Dearborn County Commissioners’ Allowances – Jun 1886

Allowances of the June 1886 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:
Aurora Dearborn Independent – 15 Jul 1886 – Page 2, Column 2

List of Allowances made by the Board of Commissioners at their Regular and Special Session Beginning the First Monday in June, 1886:


Lawrenceburgh Tp.

  • Mrs. Siemantel, groceries for Mrs. Jos. Hoover, Jacob Sheppard, Mrs. John Best
  • John Shaw, meals and lodging for three women
  • Sparks Bros., groceries for Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Skinner, Mrs. Knapp, Mrs. Jeffries, Mrs. Ben Howard, Mrs. Howard.
  • J. Calvin Craig
  • Fritz Hinkerg
  • Heckheiser & Koehler, groceries for Henry Young
  • Archie Shaw, groceries for Mrs. Junker, Mrs. Jeffries, Mrs. Allex Holland, Mrs. C. Cotton, Mrs. Standriff, Mrs. Hannah Goodwin, Mrs. Stack, Mrs. H. Godfrey
  • Jacob Hammerle, groceries for Mrs. Stack, David Clear
  • Jacob Anderson, groceries for Mrs. Ellen Fisher
  • Herman Oertling, groceries for Mrs. Frank Knorr, Mrs. J. L. Vaughn
  • A. G. Tebbs, groceries for Pat Price, H. Young, T. Boswell, A. Trulock
  • Jos. Bechtel, groceries for Mrs. Wm. Bennett, Brower Rickett
  • W. J. Fitch, groceries for Mrs. Bruce and Thornburg, Mrs. McRight, Mrs. D. Tilford, Mrs. Thomas Marshall, Mrs. Holden
  • Wm. Stevenson, groceries for Mrs. Joseph Rissell, Nevitt children, S. Mitchell, Lucy Sterling, Mrs. John Godfrey
  • C. Israel, groceries for M. Diggs, David Diggs, A. Williamson, Miner Parson, I. Squives, Mrs. C. Wright, Mrs. Lemuel, Jos. Cross, Mrs. Carter, John Calvin, Mrs. Smith, Geo Diggs
  • John S. Dorman & Co., dry goods and shoes for Mrs. Mary Fisher, Mrs. H. Evans, Mrs. Taylor Boswell, L. Emberson, Sheriff for jail birds
  • William Schneider, shoes for Mrs. Ake, Mrs. Wright
  • Anton Schneider, shoes for Sheriff for prisoners
  • Geo. Beckenhold & Co., coal for I. Squire, Mrs. Kaufman, Mrs. Sanders, Mrs. B. Marshall, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Tout, Mrs. A. Parker, Mrs. Bennett, Mrs. Bruce, Mrs. Ferguson, Mrs. H. Young, Mrs. Jos. Rissell
  • Early & Daniel, coal for Mrs. Fisher, Mrs. Miles, Mrs. West, Mrs. Marshall, Thos. Garrison, Mrs. Jeffries, Mrs. Kaufman, Jas. White, Mrs. Parker
  • Greendale Cemetery Co., burial permits for Geo. Diggs, Jane Carter
  • Louis Kohlerman, coffin and hauling for Benjamin Goodhue, George Diggs, unknown man
  • John Sortwell, digging graves for Geo. Diggs, unknown man
  • Gatch & Miller, medical services for pauper


  • W. E. Lambkin, groceries for Mrs. Chas. Lambkin
  • John D. Newhouse, milk for Fliz. Warner’s sick child
  • Chas. Fehling Jr., groceries for Thomas Acre, Jenny Thompson, Mrs. John Lewis, Mary Burns, John Steig Sr., Ezra Knapp, Katherena Hauck, Marjh Ross, Jehu Goodpasture, Eliz. Thomas
  • O. P. Cobb & Co., groceries for Mrs. M. Busby
  • Johnston & Co., groceries for Mrs. Ann Hamilton, Jacob Schuler
  • Albert Bloom, groceries for Mrs. Kath. Hauck, Mrs. Ervia Trester
  • Henry Wood, groceries for John Crist, Wm. Brown, Mrs. Sterling, Nancy Reed, Mary Burns, coal; Lotta Duval, M. Busby, R. Campbell, Mrs. C. Lambkins, Jennie Farrar
  • Blythe Buffington, groceries for John Steig, Wm. Brown
  • J. M. Wheeler, groceries for Wesley Hancock, John Lothridge
  • Giegoldt, Beinkamp & Co., groceries for Wm. Theetge, Aurella Wood, Ella Baker, Mrs. Wm. Noble, Cath Walker, John Steig Sr., Andy Theetge, Mrs. F. Kleaver, Mrs. John Goodpasture, Mr. Steinaback, Lee Wainscott, Jenny Farrar, Reuben Cooper, Thomas Clark, Chas. Wright, Sarah Smith, Mrs. John Lewis
  • Fred Opperman, groceries for Mrs. Mary Hughes, Mrs. John Kerrigan, Mrs. Martin Kerrigan, Mrs. Cath Welsh
  • Philip Kastner, groceries for Ezra Knapp
  • Herdegen & Kress, groceries for Charley Bailey, Mrs. E. Van Sickles, Jacob Schuller
  • Thos. Wright & Son, groceries for Mrs. M. Musby, Alex Criswell, Belle Ross, John Lothridge, Lavina Hagy
  • John A. Nees, lodging and meals for transient poor
  • Aurora Gas Co., coal for Mrs. John Lewis
  • Aurora Distilling Co., coal for Thomas Akers, Alex Criswell, Aurelia Wood, Jenny Thompson, E. Van Sickle, Mrs. John Lewis, Mrs. Bittner, Mrs. Knapp, Mrs. Mary Hughes, Mrs. R. Campbell, K. Walters, R. Cooper, Mary Burns, Mrs. Kleaver, Wm. Theetge, Mrs. Chamberlain, Mrs. Duvall, Mrs. Schumaker, Sarah Smith, Jenny Farrell, Mrs. Gallagher, Mrs. Hamilton, Chas. Bailey Sr., Andy Theetge, Wm. Brown
  • R. A. McConnell, shoes for Josie Burns, Mrs. Hamilton’s son, Geo. Bailey’s son, Geo. Bailey’s girl
  • Sam’l Somerfield, hats for Thos. Aker’s children
  • L. Epstein, clothes for Arthur Bailey
  • F. A. York & Co., moving Mrs. Clark and family to Dillsboro
  • Fred Mauntel, coffin for unknown drowned man
  • J. A. McIntyre, coffin for unknown floater
  • Wm. T. Day, coffin and box for Mrs. E. Baker’s child
  • River View Cemetery Co., burial permits for 13 paupers


  • Fred Ginter, groceries for Elizabeth Evans, Betsy Spangler, Thomas Acre
  • William Rowland, groceries for Wm. Hess
  • J. H. Vandolah, groceries for Jane Peasley
  • F. H. Sale, conveyance to asylum for Mary Busby


  • Susannah Wersh, groceries for Frank Gaffga
  • Wendel Labbe, groceries for Philip Spring
  • Henry Faugman, tickets etc. to Indianapolis for Ellen Gaffga
  • Fred Severs, conveyance to asylum for Jacob Oswald


  • Fred Slater & Son, groceries for Ellen McMahon
  • H. D. Moore, groceries for Isaac Davis
  • Fred Homan, groceries for John Borders, Mrs. L. Walker
  • Ohio Valley Coffin Co., coffins for Mrs. Wulber


  • W. F. Crocker, groceries for Mrs. Laborn
  • Alex Ruble, repairing shoes for Benj. Murray


  • Jacob Hoffman, groceries for Jas. Hoover
  • Philip Weis, flour for Jane Seffler


  • James Sods, services as overseer, etc.


  • H. D. McMullen, legal adviser to Board of Equalization
  • Dan’l M. Guard, serving Board of Equalization
  • Harry L. Nowlin, Miller Tp
  • Oliver F. Cloud, Harrison Tp
  • Ed A. Cloud, Harrison Tp
  • Frank Connolly, Logan Tp
  • John Axby, Miller Tp
  • Sherwood Blasdel, Miller Tp
  • Chas. Elder, Lawrenceburgh
  • Asa B. Hubbartt, Centre
  • Clark Canfield, Centre
  • Wm. R. McConnell, Centre
  • Ella C. Hubbartt, Centre
  • James House, Hogan
  • Elijah Huffman, Hogan
  • Marion Laws, Manchester
  • Alice Laws, Manchester
  • Thos. Rinearson, Manchester
  • Wm. Kennedy, Manchester
  • Samuel M. Kennedy, Manchester
  • Anthony Schnetzer, York
  • Samuel M. Kennedy, York
  • Frank Bittner, Kelso
  • Jos. Wilhelm, Kelso
  • John Bittner, Kelso
  • Sebastain Stemmler, Kelso
  • John Theobold, Jackson
  • John Beraner, Jackson
  • J. A. Meister, Jackson
  • Geo. W. Turner, Sparta
  • Frank Tyrrell, Sparta
  • Sam’l Allen, Sparta
  • John M. Bossong, Sparta
  • Van S. B. Crowley, Clay
  • C. F. Latham, Clay
  • John F. Pieper, Caesar Creek Tp
  • Henry Bulthaup, Caesar Creek Tp
  • Benj. Withered, Washington Tp
  • P. L. Mathews, Lawrenceburg Tp
  • Chas. W. Mathews, Lawrenceburg Tp
  • Gus G. Mathews, Lawrenceburg Tp
  • Walter Fitch, Lawrenceburg Tp
  • W. H. Wharton, Lawrenceburg Tp
  • Chas. Fisk, services as member of Board of Equalization
  • Nic Vogelgesang, member of Board of Equalization
  • Geo. A. Swales, member of Board of Equalization
  • Thomas Johnston, services on Board of Equalization
  • Jas. E. Larimer, services on Board of Equalization
  • Jno. W. Liddle, services on Board of Equalization
  • James Vinson, services on Board of Equalization


  • Thomas Duncan, sundries paid; quarterly salary as Superintendent
  • Charlotte Duncan, quarterly salary as matron
  • John Sims, quarterly salary for work on farm
  • Katie Wilson, work at asylum
  • Sarah Collier, work at asylum
  • Lawrenceburgh & Napolean Turnpike Co., toll for quarter
  • Peter Perlee, carrying packages to asylum
  • L. Epstein, clothing for inmates
  • W. F. Crocker, groceries for County Asylum
  • Blythe Buffington, groceries for County Asylum
  • Giegoldt, Beinkamp & Co., groceries for County Asylum
  • Philip Weis, flour for County Asylum
  • Tebbs Bros., oil for County Asylum
  • Martin Fox, vinegar
  • Geo. Gutzwiller, blacksmithing
  • Wm. Pummill, blacksmithing and woodwork
  • Alex Ruble, repairing boots
  • M. Barnes & Co., fruit trees
  • Louis Sattler, planting fruit trees and trimming orchard
  • John Ulrich, shellac varnish and brush
  • Ohio Valley Coffin Co., 3 coffins
  • O. P. Cobb & Co., hardware
  • John McGuire, cattle


  • Dan M. Guard, serving notices to viewers
  • Morand Widolf, road viewer
  • Chas. Bowton, road viewer
  • Jos. D. Curtis, road viewer
  • Jos. Deffner, road viewer
  • James Aiken, road viewer
  • Ernst Hopmeier, road viewer
  • Sam’l Turner, road viewer
  • Abram Briggs, road viewer
  • W. H. Kyle, road viewer
  • Benaire Holden, road viewer
  • John Cairns, road viewer
  • Wm. C. Buffington, road viewer
  • W. R. Campbell, J. P. swearing viewers
  • John W. Truitt, J. P., swearing viewers
  • W. S. Fagaly, J. P., swearing viewers
  • Anthony Witt Sr., land taken for road
  • Chas. Nolte, land taken for road
  • Fred Rodenberg, Trustee, amt. paid for material and labor on culvert
  • Joe Englert, stone for same
  • John Schwab, work
  • Early & Daniel, lime and cement
  • Martin Little, lime and cement


  • W. B. Burford, blanks for County Superintendent
  • Martin Kiefer, blanks for Auditor and Clerk
  • Sentinel Co., blanks for county officers
  • Baker & Thornton, pens etc.
  • Wilstach, Baldwin & Co., pencils, etc.
  • John N. Calvert, letter heads and envelopes


  • Stedman & Mullen, insurance on Court House
  • Early & Daniel, coal for jail
  • David Donson, whitewashing jail
  • City and Sub. Telephone Co., telephone for two months
  • Lawrenceburgh Gas Co., gas for quarter
  • Ohio Valley Co., kindling for Court House
  • Tebbs Bros., brooms and soap
  • Sparks Bros., bucket and window brushes
  • Jas. McLeaster, putting up fence
  • Zimmer & Miller, fence for Court House yard
  • Fred Wesler, coal for Court House
  • Jas. McLeaster et al, putting in coal


  • Jas. D. Gatch, Treasurer, stamps, etc.
  • Julius Severin, Auditor, stamps etc.
  • H. B. Hill, County Superintendent, stamps, etc.
  • Andrew Young, arm rests
  • J. L. Wagner Jr., lawn mower
  • J. D. Gatch, making statistical report


  • Dan M. Guard, Sheriff Dearborn County, feeding prisoners


  • Dan M. Guard, Sheriff Dearborn County, serving Grand and Petit Jury


  • Dan M. Guard, Sheriff, serving Commissioners


  • Dan M. Guard, Sheriff, posting election notices


  • O. P. Cobb & Co., nails for bridge


  • F. H. Volz, dirt for fill


  • F. M. Jackson, refunder on barn destroyed by water
  • Loyd Isdell, refunder on taxes


  • H. B. Hill, salary


  • Hunter & O’Brien, printing
  • Jas. E. Larimer, printing notice to taxpayer


  • Hunter & O’Brien, publishing Coroner’s notice


  • Julius Severin, Auditor
  • James D. Gatch, Treasurer
  • Chas. Fisk, Commissioner
  • Nic Vogelgesang, Commissioner
  • Geo. A. Swales, Commissioner