Dearborn County Commissioners Allowances – Jun 1881

Allowances of the June 1881 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 7 Jul 1881 – Page 3, Column 5

Made by the Board of Commissioners of Dearborn County, Ind., at their June term, 1881, and ordered to be published in the Register, as having the largest circulation in said county.



  • To Charles Israel, groceries for Mrs. Squires, Mrs. Beach, Mrs. Wieband
  • James Burk, house rent for Mrs. H Sterling, Mrs. Crite
  • John Weaver, wood and groceries
  • Chas Brogan, groceries for [?], Mrs. Pearson
  • W J Fitch, groceries for Mrs. Bruce, Mrs. Dorn
  • Chas Seekatz, pair shoes for Mrs. Beach
  • Cath Lang, groceries for Mrs. Tilford, Mrs. Morand, Mrs. Willey
  • Mrs. P Long, for Carrie Rich, boarding and nursing
  • Julius Currus, groceries for Jennie Howard, Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Godfrey
  • J Billingsley, house rent for Mrs. Williams
  • G Renner, coal for poor, cash pd on account of poor
  • John Sortwell, digging grave
  • Moore & Spooner, groceries for Mrs. Locy, Nancy Alfred
  • Chr Scherger, house rent for Mrs. Reig, Mrs. Sherrod
  • Mrs. Hauck, house rent for Rhoda Bennett
  • [?], agt house rent for Mrs. [?]
  • J Anderson, groceries for Mrs. Kaise
  • [?], groceries for Mrs. [?]
  • [?], house rent for Mrs. [?] Eads
  • [?] Miller, medical attend on poor
  • Joseph May, 1 pair shoes for Mrs. Niebrand
  • John Huth, house rent for Mrs. West, Mrs. Kaiser
  • Dr. Wm Terrill, med attc on poor
  • D Northern, house rent for Mrs. Roberts
  • Ed Gilland, house rent for Mrs. Williamson
  • And Wagner, house rent for Rhoda Bennett
  • Mrs. Geo Meyer, house rent for Louisa Schmidt, Mrs. Bennett
  • Sparks Bros., groceries for Mrs. Dunnan
  • Jos McGranahan, groceries for Mrs. Temple
  • Wm Huber, house rent for Mrs. Wiegle
  • Dr. Green, med atten on poor
  • Fred Rodenberg, groceries for Mrs. Williamson
  • Mrs. Kuntzler, 3 mos
  • S Strasburger, dry goods for Mrs. Tilford, Mrs. Loh
  • N Gillig, house rent for Mrs. Kinney, Mrs. Knorr
  • Isaac Hayes, house rent for Mrs. Jenny Howard
  • John Hornberger, house rent for John Godfrey


  • Herdegan & Kress, groceries for Mrs. Van Sickles, Mrs. Smith, Elizabeth Walker, Mrs. A McKain
  • Phil Kastner, groceries for Sarah Warner, Adam Sengers
  • Herman Rabe, groceries for Martha Bruce, Mrs. Wisehorn
  • Geo Siemantle, groceries for Jacob Felting
  • A Lozier, groceries for Cinthia Robertson, Kate Dom, Mrs. Heck
  • F A York, charge for hearse
  • Aurora Gas Co., coal for Mrs. Walker and Wm Powell
  • O P Cobb & Co., groceries for Mrs. Garrison, Geo Burton
  • R A McConnell, pair shoes for William Theethge
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co., groceries for Mrs. Smith, Miss Vidito, Mrs. Jehue, Beaver, Mrs. Teaney, Mrs. Bussell
  • Henry Wood, groceries for Mrs. Dacon, Mrs. Heck
  • A Bloom & Bro., groceries for Mrs. Blasdell, Mr. Moran
  • Fred Kreite, groceries for Mrs. Martha Kerrigan, Mrs. Luhn and rent
  • Geo Oswald, boarding Anton Ott
  • Langtree & Mitchel, groceries for Thos Tracy, Mrs. Cofield, Mrs. Hudson, Bill Theege
  • Thos Wright, groceries for Mrs. Schenck
  • E Brewington, house rent for Cinthia Robertson
  • Peter Koehler, groceries for Mrs. Schumaker, Job Jamis
  • F Opperman, groceries for Mrs. Thos Hayes, Mrs. Mahoney, Martin Kerrigan, Kate Welch
  • Charles Fehling, groceries for Mrs. Shepper, Mrs. Hock
  • Mrs. M Pelgen, groceries for Mrs. Red, Mrs. Broils, Mrs. Wenzel, Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Winscott, Wm Powell
  • Wymond & Hayes, groceries for Mrs. Rabbitt, Mrs. Miller, A Burkdale, Mrs. H Brewington
  • W W Brison, groceries for John Melson, Mary Bolar
  • F Housemeyer, groceries for John Goodpasture
  • T & J W Gaff & Co., coal for poor
  • Miss Earl, groceries for Mrs. Ross
  • McCreary & Niebaum, dry goods for poor
  • P Dobel, groceries for Wm Brown, Mrs. Baker, Dave Bruner, Henry Miller, Mrs. Tapling
  • J M Wheeler, groceries for Mrs. Ramsay, John Kerrigan, Geo Wollford, Mrs. Geo Hopping
  • M Maloney Sr., house rent for Mrs. Carlin
  • S Siemantle, groceries for Wm McCartney, John West, Mrs. Watkins, Tom O’Day
  • John A Nees, groceries for Wm Thompson, John Bush, Benjamin Wills, Henry Hartin, board for transient pauper
  • Dr. F Rectanus, cash paid for poor, 35 days overseeing poor


  • Dr. A P Daughters, groceries for Alice Vinson, Johnson Knapp
  • Ellen McMahan, refunded for taxes
  • James Beatty, trus., cash paid Jacob Hoover
  • H D Moore, groceries for Isaac Davis


  • Adam Feller, for Martin Glaub, taking care and nursing while sick
  • Henry Derflein, digging grave
  • Lorenz Antwain, home rent for Michael Matz
  • Wendel Labbe, groceries for Mrs. Helfrich
  • John Andreas, for coffin
  • Peter Werst & Co., groceries for Mathias Matz
  • P Weis, groceries for M Mathews


  • W W Withrow, groceries for Hannah Ewing
  • Fred Tholke, groceries for Hiram Thompson, Charles Burgess
  • F & J Young, groceries for Elizabeth Spangle
  • J W E Hartley, sundries for Ann Marsh, Mrs. Lozier, groceries
  • Henry Wittenburg, coffins for Ann Marsh and Chas Burgess
  • J C Vandolah, groceries for Thos Acre


  • Chas Brogan, for John Calvin
  • Dr. L J Collins, med attendance on J Diggs, Jacob and Mrs. Calvin
  • Jacob Sefton, care of Mrs. Sefton
  • W J Fitch, groceries for J Calvin


  • Henry Steet, coffin & funeral exp
  • Mrs. D R Curran, groceries for Ellsworth


  • Nathan Wallace, care and fun’l exp for Francis Hartman


  • W T Day, coffin Mrs. John Stitt


  • W F Crocker, groceries for Mrs. Laybourne


  • Wm B Burford
  • Witstach, Baldwin & Co.
  • Journal Company
  • Sentinel Company


  • W H Kyle, postage and cash
  • Warren Tebbs, postage
  • P L Matheus


  • Rezin Rees, road viewer
  • I R Dunaway, oaths to viewers
  • John C Sims, serving notices
  • Geo C Columbia, recording deeds


  • J Garrigus, 18 bus potatoes
  • Geo Ruble, work on farm
  • Manchester turnpike comp., toll
  • James Burk, salt
  • Fred Slater, groceries
  • Lizzie Manlief, work
  • S McMullen, 2 barrels salt
  • M Hoff, 100 bu corn, 16 bu potatoes
  • Thos Duncan, cash for sundries, 1 quar salary
  • Lewis Hoff, work
  • H Bilby, mending boots and shoes
  • David Perlee


  • Hunter & O’Brien, envelopes, printing
  • Willard Cobb


  • Jno Cobb, lot rent framing bridge
  • C Bauer, work Wilmington bridge
  • W Schindler, Harrison bridge


  • D H Miller, buggy hire


  • C Brogan, sundries for c h
  • F R Dorman, sundries for jail
  • Senaca Ketchum, work on jail
  • Moore & Spooner, Matches
  • S Strasburger, oil cloth
  • G Renner, coal
  • Tebbs Bros., coal oil for jail, brooms
  • M Noyes, straw ticks for jail
  • Mrs. Junker, washing for jail


  • H B Hill, salary and exps
  • Jos White, jan., for examinations


  • W H Kyle, treasurer
  • Alex B Pattison, auditor
  • Abram Briggs, comm’rs
  • Garrett Bosse, comm’rs
  • Michael Hoff, comm’rs