt vs defts for $375.50.

J Burk vs. Sally Truitt. Judgt vs deft for $519.75.

Partition of real estate in case of W E Owens vs. Geo Walston et als was granted and A R Bruce appointed to sell same.

Maggie Pate vs. Marion Pate et al. Judgt vs pltf for costs. Change of venue to Ripley Co.

The grand jury after being in session for two days returned eight indictments and were discharged.

State vs. Margaret Cleffner. A & B. Pleads guilty. Fined $10 and costs.

State vs. W R McConnell et al. Dismissed.

State vs. Fred Kriete. Provoke. Trial by jury. Fined one cent and costs.

State vs. Henry Engelking, disturbing meeting. Pleads guilty and is fined $5.

State vs. Thos Croxton. Dismissed.

Chas Bauer vs. Jas Walser. Judgt vs deft for $376.75.

J J Hauck admr Lorenz Roesch was granted permission to sell real estate belonging to decedent, situate in Newton.

Robt Whiteford admr Rachael Whiteford and A Ritze admr of P Hergeurather made final reports of their respective trials.

The following cases were continued until next term of court:

  • Mary Lowe et al vs. Rachel Blynard et al.
  • Ex parte Sarah Smith et als, J R Speer et al vs. Ben Harrison et al.
  • Margaret Beard et al vs. Elizabeth Hannegan et al.
  • Omer Ludlow grdn &c. vs. James Muir.
  • J D Morgan vs. Alpha Morgan.

Alice Pate vs. Ezra Wilson, bastardy. Judgt vs deft for $1000 and costs.

Martin Corcoran vs. Mary Corcoran. Dismissed.

State vs. Landa Bruce, obstructing highway. Fined one cent and costs.

State vs. John Cooper, petit larceny. Acquitted.

R T Winkley vs. Ezra Hayes. Judgt vs pltf for costs.

W M Wheeler vs. Lytle Parks, Judgmt vs pltf for $50.00.

Lawrenceburg Register – 11 Oct 1877 – Page 3, Column 3

Dearborn Circuit Court.

John Schwartz was allowed the sum of $55 for services as Special Judge in the cause of the State vs. Fowler.

F. W. Baker vs. Wm. E. Gibson. Judgment against plaintiff.

State vs. Wm. Davis. Distributing religious meeting. Bound over until next term of Court.

Ersnt Meyer vs. John B. Vail et al. Judgment against defendants for $93.

Joseph H. Hayes vs. Isaac Stevens et al. Judgment against defendants for $134.

State vs. Landa H. Bruce. Fined one cent.

Frank Lange vs. The Board of Commissioners. Judgment against defendants for $65.

State vs. Edgar Bramwell. Embezzlement. It being made to appear that the indictment was not signed by the Prosecuting Attorney, the jury and defendant were discharged.

S. S. Harding vs. J. Rodmacker. Judgment against defendant for $134.

James McKinney vs. Enoch H. Miller. Judgment against defendant for $502.86.

Wm. S. Bridwell was appointed Administrator of the estate of Mary Helphenstine.

Watts O. Liddell was appointed Administrator of the estate of John B. Liddell.

Lawrenceburg Register – 25 Oct 1877 – Page 3, Column 4

Circuit Court.

George Walston, guardian of Wm E Owens vs. Joseph Walston et als, Amos Bruce, commissioner, to sell the real estate herein, reported the sale of same to Parks & Stapp for $635, and was discharged as such commissioner.

Lydia Webster vs. Abraham Bebinger. Suit for possession of real estate. Judgment in favor of defendant.

George B Fitch, guardian of Jane E Hayes, vs. Ezra Guard. Judgment against defendant for $738.

Wm. Kastner et als vs. The Dearborn Furniture Co. et als. Judgment against defendants for the following sums, and against the following persons: Joseph Bechtel, George Beckenhold, Wm. Bastner, Mary Gass, John Loose, G. Baumgartner, P. L. Matheus, Ulrich Pauyler, L. Kupferschmidt, F. Lange.

Walford Daughters vs. Andrew P Daughters. Judgment against each for one half of costs.

Louis Bihr vs. John Knutz. Judgment against defendant for $99.45.

Ernst Meyer vs. Mary A Vail et al. Judgment against defendant for $88.

Thomas Bailey et al vs. Hamilton Conaway et al. Judgment against plaintiff for costs.

H D McMullen vs. John Jackson et al. Judgment against defendant for $77.67.

David Stapp vs. Wm W Mead. Judgment against defendant for $77.67.

Enoch Miller vs. James McKinney. Verdict for defendant.

Geo P Seekatz vs. Ezra Guard. Judgment against defendant for $56.95.

John D Parks vs. Jacob Schenck. Judgment against defendant for $281.

Wm E Wiley vs. John Nixon’s estate. Judgment against plaintiff for costs.

F W Becker vs. Wm E Gibson. Judgment against defendant for costs.

T J Taylor vs. Matthew Randall. Judgment against defendant for $135.

Ferdinand Esler vs. Louisa Esler. Judgment against plaintiff for costs.

Martha Marsh vs. David Marsh. Judgment against plaintiff for costs.

Wm S Bridwell has been appointed administrator of the Estate of Mary A. Helphenstein, deceased.

Heber D Haynes has been appointed guardian of Anthony Halberstadt’s heirs.

Estate of Mary A Mundary vs. estate of Paulus Nenrohr. Judgment against defendant for $160.50.

Hamilton Conway appointed guardian of Lucretia A Pate.

Guardianship of Rupert Rogers. Guardian submits final report.

Guardianship of Sarah D Franklin, person of unsound mind. Guardian ordered to roof building.

Aurora Loan and Building Association vs. Margaretha Nieman. Judgment against defendants for $404.76.

N S Givan vs. Enoch H Miller. Judgment against defendant for $435.

Jamet L McMullen vs. Wm H Kennedy. The jury found for the defendant.

Sarah E Edmonds et als vs. Emily J Brevoort. Partition granted. Geo M Roberts appointed commissioner.

Nancy Guard makes final report as administratrix of Levi Guard, and is discharged.

Eliza Ragsdale vs. Charles Elder et al. Judgment against plaintiff for costs.

State ex rel Eliza Jane Johnson vs. Frank Langley. Bastardy. Judgment against defendant for $300.

Elizabeth Jane Johnson vs. Frank Langley; for breach of promise. Judgment against defendant for $50.

R D Brown, administrator of John Hamilton, deceased, made final report of his trust and was discharged.

Joe S Beckett makes final report as administrator of John W Nixon, and is discharged.

Geo B Fitch was appointed administrator, with Will annexed, of the estate of John Krawder.

Lawrenceburg Register – 1 Nov 1877 – Page 4, Column 3

Circuit Court.

Wm. Brewington et al vs. Jonathan Wilson. Judgment vs. defendant for $100.

Agnes Frederick vs. Urban Brehler. Judgment vs. defendant for $115.46 and costs.

Wm. Siedler et al vs. Barbara Kreitzer. Suit for ejectment. Verdict in favor of defendant.

It was ordered the petit jury for the next term of court be summoned to appear on the first Tuesday of the term.

State ex rel Ann Collier vs. Wm. H. Baker. Bastardy. The relatrix failing to appear the defendant is dismissed and judgment rendered against plaintiff.

Wm. H. Gray vs. George W. Souter. Judgment vs. defendant for $345.

First National Bank of Lawrenceburgh vs. Chris. Wesler et als. Judgment vs. defendants for $334.

The A. C. R. R. Co. vs. Job Miller. Complaint on injunction, etc., demand $10,000. Job Miller having given a deed to the plaintiffs for certain real estate and right of way in consideration of which they dismiss this action.

G. & C. Turnpike Co. vs. Jos. W. Galbraith. Judgment vs. defendant for $281.

John W. Ewbank vs. D. W. Marsh. Plaintiff ordered to take possession of the personal property and collect all monies due the firm of Marsh & Ewbank.

Simon Bartholome vs. Samuel Freeman. Foreclosure and judgment vs. defendant for $33.

Administrator of estate of George Ludlow vs. Jennie L. Ludlow Hazelwood. Judgment vs. defendant for $1008.

State vs. James Walser. Provoke. Pleads guilty and fined $1.

Hugh McMullen et al vs. Wm. H. Small. Judgment vs. defendant for $93.50.

State vs. Elizabeth Junker and Michael Rupp. Fornication. Each bound over in the sum of $500 to appear at next term of court. Elizabeth Junker surety. Mike Rupp having been defaulted and his recognizance, John B. Garnier, also defaulting. The bond for his appearance is forfeited unto the state for $500.

State vs. Edgar Bramwell. The defendant and his recognizance bail defaulting his bail is forfeited, $2000, unto the State.

M. Maroney vs. Lawrence Dailey et al. Judgment vs. defendant for $195.

State vs. Bramwell. Bound over in the sum of $2000. J. Adkinson and Warren Francisco, securities.

Court adjourned last Saturday. In a term of forty eight days 177 cases were disposed of, as follows; criminal, 22; probate, 36; common law, 141. By special order of the court the following causes are set down for trial during the first week of the November term, which convenes Monday, November 19th:

Tuesday, November 20th: Mayhew et al vs. Bradley et al; Dowdell vs. Dobell; Frederick vs. Frederick et al; Bradford Mill Company vs. Frederick et al; Criswell vs. Epstein et al.

Thursday, November 22d: Guman vs. Epstein et al; Zurmruhler vs. Bookhorst; Bonta vs. Mason; Ragsdell vs. Elder et al; Foulk et al vs. Phalin et als; Walker vs. Sassaman et als; Smith vs. Stenger et al.