Dearborn County Commissioners Allowances – Dec 1879

Allowances of the December 1879 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 25 Dec 1879 – Page 4, Column 3

The following is a list of allowances by the County Commissioners of Dearborn county, Indiana, at the session named, and ordered to be published in the Register, as having the largest circulation in said county:

December Session, 1879.



  • Mrs. Lucind Acre, for 3 months
  • T M Scudder, coffin and box Frank Hoover
  • J W E Hartley, groceries Elizabeth Evans
  • John Hall, 1 quarters allowance
  • J C Vandolah, goods for F. Hoover
  • J C Vandolah, goods for Thos Acres
  • J C Vandolah, goods for J. Fleming
  • J C Vandolah, goods for Mrs. Losure
  • J C Vandolah, goods for Mrs. B. Spangler
  • J C Vandolah, goods Mrs. H Hoover
  • J C Vandolah, goods H McFarland
  • J C Vandolah, goods for Mrs. Ewing


  • F M Jackson, Trustee, overseeing poor, and cash paid on ac’t same


  • Simon Miller, poor, for 1 quarter


  • Dr. W H Dunn, 6 months medical attention to poor of Hogan tp


  • Philip Weis, flour and meal to poor by order of Trustee
  • Christian Roberts, 9 mos. house rent for Michael Mathias, poor person


  • W C Crocker, goods to Mrs. Faucet
  • W C Crocker, goods to Mrs. Laybourn
  • Mary Mahood, poor person, 3 mos.


  • Dr. H H Sutton, medical attendance on poor


  • H B Gault, goods for Isaac Davis, for 3 months
  • Nathan Todd, 3 months house rent for Mrs. Smith
  • Samuel Nelson, 3 mos. allowance
  • Ellen McMahon, 3 mos. allowance
  • Mary Stevenson, for keeping Mrs. Bowen, 3 months
  • B F Draper, goods for Alice Vinson
  • B F Draper, for Elizabeth Smith
  • B F Draper, for Mrs. Dele Cole
  • B F Draper, for Johnson Knapp


  • Philip Kastner to Adam Senger
  • Philip Kastner to Mrs. Ehmans
  • Langtree & Haynes to Thos Tracy
  • Langtree & Haynes to Mrs. Hudson
  • Henry Wood to Mrs. Duncan
  • Henry Wood to Billingsly
  • Jacob Peters, coffin and box for George Matson
  • Mrs. A. Earle, goods to Miss Ross
  • Simon Siemental to John Melson
  • Simon Siemental to Mrs. Maul
  • Herdegen & Kress to Mrs. Yagge
  • Herdegen & Kress to Mrs. Thomas
  • Herdegen & Kress to Mrs. Smith
  • Herdegen & Kress to M. Lielschge
  • A Bloom & Bro. to Mrs. E Moran
  • A Bloom & Bro. to Mrs. Blasdell
  • Peter Koehler to Mrs. B Drester
  • Peter Koehler to Mrs. Shumager
  • M Pelgen to Mrs. A Schipper
  • M Pelgen to Mrs. Winscott
  • M Pelgen to Mrs. Robinson
  • M Pelgen to Mrs. Carolines
  • M Pelgen to Mrs. Wengel
  • A Lozier to Mrs. Schwertfiger, 6 mo.
  • P Dobel to Wm Lickey
  • P Dobel to Mrs. Moran
  • P Dobel to Wm Brown
  • P Dobel to Mrs. Sterling
  • P Dobel to Frank Sopris
  • P Dobel to Mrs. Thompson
  • P Dobel to Mrs. A Kerrigan
  • P Dobel to Mrs. Hulskamp
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co. to Mrs. Vidito
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co. to Mrs. Bussell
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co. to Mrs. Jehu
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co. to Mrs. Teany
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co. to Wm Powell
  • John A Nees to Mrs. E Luhu
  • Fred Housemier to Mrs. Clark
  • Herman Rabe to Mrs. Hauck
  • Herman Rabe to Mrs. Weishaar
  • F Opperman to John Kerrigan
  • F Opperman to Thos. Hughes
  • F Opperman to Mary Balar
  • F Opperman to Kate Murphy
  • F Opperman to Mary Burk
  • G W Mauntel, digging grave for G W Whitaker
  • Sarah Greeley, goods for 3 mos. and house rent 3 mos. for Mrs. Stivers
  • Geo. Taylor for attending funeral and transportation to County Asylum and Burlington, Ky.
  • Jacob Peters, 2 coffins for poor
  • Laura Robinson, temporary relief
  • Mrs. Billingsly, temporary relief
  • Michael Maloney, Trustee, for cash paid for temporary relief of poor and transportation for same


  • Mrs. D Deuchle to Mrs. Donner, 3 mo.
  • James Burk, wood for Hass, Mrs. Wiley and Mrs. Williams
  • Moore & Spooner to Mrs. Douglas
  • J F Hammerle & Co. to C. Flanagan, 13 weeks
  • Julius Currus to Mrs. Elizabeth Hay, 4 weeks
  • J Currus to Mrs. Roberts, 20 weeks
  • J Currus to Mrs. Hornerth, 12 wks.
  • J Currus to L Baily
  • J Currus to Mr. Jammer
  • J Currus to Mrs. Armald
  • Sparks Bros. to Mrs. Tilford
  • Sparks Bros. to Mrs. Susan Loey
  • Isaac Stevens to Mrs. Ray, 25 wks.
  • Chas Israel to Mrs. Emerson
  • Chas Israel to Mrs. Grasty
  • Chas Israel to Mrs. Diggs
  • Chas Israel to S A Martin
  • Chas Israel to Mrs. Marsh
  • Wm J Fitch to Margaret Bruce
  • Wm J Fitch to Mrs. Williams
  • H R Helmuth to Mrs. Williams
  • W H Jordan, medicines for poor
  • A Schneider, shoes for F Pernell
  • D Northern, 3 mos. rent for Mrs. Roberts
  • D Northern, 1 mo. rent for Mrs. Williams
  • Ernst Schroeder, 3 months rent for Mrs. Rieg
  • Isaac Hayes, 3 months rent for Mrs. Howard
  • Edward Gilland, 3 months rent for Mrs. L Williams
  • Catharine Kroh, 3 months support of Catharine Glickner
  • A Kiser, groceries and house rent for Mrs. J Weis
  • John Huth, 3 months rent for Mrs. West
  • Daniel Chidester, 3 months rent for Mrs. George Nevitt
  • Daniel Chidester, 3 months rent for Mrs. H Carr
  • N Gillig, 3 mos. rent for Mrs. Knorr
  • N Gillig, 3 mos. rent for Mrs. Douglas
  • N Gillig, 3 mos. rent for Mrs. Kinney
  • Renner & Lang, coal for poor
  • E Sunderbrook, 1 mos. rent for Mrs. Balinger
  • H S Miller, 2 months rent for Mrs. Balinger
  • Christ Roehmer, 1 months rent for Mrs. L Smith
  • Hiram Clark, 2 months rent for Mrs. Carter
  • A Kaiser, 2 mos. rent for Mrs. Smith
  • Indiana Cram, 9 months rent for Mrs. Ray
  • Dr. J P Green, medical services to the poor
  • L Kohlerman, for coffin and burial expenses of J Weis
  • Gatch & Miller, medical services to poor
  • G Renner, Trustee, cash paid for transporting poor outside of county


  • James Burk, for lime and salt
  • Edward Greenham, 3 months work
  • Peter Bidner, making 4 bbls cider
  • Thos Duncan, for cash paid sundries
  • Thos Duncan, 4 doz fruit cans
  • Thos Duncan, salary for 3 months
  • Samuel L Claspell, for harness
  • Annie Korf, 11 weeks work
  • A Schneider, for making shoes
  • John Ketchum, for 89 gals. Molasses
  • Wm Rummel, for work
  • Joseph Morton, for 20 bus. Turnips
  • Christian Elker, for one coffin
  • W H Jordan, for drugs
  • F Slater, for merchandise
  • W F Crocker, for merchandise
  • W H Murdock, 4,000 lbs bone dust
  • J L McMullen, for beef


  • Warren Tebbs, Clerk, for postage stamps and expressage
  • W B Buford, for book
  • W H Kyle, for postage stamps for Auditor, County Supt and cash advanced for sundries
  • H Fitch, for horse-hire
  • Alex Pattison, cash paid for stamps and expressage


  • I B Ward, for lumber
  • Nicholas Voglesang, balance for making fill
  • James Burk, for lime


  • John Stark, for removing timber


  • James McClure, for repairing floor


  • Martin Tittle, work and materials, and repairing Jail
  • W H Jordan, sundries for Jail and Court House
  • W C Christopher, work at Jail
  • W J Fitch, for matches and candles
  • Renner & Lang, for coal
  • Law’bgh Gas Co., gas for 3 months


  • Ledger-Standard Co.


  • H B Hill, salary to Dec. 8th
  • Joseph White, services as Janitor


  • Hunter & O’Brien, notices to Trustees, Commissioners Allowances, Tax Levy Notices and Coroner’s Inquests
  • W L Cobb, 500 Notices to borrowers of school funds


  • J S Doman & Co., goods to M Deucheimer
  • Jacob Sefton, keeping insane person 13 weeks


  • Michael Hoff, Commissioner
  • Abram Briggs, Commissioner
  • F Slater, Commissioner
  • Alex B Pattison, Auditor
  • W H Kyle, Treasurer


  • Wm Glardon, making deed &c.
  • Anthony Witt, for land
  • A Tyrrel, 2 days as road viewer
  • Wm McKinstry, 2 days as road viewer
  • B Bruce, 2 days as road viewer
  • B Connelly, 2 days as road viewer
  • J Buchert, 2 days as road viewer
  • J H Albero, 2 days as road viewer
  • W Connelly, 3 days as road viewer
  • J Carpenter, 3 days as road viewer
  • D Powell, 4 days as road viewer
  • J S Beckett, 2 days as road viewer
  • H Abbott, 2 days as road viewer
  • E Bennett, 2 days as road viewer
  • Geo A Swales, 2 days as road viewer
  • John A Cole, 3 days as road viewer
  • Geo A Hudson, 3 days as road viewer


  • Hugh Huston, for erroneous tax pd
  • B N McHenry, for erroneous tax pd
  • John Twentyman, for erroneous tax pd
  • Sophia Ziegenlien, for erroneous tax pd