Dearborn County Commissioners Allowances – Dec 1884

Allowances of the December 1884 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 25 Dec 1884 – Page 3, Column 4

Made by the Board of Commissioners of Dearborn county, Ind., at their Dec. session, 1884, and ordered to be published in the Register, as having the largest circulation in said county.

Public Buildings.

  • W H Jordan, window glass, putty, etc.
  • L Kugferschmidt, repairing clocks
  • C A H Hitzfeld, repairing shelves, etc.
  • Geo Willers, repairing locks and keys
  • Lawbgh Gas Co., for gas
  • H G Kidd, repairing stoves, etc.
  • W F Cook, new stoves for court house
  • John C Sims, sundries
  • W J Fitch, oil, brooms, etc., for jail
  • Early & Daniels, coal
  • Gideon Renner, coal
  • Sparks Bros., sundries for jail and c h
  • H Gerkin, paid labor for dumping coal
  • J H Burkham, lumber furnished

Commissioner’s Court Expense.

  • John C Sims, serving summons

Expense of Criminals.

  • John C Sims, boarding prisoners
  • B J Grant, transporting prisoners

Expense of Elections.

  • J C Sims, posting notice of elections

Books and Stationery.

  • Martin Kieffer, 1 gross pens
  • Wilstach, Baldwin & Co., 4 gross pens
  • John Calvert, letter heads
  • Wm B Burford, books
  • Chatfield & Woods, stationery
  • Sentinel Co., books and stationery

Roads and Highways.

  • John C Sims, serving road viewers
  • Harvey McClure, service as road viewer
  • Thomas Nead, road viewer
  • Geo Steinmetz, road viewer
  • Jos Deffner, road viewer
  • Chas R Campbell, road viewer
  • L D Leming Sr., road viewer
  • Henry Fangman, road viewer
  • Chas Hornbach, road viewer
  • I W Truitt, qualifying viewer
  • Josiah McLeaster, making fence
  • John C Miller, for paving road

Printing and Advertising.

  • J E Larimer, notice to taxpayers
  • Everett & Gregory, notice to creditors
  • Hunter & O’Brien, sundry blanks and ad

Officers’ Salary.

  • H B Hill, salary as County Sup’t
  • T T Annis County Commis
  • Chas Fish, County Commis
  • John Feist, County Commis
  • Julius Severin, County Auditor
  • Jas D Gatch, County Treasurer

Specific Allowance.

  • Charles Fisk, expense to Harrison
  • Julius Severin, postage, expr. And telegr
  • Jas D Gatch, postage, expr.
  • Warren Tebbs, postage, expr.
  • A Schafer, for use of horse
  • T T Annis, sundry telegrams, toll, etc.
  • Geo W Taylor, horses and carriage to asy
  • F A York & Co., horses and carriage
  • L Kohlerman, horses and carriage

Bridges and Culverts.

Dillsboro Bridge.

  • Jordan Wainscott, for stone
  • F A Transier, pertaining painting

Jamison Creek Bridge.

  • Henry Stenger, for rebuilding bridge

White Water Bridge.

  • Michael Bogenschott, for paving river shore to protect same

Wilson Creek Bridge.

  • W Brown, hauling lumber
  • T T Annis, sundries
  • J C Small, fence posts and lumber

Laughery Bridge.

  • O P Cobb & Co., sundry hardware
  • G W Taylor, spring wagon for painter
  • Chas Fisk, lumber furnished
  • C C Mueller, brushes for painters

New North Hogan Bridge.

  • H C Busse, service as sup’t
  • A T Gridley, service as surveyor
  • Dorsey & Hahn, contractors of abutments and paid sundry orders given by them

Poor—Sparta Township.

  • F Slater & Son, sundry groceries to Mary & Ellen McMahan
  • Fred Homan, groc, Peter Bradley, John Borders
  • John C Miller, overseer of poor

Poor—Manchester Township.

  • W F Crocker, groc for Mrs. Laybourn

Poor—Logan Township.

  • James Lods, for Cath Kuhn’s reg allow, cash paid sundries for sundry poor persons

Poor—Miller Township.

  • Robt Hargitt, groc for Geo Conner

Poor—Clay Township.

  • Fred Ginter, provisions for Geo Ash

Poor—York Township.

  • F Miller, sundries, C Glaescher, insane; Peter Mann, insane
  • Geo Scheib, care of Geo Glaescher
  • Rosa Marmet, transporting paupers

Poor—Centre Township.

  • John Wildridge, groceries for Jennie Parr, John Chris, Mrs. Spice Means, Henry Miller, Thomas Rand, John Parson, S Woolley, James Lancy, John Thompson, Thos Clark
  • Henry Wood, groceries for Vina Saunders, Mr. Ross, Mrs. Chamberlain
  • Thomas Wright, groceries for Vina Saunders, John Chris, Mrs. Hagey, Mrs. Jennie Farrell, Mrs. Elizabeth Curry
  • Albert Bloom, groceries for Wm Cheek, Mrs. Sarah Smith, Mrs. Hauck
  • Charles Fehling Jr., groceries for Mrs. Jennie Thompson, Thos Acres, Mrs. Berry, Maria Riley, James Howard, Mrs. John Vogel
  • Robert Maybin, groceries for Eph Bailey, Mrs. Barer, Wm McCartney, Wm Brown, Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. A Criswell, Thos Acres, Wm Posey, Mrs. Powers, Mrs. Saunders, John Thompson, Mrs. Chamberlain
  • Fred Mauntel, coffin for Wm Thompson
  • O P Cobb & Co., groceries for Mrs. Wood, Mrs. Farrar
  • F Opperman, groceries for John Kerrigan, H A Johnson, Kate Welsh, Martin Kerrigan, Mary Hughes
  • McConnell & McAvoy, outfit for Smith’s son; clothing for A Criswell, Mrs. Vanoy; shoes for Vina Saunders, Mr. Woolley, Lee Winscott; pants for a tramp
  • Geo W Mitchell, cash paid for transportation of tramps and sundries

Lawrenceburgh township, expense of Poor.

  • Gideon Renner, coal for Mrs. Bennett, Mrs. Nancy Smith, Mr. Kaufman, Mrs. B Marshall
  • George Beckenholdt & Co., coal for Ed Savage, Mrs. Kohr, Mrs. Tilford, Mrs. Swainey, Mrs. Sowers, Schultz, Geo Eckler
  • W J Fitch, groceries for Mrs. Bruce
  • Charles Israel, groceries for Mrs. Colvin, Mrs. Carter, Mr. Farwell, Mrs. Gratsey, Mrs. A Williams, Mrs. Bennett, Mrs. Eads, Mrs. Williamson, Mrs. Peirce, Mrs. Farwell, Mrs. Diggs, Mrs. Carter, Mrs. Gratsey
  • T M Hood, groceries for Mrs. Barrett, Mrs. Ellen Huff
  • H R Helmuth, groc, Mrs. Williamson
  • Fitch & Shaw, groce, William Riddle
  • J H & M J McLean, groceries for Mrs. Carter, Mrs. Williamson, Mrs. Lewis, James White, Mrs. Knorr, Mrs. Gratsey, Mrs. West, Mrs. Tout
  • Sparks Bros., groceries for Mrs. Williams, Mrs. C Davis, Mrs. T Bailey, Mrs. Ellen Huff, Mrs. Derman, Mrs. Richards, Mrs. Sweeney
  • A G Tebbs, groceries for Mrs. Goodman, Mrs. A Truelock, Mrs. John Best, Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Derman, Mrs. Kohr, Mrs. Eichler, Mrs. Pulliam
  • John Isherwood, groceries for Mrs. Flush, Mrs. Rube, Walter Sharp
  • Gideon Renner, coal for R Anderson, Mrs. Powell, Mrs. Bruce, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Marshall, Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Kaufman, Mrs. Junker, Mrs. Young
  • John Dorman, for James White
  • John M Palmer, boarding tramps
  • Ohio Valley Coffin Co., coffin for Mrs. Wadkins
  • McConnell & McAvoy, clothing for McCloskey, deaf and dumb

County Asylum.

  • Thos Duncan, salary as sup’t
  • Charlotte Duncan, salary as matron
  • Cassie Manlief, service
  • Kate Wilson, work
  • Lawbgh and Napoleon turnpike, toll
  • Sam Claspill, mending harness, shoes, etc.
  • Thos Duncan, sundry cash accounts
  • P Weis, flour and cornmeal
  • Henry Fangman, cow
  • Sam S[?], span of Norman horses
  • John McGuire, pair of mules
  • Lewis Drake, service
  • Chas Talley, service
  • Wm McMullen, beef, corn and sundries
  • Geo W Hall, fresh meat
  • Samuel Kennedy, hauling coal
  • Marius Huls, hauling coal
  • Rezin Gearheart, seed wheat
  • Benjamin Rumsey, steers
  • James Hallowell, yarn
  • John W Roberts, harness
  • Bradford & Bond, harness
  • Early & Daniels, wheel barrows
  • O P Cobb & Co., syrup and sundries
  • Marmet Coal Co., coal
  • H Chairsell, agt, frt on coal
  • A D Cook, new pump and sundries
  • Robt McMullen, threshing wheat
  • Wm F Crocker, groceries and sundries
  • Josiah Duncan, potatoes
  • Joe Small, receiver, lumber
  • Ohio Valley Coffin Co., coffins
  • Robt Maybin, sugar, molasses, coffee, etc.
  • Sparks Bros., seed and sundries
  • Excelsior Iron and Copper Works, work
  • Giegoldt, Beinkamp & Co., sundries
  • A G Tebbs, potatoes and beef
  • Prestley Jolley, making plans for barn
  • Alex Ruble, cutting timber
  • C C Cross, cutting timber
  • Sam McMullen, cutting timber
  • Geo Heller, furnishing sand
  • Peter Heller, hauling sand
  • Grant Greenham, quarrying stone
  • Sebastian Greenham, hauling stone
  • Everett Hall, hauling with team
  • Plubius Huls, moving dirt
  • Benj Drake, work on foundation
  • Amos Sims, quarrying stone and sand
  • Austin Barrows, stone work
  • Ed Darling, work on foundation
  • Wall Rider, stone work
  • Early & Daniels, lime for foundation
  • William Manlief, cutting timber
  • Peter Bidner, hauling lumber
  • Benj Bruce, hauling timber
  • Theodore Cross, hauling stone
  • Andrew Bruce, work on foundation
  • Plubius Huls, quarrying stone
  • Nelson Hall, sundry hauling
  • Elias Canfield, hauling
  • Wm Sims, hauling logs
  • Samuel Kennedy, hauling lumber
  • Benj Bruce, hauling logs
  • Wheeling Iron & Nail Co., nails
  • H Chairsell, agt, frt on nails
  • Cutter & Savidge Lumber Co., lumber
  • H Chairsell, agt, frt on lumber
  • Chas Moser & Co., paint
  • L M Dayton, hardware
  • H Chairsell, agt, freight
  • W F Cook, cement
  • F Thoms & Co., iron work for barn
  • O P Cobb & Co., cement
  • Ohio Butt Co., hardware
  • Nathan Stedman, castings
  • H P Spaeth & Co., sundry hardware