Dearborn County Commissioners’ Allowances – Jun 1885

Allowances made at the June 1885 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 23 Jul 1885 – Page 4, Column 4

Made by the Board of Commissioners of Dearborn county, Ind., at their June session, 1885, and ordered to be published in the Register, as having the largest circulation in said county.

Lawrenceburgh township, expense of Poor.

  • W. J. Fitch, groceries to Mrs. Edward Liddell, Mrs. C. Junker, Mrs. Jas. Liddell, Mrs. McAdams, Mrs. John Bryant, Mrs. Bruce, Mrs. Alice Sweny, Mrs. Elizabeth Dorn, Mrs. Diggs, Mrs. Thomas Marshal.
  • A. G. Tebbs, groceries to Austin Trulock, Rosa Deman, Mrs. Cavanaugh, Charles Ellis, Mrs. Schultz, Mrs. Riddell, Billy Winters, Wm. Bennett, Taylor Boswell, John Cobin, Henry Young, Mrs. S. Parsons, Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Harding, Mrs. Knorr.
  • John S. Dorman, for Mrs. Akers, Perry Carter
  • G. Renner, coal to Mrs. I. Squires, Smiley Parsons, Mrs. Kreitz, Mrs. Carter, Page Sortwell, Mrs. McHutt, Mrs. Palmer, Mrs. S. A. Martin, Mrs. Ellis, P. Fronholtz.
  • A. Shaw, groceries to Mrs. Speckman, Mrs. I. Squires, Charles Cunningham, Mrs. Ballard, Mrs. C. Sherrod, Mrs. B. Herron, B. Lemaster, Mrs. A. Holland.
  • J. F. Hammerle, groceries to Mrs. Stack, Mrs. Hoswog, Wm. Riddle, Mrs. S. Smith, Mrs. Diggs, George Diggs, Mrs. Joe Rissel, Mrs. Cavanaugh, Mrs. E. D. Barret, Mrs. Shultz.
  • P. M. Hood, groceries to John M. Polking, Mrs. Jos. Rissel, Mrs. Z. McLeaster.
  • C. Israel, groceries to Mrs. Williamson, J. Sanders, Mrs. Herron, Perry Carter, John Williamson, H. Sterling, Mrs. Carter, P. Price, Jos. Cross, Mrs. Otto Frank, Mrs. Grasty, D. Grasty, Mrs. Diggs, Mrs. E. Colvin, Mrs. Lanagan, Mrs. Pierce, Mrs. Farwell, Mrs. Harding, Mrs. A. Williamson, Mrs. McAnelly, Mrs. Apes, Mrs. S. A. Martin, Mrs. R. Pulliam.
  • John M. Palmer, board and lodging to Harriet Wissell and boy, F. White and Geo. Wilson, H. G. Holland, F. Smith, Emma G. Raymond, Adam Stinton.
  • John Sortwell, Mrs. Perry Carter.
  • Early & Daniel, coal to Mrs. French, Mrs. Bartels, Mrs. Jos. Rissel, Mrs. Colvin, Mrs. Cunningham, Mrs. Ketchem, Mrs. McHutt, Mrs. Marshall, Mrs. Knorr, Mrs. Helwig, Wm. Rezor, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Sours.
  • Joseph McGrannaham, groceries to Mrs. Squires, Perry Carter, Mrs. Junker, Mrs. Spekman, Ben Goodwin, Mrs. Jeaney, Mrs. Tout, Mrs. Carter, Mrs. Lonsberry.
  • John Isherwood, groceries to Mack Tout, Mrs. Bartels, Mrs. Ruby, George Harper.
  • Greendale Cemetery Association for Celly G. Lay, Abby Fischer, Infant Stevens, Child from Boat House
  • Jacob Shepard, groceries to Mrs. Russel, Mrs. Mack, Page Sortwell, Mrs. B. Marshall, Mrs. Colvin, Mrs. Ellis, Mrs. John Best.
  • Sparks Brothers, groceries to Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Andy Lay, Mrs. Howard, Mrs. Richards, Rose Durman, Mrs. Bally, Billy Winters, Henry Standriff, Mrs. French, Wm. Riddle.
  • Louis Kohlerman, for E. B. Clark, Mrs. Perry Carter.
  • Herman Oertling for Mrs. Jno. Ohringer
  • McConnell & McAvoy, for Jeff Souers
  • Louis Lotton, boarding and lodging transient poor
  • Charles W. Elder, boarding and lodging transient poor
  • George Beckenholdt & Co., coal to Mrs. Kaufman, Mrs. Swaney, Mrs. Savage, Mrs. Polking, Mrs. Cheek, Mrs. Speckman, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Young, Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Junker, Mrs. Sowers, Mrs. E. West, Mrs. B. Marshall, Mrs. Farrell, Mrs. Bruce, Mrs. B. Rickets, Mrs. Fisher, Mrs. Krowder, Mrs. Riddel, Mrs. Rich, Mrs. O Bringer, Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. L. Palmer, Mrs. Arnold, Mrs. Dorn, Mrs. Furgison, Mrs. Miles, Mrs. Schultz.
  • William Stevenson, groceries to John Colvin, Sam Russel, Mrs. Wolford, Alice Powell, Mrs. E. Barrett, Mrs. Mary Wilson, Mrs. John Godfrey, Mrs. Harding, Mrs. Maggie Schwartz, George Laird, Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Storner.
  • H. R. Helmuth & Son, groceries to B. Ricketts, Page Sortwell, Mrs. Marsh, Mrs. Ricketts, David Marsh, Mrs. Helmig, Henry White, Henry Lang, William Bennett.

Poor-Centre Township.

  • Philip Kastner, for John Goodpastur
  • Wm. Lambkin for Mrs. Chas. Lambkin
  • Albert Bloom for Wm. Stoney, Wm. Cheek, Mrs. C. Houck
  • Sutton Mill Co., for Mrs. Riley
  • F. Opperman, for John Kerrigan, Martin Kerrigan, Mary Hughs, H. A. Johnson, A. H. Johnson, Kate Welch
  • Waldridge & Buffington, for Mrs. C. Barkdall, Ernst Mooney, M. Garrison, Strah Draper, Frank Clover
  • A. C. Murdock & Co., for Sarah Smith, Jennie Farrel
  • Thomas Wright, for Jennie Farrell, Elizabeth Warner, John Goodpasture, W. Peters, Wm. McCartney, John Gray, Wm. Stevens, Mrs. L. Hagey, Susan Wooley, Wm. Noble, Thomas Rand, Sarah Clark.
  • Charles Fehling Jr., for Mrs. Mary Burns, Mrs. Jennie Thompson, Thomas J. Acre, Mrs. John Vogle, Robert Kirkpatrick, Margaret Stevens, Frank Kleober, John Striker, John Goodpasture, Henry Miller, Mrs. Wm. Ellerman.
  • Giegoldt, Beinkamp & Co., for Nancy Bariden, Mrs. Spicy McKain, Wm. Theetge, Robert T. Day, Emma Wood, George Snoded, Mrs. Wm. Vinson, M. Wood, Mrs. Singer, John Bust.
  • F. Mantel, for N. Schaffenberger, Adam Singer
  • Wm. L. Day, for Miss Rider
  • Mrs. Pelgin, for Elizabeth Ulrich
  • Herdigan & Kress, for Mrs. V. Sickles, Russell Parker, Sarah Scofield, Sallie Caffel
  • F. A. York, for John Downton
  • Geo. W. Taylor, conveyance for paupers
  • Phillip Ebel, for Mrs. Wersche
  • McConnell & McAvoy, for L. Wainscott, V. Carlin, J. Peters, Mrs. Wooley
  • R. Maybin, for Wm. Brown, Mrs. Nancy Bailey, Mrs. D. Powers, A. Criswell, Wm. McCartney, Robert T. Day, Elizabeth Warner, Mrs. Richard Campbell, Wm. Kelley, Lee Gosling.
  • A Hill & Son, transportation of paupers
  • Geo. W. Mitchell, transportation of paupers
  • J. C. Green, for W. S. Johnson

Poor—Clay Township.

  • W. Rowland, for George Bradley
  • Jane Sheppard, for Martha Sheppard
  • Fred Ginter, for Betsy Spangle, Mrs. Evans
  • J. C. Vandolah, for Evaline Noble, Mrs. Peasely
  • Fred Ginter, for Thomas Acra
  • W. C. Welbor, for overseeing poor
  • John N. Calvert, for T. M. Scudder

Poor—Sparta Township.

  • Fred Slater & Son, for Ellen and Mary McMahon
  • Fred Homan, for John Borders, Mary Griffin
  • H. D. Moore, for Mrs. Jones
  • John C. Miller, cash expenditures

Poor—Manchester Township.

  • Wm. F. Crocker, for Mrs. Layburn
  • Philip Leininger, for Nicholas Gaitman
  • Thomas Emmerson, for Fred Briggs

Poor—Jackson Township.

  • J. P. VanWedding, for James Hawks
  • Edward F. Stohlman, for James Hawks
  • Philip Weis, for Jane Leffler
  • Jacob Schneider, for C. Aman

Poor—Logan Township.

  • Mathias Long, for Frank Fly
  • James C. Lods, for Frank Fly

Poor—Washington Township.

  • F. A. York, for Miss Lothridge

Poor—Kelso Township.

  • Susan Weast, for Mrs. Martz

Poor—Miller Township.

  • A. G. Tebbs, for Harvey Buchanan

Poor—York Township.

  • Henry Hammerler, cash expended

County Asylum.

  • Geo. W. Steinmetz, farming implements
  • Samuel Claspill, repairing harness
  • Seth Platt, brick furnished
  • W. F. Crocker, groceries furnished
  • R. Maybin, one bbl. Molasses
  • Giegoldt, Beinkamp & Co., groceries
  • Charles Mosier, paint furnished
  • Alex Ruble, labor performed
  • Early & Daniel, sundries
  • Philip Weis, flour and meat
  • Wm. Pummill, blacksmithing
  • Grant Greenham, labor performed
  • Louis Drake, labor performed
  • Thomas Duncan, cash expended, quarterly salary as Supt.
  • Charlotte Duncan, qr. salary as matron
  • John Wolfding, potatoes
  • Amor Rumsey, hay
  • Lawrenceburgh & Napoleon Turnpike Co., toll
  • William Givan, hay
  • Phoenix Insurance Co., premium on Ins.
  • M. Bellman, oats
  • Sarah Collier, labor performed
  • Katie Wilson, labor performed
  • Charles Tally, labor performed
  • Cassie Manlief, labor performed
  • William Manlief, labor performed
  • Thomas Vaughn, labor performed
  • Cotton Cross, labor performed
  • Josiah Duncan, cutting wood
  • D. Schantz, potatoes
  • William Manlief, cutting wood
  • B. F. Rumsey, potatoes
  • W. J. McHenry, lumber
  • Bower Hay Tool Co., one hay carrier
  • D. D. Kelley, labor performed
  • Austin Barrows, labor performed
  • William Sims, cutting wood
  • Henry Hagadorn, labor performed
  • Grant Greenham, labor performed
  • W. F. Cook, iron breechen, roofing out buildings
  • Prestley Jolley, building barn and out houses

Public Buildings.

  • D. M. Guard, Sheriff, cleaning jail
  • City Sub. Telegraph Co.
  • Sparks Bros., Groceries
  • John S. Dorman, blankets
  • L. Kupferschmidt, repairing clock
  • Russell Hollister, painting jail
  • Lawrenceburgh Gas Co.
  • Ohio Valley Coffin Co., kindling
  • Henry Hitzfield, hinges, repairing court house, repairing jail
  • W. F. Cook, repairing jail
  • Martin Kelffer, repairing jail
  • Early & Daniel, coal furnished jail
  • Geo. Tilford, shoveling coal, court house
  • Albert Gerkin, shoveling coal, court house
  • James McLeaster, shoveling coal, court house

Expense of Assessing Revenue.

  • D. M. Guard, Sheriff, serving notices
  • Warren Tebbs, Clerk, issuing certificates
  • Thos. Watts, assessing Lawrenceburgh Tp
  • C. W. Elder, assessing Lawrenceburgh Tp.
  • W. F. Radspinner, assessing Centre Tp
  • John F. Trulock, assessing Centre Tp
  • John Ulrich, assessing Centre Tp
  • W. B. McConnell, assessing Centre Tp
  • David B. Beaty, assessing Centre Tp
  • C. Buchanan, assessing Cesar Creek Tp
  • Oliver F. Cloud, assessing Harrison Tp.
  • Edwin A. Clowd, assessing Harrison Tp.
  • Sherwood Blasdel, assessing Miller Tp.
  • Benj. Wethered, assessing Washington Tp.
  • J. P. Leminger, assessing Manchester Tp.
  • Mary Leminger, assessing Manchester Tp.
  • L. P. Chance, assessing Sparta Tp
  • Isadore Brichler, assessing York Tp
  • Joseph Wilhelm, assessing Kelso Tp
  • Michael Bents, assessing Kelso Tp
  • W. H. Dunn, assessing Hogan Tp
  • Van S. B. Crowley, assessing Clay Tp
  • Frank Connolly, assessing Logan Tp
  • John Berauer, assessing Jackson Tp
  • George Glaub, assessing Jackson Tp

Members Board of Equalization.

  • Benj. B. Boardman
  • Peter Vogle
  • William Frazier
  • William Lingg

Specific Allowance.

  • Warren Tebbs, Clerk, expressage and postage
  • Warren Tebbs, Clerk, making abstracts
  • J. D. Gatch, Treasurer, expressage, postage and repairing seal
  • Julius Severin, Auditor, expressage and postage
  • D. H. Miller, livery hire for Coms
  • James Ruble, amount of county bounty paid
  • Charles Fisk, toll and sundries

Court Expense.

  • Daniel M. Guard, Sheriff, serving Com.
  • Daniel M. Guard, serving struck, petit and grand juries

Expense of Criminals.

  • D. M. Guard, Sheriff, boarding prisoners

Books and Stationery.

  • Wilstach, Baldwin & Co.
  • O. H. Hasselman
  • Baker & Thornton
  • Sentinel Company
  • Martin Kieffer
  • R. Walter
  • John N. Calvert

Roads and Highways.

  • D. M. Guard, Sheriff, serv. Road viewers
  • Peter Orchel, road viewer
  • Eph. Butterfield, road viewer
  • Ralph Collier, road viewer

Printing and Advertising.

  • L. W. Cobb
  • J. E. Larimer
  • Hunter & O’Brien

Officers’ Salary.

  • J. D. Gatch, Treasurer
  • Julius Severin, Auditor
  • Charles Fisk, Commissioner
  • T. T. Annis, Commissioner
  • John Feist

Coroner’s Inquest.

  • Albert D. Jackson, Coroner, for Albert Schneider, John C Brand, John Downton

County Superintendent.

  • H. B. Hill, Sup’t, quarterly salary

White Water Bridge.

  • John Reiley, cleaning bridge

Jamison Creek Bridge.

  • George Shortridge, lumber furnished.