Dearborn County Commissioners’ Allowances – Dec 1886

Allowances made at the December 1886 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 17 Feb 1887 – Page 3, Column 6

Made by the Board of Commissioners of Dearborn county, at their December session, 1886, and ordered to be published in the Register, as having the largest circulation in said county.

Poor—Centre Township.

  • James M Wheeler, groceries for Benj Mills, Wesley Hancock
  • Herdegen & Kress, groceries for Charles Bailey
  • Charles Fehling Jr., groceries for Mary Burns, Catharine Hauck
  • Albert Bloom, groceries for Mrs. E Trester
  • Wm E Lambkin, groceries for Mrs. Charles Lambkin
  • Aurora Distilling Co., coal for Mrs. Chamberlain
  • Aurora Gas Light and Coke Co., coal for Mrs. Theetge, Lambkin, Vansickle, J Pate
  • R A McConnell, clothing, shoes, etc., for Mrs. E Trester, Lee Winscott, Ralph Smith, Lillie Doer
  • Lena Epstein, clothing for Ed Griffith
  • Wm Lieve & Bros., books for poor children
  • George W Taylor Sr., conveyance for paupers
  • F A York & Co., conveying pauper family to Burlington, Ky.
  • Johnston & Co., groceries for Jacob Schuler
  • Fred Opperman, groceries for Mary Hughes, John Kerrigan, Catharine Welsh, Jenny Gray
  • Henry Wood, groceries for tramp, Jennie Farrar, Wm Brown
  • Denton & Radspinner, groceries for Ella Baker, Mary Peters, Mrs. Caster
  • Joseph G Parks, boarding paupers, etc.
  • Jacob Groenawein, cash expended on paupers

Poor—Lawrenceburg Township.

  • Schleicher Bros., groceries for Mrs. Martin, Wright, Alice Powell, Kleine, Younker, Holland, Mrs. John Fisher, John Cheek
  • Mrs. Siemantel, groceries for Mrs. Bennett
  • Sparks Bros., groceries for Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Tilford
  • John Denschle, groceries for Mrs. Dollerhugh
  • Herman Oertling, groceries for Mrs. Steve Smith
  • Archie Shaw, groceries for Mrs. Stack, Mrs. Tilford, Nevitt children
  • Joseph McGranahan, groceries for Mrs. Goodwin, Rissell, Holland, Mary McRight
  • Mrs. Wm Fitch, groceries for Mrs. Bruce and sister
  • Fred Wesler, coal for Mrs. John Fisher, Steve Smith, McRight, Marshall, West, Dollerhugh, Howard, America Becker, Bennett, Martin, Adams, Younker
  • Geo Beckenholdt & Co., coal for Henry Young, Mrs. Bruce and sister, Steve Smith, Knapp, Marshall
  • Drs. Gatch & Miller, medical services for Bennett child
  • E B H Owens, lodging and meals for Albert Miller and two children
  • Greendale Cemetery Co., digging graves for four paupers

Poor—Jackson Township.

  • Philip Weis, flour for Mrs. Jane Leffler
  • Wm Schweitzer, sundries for Mrs. Jane Leffler
  • Adam Sahn, flour for Joe Huber and family
  • Henry C Assche, cash paid for railroad fare and meals for paupers
  • C H Bruns, coffin for Mathias Meier

Poor—Kelso Township.

  • Wendal Labbe, groceries for Philip Spring

Poor—Clay Township.

  • Thomas Croxton, conveying pauper to asylum
  • Wm Rowland, groceries for David Hess
  • J C Vandolah, groceries for Jane Peasley
  • Henry Tonemaker, shoes for pauper

Poor—Sparta Township.

  • Van D Chance, groceries for Eliza Elliott
  • H D Moore, groceries for Isaac Davis
  • F Slater & Son, groceries for Mary E McMahon
  • F M Johnson, ticket, meals and lodging for paupers

Poor—York Township.

  • James B Pyles, groceries for Simon Miller
  • Isadore Brickler, conveying pauper to county asylum

Poor—Harrison Township.

  • George Hallowell, meals and ticket for pauper
  • James A Scott, same

Poor—Logan Township.

  • John Lutz, two cords of wood for Elizabeth Ward
  • Edward Grubbs, boarding three children

Poor—Manchester Township.

  • Wm F Crocker, groceries for Mrs. Layborn

County Asylum.

  • Thomas Duncan, cash paid for sundries; salary as Superintendent
  • Charlotte Duncan, matron, salary
  • Katie Wilson, service
  • Sarah Collier, service
  • Lewis Drake, service
  • John Sims, service
  • Lena Epstein, clothing
  • John W Roberts, harness, etc.
  • H Semon & Son, fruit trees
  • Elizabeth Lamar, dry goods
  • Wm Lieve & Bro., journal and ledger
  • Blythe Buffington, groceries
  • Alex Ruble, repairing shoes
  • P Perlee, delivering package to asylum
  • H G Kid, buckets etc.
  • Wm Pummill, hardware and repairs
  • G Gutzwiller, one new wagon and blacksmithing
  • Geo W Hall, meat, tobacco, etc.
  • Lawbgh & Napoleon Turnpike Co., toll
  • Thos Emerson, dry goods
  • W F Crocker, dry goods and groceries
  • Amos Sims, work on farm
  • Thos Sargent, coal
  • Tebbs Bros, barrel oil and barrel salt
  • Fred Mauntel, writing desk
  • O P Cobb & Co., sundries
  • Gerhard & Hilbert, wagon work
  • Early & Daniel, seed
  • Ohio Valley Coffin Co., two coffins
  • Wm H Jordan, soap
  • Nic Vogelgesang Jr., wagon work

Public Buildings.

  • Tebbs Bros., brooms
  • John G King & Co., oil for jail
  • Andrew Young, repairs of doors
  • John Grelle, same
  • Early & Daniels, coal
  • Henry Hitzfield, repairs, etc.
  • James McLeaster, repairing windows, roof and chimney
  • Sam Sweeney, shoveling coal
  • J E Brooks, tubing for gas
  • H G Kidd, repairing stoves
  • Lawbgh Gas Co., gas
  • Schleicher Bros., oil for jail
  • Sparks Bros., sundries
  • L Kupferschmidt, repair of clock
  • R Walter, paint, oil, etc. for roof
  • Ohio Valley Coffin Co., one load kindling
  • Wm H Jordan, paint, etc.
  • Israel Crist & Son, hardware, etc.

Public Printing.

  • J E Larimer, publishing railroad notice
  • Everett & Gregory, same
  • L W Cobb, same
  • Hunter & O’Brien, printing

Specific Allowance.

  • Heber Haynes, examining Treasurer books
  • Aurora Furniture Co., book case for school room
  • Warren Tebbs, Clerk, making reports
  • Gutenberg Co., newspaper for Co. Asylum
  • Jas D Gatch, Treasurer, stamps, etc.
  • Charles Fisk, expense of Com’s to Cin
  • Julius Severin, Auditor, stamps, expressage, etc.

Roads and Highways.

  • D M Guard, Sheriff, serving Road Viewer
  • Nelson Baker, lumber for small bridges
  • S Trester, work on bridge at Cochran
  • John Renck, road viewer
  • Ernst Hopmeiere, same
  • Benj Wethered, work on Wallace Branch bridge
  • Levi Miller, JP, swearing road viewers

Books and Stationery.

  • Sentinel Printing Co., books
  • Baker & Thornton, same
  • Wm B Burford, same
  • Novelty Stamp Co., Treasurerr, file stamp
  • Martin Kieffer, binding reports

Officers’ Salary.

  • Julius Severin, Auditor
  • James D Gatch, Treasurer
  • John Probst, Treasurer
  • Charles Fisk, Commissioner
  • Nicholas Vogelgesang, Commissioner
  • George H Swales, Commissioner
  • George W Johnson, Commissioner

Commissioner’s Court Expense.

  • D M Guard, Sheriff, serving Com’s
  • L W Cobb, publishing allowances
  • D M Guard, Sheriff, attending Commissioners court

Aurora Bridge

  • J F Trulock, rope used on old bridge
  • L S Isdell, one day as expert
  • A T Gridley, services at bridge
  • O P Cobb & Co., nails, etc., for temporary bridge
  • Geo Trester et al, work at bridge
  • Thomas Rand, same

Lawrenceburgh Bridge.

  • Lomas Forge and Bridge Works, balance on contract

Court Expense.

  • D M Guard, Sheriff, serving juries


  • Mary B Bolly, erroneous taxes

County Revenue.

  • C R Campbell, swearing appraisers

Expense of Elections.

  • Warren Tebbs, Clerk, swearing inspectors, etc.
  • D M Guard, Sheriff, posting notices

Laughery Bridge.

  • Geo L Siemantel, repairing floor in the Laughery bridge

County Superintendent.

  • H B Hill, salary as County Supt.

Expense of Criminals.

  • D M Guard, Sheriff, boarding prisoners