Dearborn County Commissioners’ Allowances – Dec 1887

Allowances made at the December 1887 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 22 Dec 1887 – Page 2, Column 5

Made by the Board of Commissioners of Dearborn county, at their December session, 1887, and ordered to be published in the Register, as having the largest circulation in said county.

Poor—Centre Township.

  • Charles Fehling, groceries furnished Wm Smith, Frank Lohrer, Catherine Hauck
  • L. Epstein, clothing furnished Mrs. A. Thoms
  • George W. Taylor, 3 coffins furnished, conveying paupers to county asylum
  • John H. VanHouton, groceries furnished Jacob Shuler
  • John W. Scott, groceries furnished George Wolfort
  • William Lieve, school books furnished
  • F. Opperman, groceries furnished Mrs. Mary Hughs, Mrs. Catherine Welch, Mrs. Jane Gray, Mrs. John Gray
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co., provisions for Jacob Teaney, Wm. Thetge, John Lotbridge
  • Wm H Held & Bro., clothing furnished James Vachey’s boy
  • Aurora Distilling Co., coal furnished Mrs. Chamberlain
  • Herdigan & Kress, groceries furnished J Jones
  • F Mauntel, coffin and suit furnished Jacob Teaney
  • Mrs. P Pelgen, groceries furnished Wm Powell
  • J M Wheeler, groceries furnished Mrs. Ben Mills
  • Albert Bloom, groceries furnished Mrs. Mary Hughs, Mrs. E Trester
  • Sam Sommerfield, clothing furnished J Vachey’s boy
  • J G Parks, board and lodging furnished tramps
  • W C Lambkin, groceries furnished Mrs. C Lambkin, Mrs. A L Griffin
  • E H Neibaum, dry goods furnished Wm Brown
  • John Wildridge, groceries furnished Mrs. Hattie Griffin, Mrs. Freiberger
  • Louis Grossholz, board and lodging furnished tramps
  • Jacob Goenawein, Trustee, transportation furnished transient poor
  • F A York, transportation furnished poor to county asylum

Poor—Manchester Township.

  • Wm Pummil, one coffin furnished
  • George Miller, conveying pauper to county asylum
  • Jacob Hoffman, groceries and dry goods furnished Mrs. Notmeier

Poor—Kelso Township.

  • Anthony Schue, wood furnished Philip Spring
  • Wendell Labbe, groceries furnished Philip Spring

Poor—Miller Township.

  • Robert Hansell, flour furnished Sarah C Hunter

Poor—Logan Township.

  • Edward Grubbs, board and lodging furnished children of Geo Connor

Poor—York Township

  • Miller Bros., groceries furnished Simon Miller

Poor—Lawrenceburgh Township.

  • Sparks Bros., groceries furnished Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Monroe, Mrs. Jeffries
  • C A Harrison, books furnished
  • Archie Shaw, groceries furnished Mrs. Laird
  • L Kohlerman & Son, 2 coffins and hauling furnished
  • Margt M Fitch, groceries furnished Mrs. Bruce and sister
  • Anton Schneider, shoes furnished Mrs. Knorr, Mrs. Monroe, Mrs. Hollongrapt
  • L Deuschle, dry goods furnished Mrs. J Alexander, Mrs. Smithers, Mrs. McCracken, Mrs. Laird
  • H R Helmuth, groceries furnished Mrs. Laird, Mrs. Holland
  • Adaline Junker, meals and lodging furnished Mrs. Hollongrapt
  • F H Volz, meals and lodging furnished transient poor
  • Mrs. Siemantel, groceries furnished Mrs. Bennett
  • L R Swift, clothing furnished Nic Knorr
  • John McIntyre, 1 coffin and conveyance furnished
  • Heckheiser & Koehler, groceries furnished Mrs. H Young
  • J F Hammerle, groceries furnished Mrs. John Fisher
  • John Deuschle, groceries furnished Mrs. John Huber
  • Greendale Cemetery Association, one burial permit granted
  • A Beckman & Co., coal furnished Mrs. West, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Bruce, Mrs. Cavanaugh, Mrs. Smith
  • A D Cook, coal furnished Mrs. Saunders, Mrs. Knorr

Poor—Clay Township.

  • Fred Ginter, groceries furnished Mrs. E Evans, W H Conaway, Betsey Spangler, Thomas Acra
  • Wm Rowland, groceries furnished Jane Peasley

Poor—Sparta Township.

  • H D Moore, groceries furnished Isaac Davis
  • F Slater & Son, groceries furnished Ellen McMahan
  • Jos M Bosong, board and lodging furnished and removing pauper to county asylum
  • Henry Adler, board and lodging furnished and removing pauper to county asylum

Poor—Hogan Township.

  • John Hayes, groceries furnished Jane Christie

County Asylum.

  • Ohio Valley Coffin Co., 6 coffins furnished
  • Sebastian Ross, repairing harness
  • Geo Gutzwiller, blacksmihing
  • Sparks Bros., timothy seed
  • Blythe W Buffington, groceries
  • John Kluber Jr., clothing furnished
  • Frank R Dorman, clothing furnished
  • S E Givan, M.D., medical aid
  • Louis Drake, one qr salary as laborer
  • Wm McKinstry, salary as laborer
  • Alice Collins, service
  • Katie Wilson, service
  • Charlotte Duncan, salary as matron
  • Thomas Duncan, salary as Supt., cash expended
  • H G Kidd, sundry articles furnished
  • O P Cobb & Co., farming implements
  • E Lamar, clothing furnished
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co., dry goods
  • Blythe W Buffington, salt furnished
  • Wm Pummil, blacksmithing
  • J H Burkam, lumber furnished

Public Buildings.

  • H G Kidd, sundry articles furnished Court House and jail
  • Ohio Valley Coffin Co., kindling wood
  • Margaret M Fitch, coal oil
  • Sparks Bros., matches and mops
  • Wm F Cook, coal
  • John S Dorman & Co., ticking and blankets furnished jail
  • James McLeaster, repairing furniture
  • Henry Hitzfield, repairing furniture
  • Lawrenceburgh Gas Co., gas
  • J H Burkam, lumber for jail
  • K Crist, sundry articles furnished
  • A D Cook, digging well

Expense of Criminals.

  • John S Dorman & Co., shirt
  • Daniel M Guard, Sheriff, boarding prisoners

Public Printing.

  • Everett & Gregory
  • Jas E Larimer
  • L W Cobb
  • Hunter & O’Brien

Specific Allowance.

  • John Probst, Treasurer, expense in purchasing safe
  • Daniel H Miller, horse and buggy to county asylum
  • John Probst, Treasurer, freight on safe
  • John H Russe, Clerk, postage, expressage and freight
  • Hall’s Safe and Lock Co., safe furnished
  • P L Matheus, services on committee of examination
  • H D Haynes, same
  • F X Volz, moving safes
  • C J Young, drop light furnished
  • J E Larimer, subscription to Press for Recorder’s office
  • L Kohlerman & Son, horses and buggies for commissioners
  • George W Taylor, for use horse & wagon
  • John Probst, Treasurer, postage

Roads and Highways.

  • Charles R. Campbell, JP, qualifying road viewers
  • Benj Withered, service as road viewer
  • James C Vinson, same
  • Wm C Walbur, same
  • Martin V Fox, same
  • H C Busse, same
  • George Wol[?]ung, same
  • John Renck, same
  • John A Cole, same
  • Job Seamon, same
  • Wm S Tyler, damage for lands taken
  • John H Brown, NP, qualifying road viewers
  • Henry Fangman, Trustee, amount paid by county for culvert in Kelso Tp
  • Daniel M Guard, Sheriff, serving notices

Books and Stationery.

  • Wm B Burford, books and stationery
  • Sentinel Printing Co., same
  • Baker & Thornton, same
  • M Kieffer, same

Officers’ Salary.

  • N Vogelgesang, Com
  • Geo W Johnston, Com
  • Geo A Swales, Com
  • E D Moore, Auditor

Aurora Bridge.

  • Henry Shuter, locust timber furnished
  • Nat Wrought Iron Co., sundry service
  • Thompson & Maloney, bal on building wing walls
  • Chas Fisk, lumber furnished

Lawrenceburgh Bridge.

  • Walter Fitch, 4 days work on approach
  • Jos Fitch, work on approach

Guilford Bridge.

  • Valentine Draut, repairing approach

County Superintendent.

  • Samuel J. Huston, service

Court Expense.

  • Daniel M. Guard, Sheriff, serving juries

Commissioner’s Court Expense.

  • Daniel M. Guard, Sheriff, summoning Commissioners