Dearborn County Commissioners Allowances – Dec 1882

Allowances of the December 1882 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 11 Jan 1883 – Page 2, Column 6

Made by the Board of Commissioners of Dearborn county, Ind., at their Dec. session, 1882, and ordered to be published in the Register, as having the largest circulation in said county.

Expense of Poor, Lawrenceburg Tp.

  • J M Palmer, board for pauper
  • W H Jordan, medicines for poor
  • Tebbs Bros, groceries, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Holden
  • Warren Tebbs, house rent, Mrs. Williams
  • Chas Israel, groceries, Mrs. Moran, Mrs. Ruby, Mrs. Beach, Mrs. Squires, Mrs. Eads
  • J McGranahan, groceries, Mrs. Carter, Mrs. Jones (colored)
  • John Palmer, board, Albert Rouse
  • Ernest Meyer, groceries, Mary Schutz
  • G Schleicher, groceries, Mrs. Parsons, Mary Morgan, Emma Clark, Emma Kirsch
  • Mrs. Wm Fitch, groceries, Mrs. Bruce, Mrs. Dorn, Mrs. Tilford
  • J B Garnier, house rent, H Sterling
  • Squire Watts, house rent, Jane Howard
  • L C Kohlerman, funeral exp, Mrs. Sullivan
  • D Northern, house rent, Mrs. Howard, Mrs. Roberts
  • G Renner, coal, Mrs. Bruce, Mrs. Symnes, Mrs. J Junker, Mrs. E Dorn, Sterling Martin, Mrs. Schutz
  • G Beckenholdt & Co., coal, Mrs. Arnold, Mrs. Tilford, Mrs. Farrell
  • Wm Burk, groceries, Mrs. McAdams, R Cooper, Alice Holden, Mrs. Farrell
  • N Gillig, house rent, Mrs. Knorr, Mrs. Kinney
  • Geo Meyer, house rent, Louisa Schmidt
  • C Scherger, house rent, Mrs. Reig
  • Sparks Bros, groceries, Mrs. Howard, S Richards, Mrs. Beach
  • J S Dorman, house rent and dry goods, Mrs. Eads
  • Jacob Anderson, groceries, Mrs. Kaiser
  • E Gilland, house rent, Mrs. Williamson
  • G Buschard, house rent, Sarah Bennett
  • Mrs. J J Hauck, house rent
  • Peter Emmert, house rent, Mrs. Kaiffer
  • A Schneider, pair shoes, Mrs. Tilford
  • B P Heustis, house rent, Jos Cooper
  • H R Helmuth, groceries, Mrs. Williamson
  • Han Marshall, house rent, Mrs. Junker
  • Mary Stack, regular allowance

Expense of Poor, Centre Township.

  • Mrs. L Acre, regular allowance
  • Mrs. A Ramsey, reg allow care K Murphy
  • John A Nees, groceries, Mrs. L Mitchell, Mrs. Marsh, Mrs. E Painter, Mrs. Stivers, Mrs. Bitner, B H Lounster; board while sick, A Kerrigan; meals, transient paupers
  • Simon Siemantle, groceries, Mrs. Watkins, W McCartney
  • A Bloom, groceries, Mrs. Blasdell, H A Moran
  • J C Green, groceries, Mrs. Walsh, Mrs. Brunner, Mrs. Marsh
  • Tebbs, Brogan & Co., groceries, Mrs. Cofield, Mrs. Cook
  • P Koehler, groceries, Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Berns
  • B Marglieth, groceries, Mrs. M Cook, Mrs. H Bittner
  • F Housemeyer, groceries, J Goodpasture
  • R Maybin, groceries, Mrs. Powers, Mrs. Campbell
  • H Haring, coffin, Jane Howard
  • H Giegoldt, boarding, J Connor and wife
  • Herman Rube, groceries, Mrs. Wieshart, Mrs. Hudson, Mrs. Melson
  • T Wright & Son, groceries, Mrs. Schenck, Mrs. Vincent
  • Fred Kriete, groceries, Mrs. J Kerrigan, Mrs. Sieber, Mrs. Maha
  • Mrs. Felgen, groceries, Mrs. Rea, Mrs. Winscott, Mrs. Wengel, Mrs. Garrison, Mrs. Mitchell, Mrs. Shank, Mrs. Acre
  • F Opperman, groceries, Mrs. T Hughes, Mrs. Mahoney, Mrs. M Kerrigan, Mrs. Welch
  • Phil Kastner, groceries, J Simmons, A Senger, Mrs. Farrell, Mrs. Gray
  • Chas Fehling, groceries, Mrs. H Redding, Mrs. Hauck, Mrs. Shipper
  • F Mantle, coffin, Chas Harrell
  • McConnell & McAvoy, dry goods, poor
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co., groceries, Mrs. Bussell, Mrs. Teaney, Mrs. Jehen, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. S Vitedo
  • C C Goldsmith & Bro., boots, J Carbaugh
  • J M Wheeler, groceries, G Hopping, Mrs. Kerrigan
  • Phil Earl, groceries, Mrs. Ross
  • F Rectanus, paid out for poor, etc.
  • Herdegen & Krees, groceries, Eliza Walker, Mrs. V Sickles
  • Henry Wood, groceries, Alex Criswell, Lothrige, Mrs. J[?]oush; coal, Mrs. Acre, H Moran; groceries, Mrs. James, Mrs. Vinson; coal, Mrs. Powers, Mrs. Kerrigan
  • Randall & Carter, groceries, Mrs. Bush, R Stiver, Mrs. Dehm
  • Mrs. E Brewington, house rent, Mrs. Smith
  • John Ryan, house rent, Mrs. Bolar
  • John Full, house rent, Mrs. Ross
  • Patrick Dobel, groceries, Wm Brown, Mrs. Tracy, Mrs. Bowler, Mrs. True, Winnie Carlin

Expense of Poor, Clay Township.

  • Mrs. Jane Shepard, regular allowance
  • R Smith, case of Higgin children
  • Benj Bine, meat for poor
  • Mrs. Zeigenbein, groceries, Betsy Spangler
  • Fred Tholka, groceries, Elisa Evans
  • J C Vandolah, groceries, Thos Acre, Han McFarland, Minnie Love, Fannie Liesure, Mrs. Peasly, special orders
  • W W Withrow, groceries, Han Ewing, Mary Johnson
  • Dr. F H Sales, physician to poor

Expense of Poor, Sparta Township.

  • Jennings & Noble, groceries, Alice Vincent
  • H D Moore, groceries, Isaac Davis
  • Fred Slater, groceries, Mrs. Meyers
  • Fred Homan, groceries, John Border, J Bradley
  • Ellen Mack, regular allowance
  • A J Bowers, salary, physician

Expense of Poor, Hogan Township.

  • B P Boardman, groceries,
  • Dr. Dunn, salary as physician

Expense of Poor, Kelso Township.

  • Mrs. Caroline Smith, regular allowance
  • Susanna Werst, groceries, M Mathews
  • Henry Fangman, cash paid & overseeing
  • P Weis, flour, Mike Mathews

Expense of Poor, Jackson Township.

  • M Schwetzer, groceries, Mrs. J Loeffer

Expense of Poor, Manchester Township.

  • W F Crocker, groceries, Wm Layborn
  • Dr. T M Kyle, salary, physician

Expense of Poor, York Township.

  • [illegible]
  • Simon Miller, care of idiot son

Expense of County Asylum.

  • Lizzie Manlief, labor
  • Geo Ruble, labor
  • Louis Hoff, labor
  • Phoebe Gettle, labor
  • Benj Murray, labor
  • Sebastian Greenham, pork
  • W H Jordan, medicine
  • Christ & Oelker, coffin
  • Tebbs, Brogan & Co., timothy seed
  • Thos Duncan, paid for sundries, salary as supt
  • Charlotte Duncan, salary as matron
  • L and N Turnpike Co., toll
  • W Limkiler, blacksmithing
  • Louis Drake, pork
  • David Perlee, blacksmithing
  • Michael Keen, pork
  • Tebbs Bros., groceries
  • W F Crocker
  • E A Hillman, dishes
  • C C Goldsmith, boots and dry goods

Expense of Bridges.

  • J H Burkham, lumber, Guilford bridge
  • Z Arnold, lumber, work, Harrison bridge

Books and Stationery.

  • Indianapolis Sentinel Co.
  • Indianapolis Journal Co.
  • Wm B Burford
  • Martin Kiefer
  • S V Sanger

Officers Salaries.

  • J D Gatch, treasurer
  • Alex B Pattison, auditor
  • T T Annis, commissioner
  • Henry Bulthaup, commissioner
  • John Buchert, commissioner

Specific Allowance.

  • D H Miller, hauling furniture, etc.
  • Warren Tebbs, postage, etc.
  • S E Larimer, Press subscription
  • J D Gatch, postage, expressage, etc.

Roads and Highways.

  • J C Sims, sheriff, notifying viewers
  • David Hopper, road viewer
  • J McKinney, road viewer
  • Geo Nevitt, road viewer
  • J Spuck, road viewer
  • G E Kolb, road viewer

County Revenue.

  • Cath Lang, unpaid fees, due F Lang, dec.
  • Chas Loads, unpaid fees


  • Hunter & O’Brien, bill rendered
  • L W Cobb, bill rendered

County Superintendent.

  • H B Hill, salary, paid for postage

Board of Health.

  • W Tebbs, fees for certified copies of records


  • J C Sims, boarding prisoners

Court Expenses.

  • J C Sims, summoning jurors and jury com

Expense of Public Buildings.

  • W H Jordan, sundries for court h & jail
  • Sparks Bros, buckets, brooms, etc.
  • J C Sims, cash paid for sundries
  • C A Hitzfield, repairs on jail
  • S Strasburger, oil cloth, for c h