Dearborn County Commissioners’ Allowances – Mar 1885

Allowances made at the March 1885 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 16 Apr 1885 – Page 4, Column 1

Made by the Board of Commissioners of Dearborn county, Ind., at their March session, 1885, and ordered to be published in the Register, as having the largest circulation in said county.

Lawrenceburg township, expense of Poor.

  • C. Israel, groceries to Mrs. Pierce, Z Holland, Mrs. Gratzy, Mrs. Williamson, Mrs. Herron, Mrs. Squires, Perry Carter, Parry, Hugh Sterling, Mrs. Farwell, Joe Cross, Mrs. Carter, Mrs. Eads, Mrs. Weaver, Mrs. Goodwin, Mrs. Herron, Mrs. Colvin.
  • A G Tebbs, groceries to Mrs. Eichler, Mrs. Colvin, Mrs. Harding, Mrs. Goodwin, Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Diggs, A Truelock, Perry Carter, Zach Holland, Mrs. Cavanaugh, Rosa Derman, Mrs. Knorr, Mrs. Best, Emma Ellis, Wm Winters, E Stevens, Mrs. Richards, K Fisher, Mrs. McAdams, Mrs. Schultz, Mrs. Kohr.
  • J M Palmer, feeding and lodging tramps
  • C W Elder, feeding and lodging tramps
  • J F Hammerle, groceries to Mrs. Stack, Mrs. Colvin
  • Sparks Bros., groceries to Mrs. Lay, Mrs. Howard, Wm Winters, Mrs. Derman, Diggs, Tilford, Standriff, Richards, Sweeney, J T Bailey
  • John Berghaus, groceries to Mrs. Sours, Rickets, D Marsh
  • Jacob Shepard, groceries to R Young, Mrs. Best, Mrs. Arnold
  • Joseph McGranahan, groceries to Mrs. Junker, Squires, Goodwin, Speckman, Saunders, Tout, Perry Carter, E Stevens, Sam Russell
  • Sam Dickinson, overseer of poor
  • Louis Kohlerman, coffin and burying child
  • Geo P Seekatz, shoes for Mrs. Harper, Sarah Graden, Mrs. Stack, Mrs. Miles
  • W J Fitch, groceries to Mrs. Tilford, Mrs. Diggs
  • Wm Seekatz, shoes for Mrs. Williamson, Mrs. Harper
  • McConnell & McAvoy, clothing for Thomas Rork
  • Ohio Valley Coffin Co., coffin and robe for Mrs. Savage
  • A G Tebbs, groceries to Mrs. Squires, Diggs, Riddell, Lewis, Colvin, Goodwin, Wm Bennett, John Weaver
  • John Isherwood, groceries to Mrs. Ruby, Flush, Bartels, G Harper
  • John S Dorman, shoes for Marsh girl, Mary Emberson
  • Charles Seekatz, shoes for Mrs. Tilford
  • F R Dorman & Co., shoes for Mrs. Sweeney, John Colvin, Mrs. Derman, Mrs. Keane, Mrs. Farwell; dry goods for Enoch Stevens, two orphan boys, Mrs. Colvin
  • Jacob Shepard, groceries to H Young, Mrs. Russell, Arnold, Best, Mack, Mr. Sortwell
  • Wm Stevenson, groceries to Emma Mason, Hugh Sterling, Alice Farwell, Sam Russell, Samuel Russell
  • Schleicher Bros., groceries to Mrs. Harding, Fisher, Kohr, P Mason, Grasty, Keane
  • Jacob Rief, boarding transient poor
  • Wm Schneider, shoes for Mrs. Farwell, Mrs. Junders’ children
  • John S Dorman, shoes for Mrs. Bennett
  • Fitch & Shaw, groceries to Mrs. McSweeny
  • W J Fitch, groceries to Mrs. Bruce and Mrs. Thornburgh
  • F M Hood, groceries to Joe Rissell, H Sterling, Ellen Huff, Mrs. Herron, John Polking
  • P J Emmert, goods to Mrs. Rissell, J D Pulliam, Mrs. Carbinal, Mrs. Buchanan, John Best, Mrs. Colvin, Mrs. Diggs
  • J H & M J McLean, groceries to Mrs. Knorr, Mrs. Lewis, John Polking, Mr. and Mrs. White, Mrs. Tout
  • Early & Daniels, coal to Henry Standriff, Mrs. Morris, Miss Rich, Mrs. Jeffries, Sam Sweaney, Mrs. Tout, Mrs. Henke, Perry Carter, Andy Lay, Mrs. Tilford
  • Beckenholdt & Beckman, coal to Ed Savage, John Schafner, John Polking, Mrs. Bruce, Mrs. Speckman, Mrs. Ferguson, Mrs. Goodwin, George Eichler, Frank Hitchaback, Mrs. Diggs, Williams, McKinney, Tout, James Meyers, Perry Carter, John Polking, Mrs. Kauffman, Nancy Smith, Cunningham, Arnold, Kohr, Speckman, Bartels, Kane, Morris, Kunkel, Riddell, Rissell, James Miles, John Weaver
  • Gideon Renner, coal to Mrs. Martin, Palmer, Knorr, Arnold, Kuntz, Kohr, Massett, Mack, S Russell, Kauffman, Ada Junker, Sauer, B Marshall, Huff, Marsh, Fisher, Best, Pierce, Pabner, Williamson, Lewis, Rickets, Young, Farwell, Page Sortwell, Hugh Sterling, Wm Riddell, Mrs. Bruce, Mrs. Squires, Frank Polking, Mrs. Ellis, Dorn, Holden, George Kelley, Mrs. Stack, A Mason, S Bennett, Schultz, Ben Anderson, Mrs. Harding, Best, Ruby, Levi Miller, Beiger, Jane Saunders, Thomas Wallace
  • Samuel Dickinson, cash items for transportation of sundry persons, and for expense of sick persons

Poor—Centre Township.

  • Albert Bloom, groceries to Sarah Smith, Wm Clark, Wm Cherry, Mrs. Hauck, Wm Stoney
  • Fred Mauntel, coffin for Mrs. Jeffries, Chas Yandergriff
  • Giegoldt, Beinkamp & Co., groceries to Mrs. Walker, Bierman’s children, Mrs. Theetge, Mrs. Jeffries, Mrs. Spicey McKain, John Criss, Mrs. Acres, Jennie Thompson, John Vogel, Wm S[?]oney, Wm Vinson, John Bush, Mrs. Wm Wirsche, Wm Ehlerman, Mrs. Malinda Garrison, Wm Curry, Robert T Day, Robert Kirkpatrick, John Goodpaster, Emma Wood
  • James M Wheeler, groceries to Mrs. Hopping, Hider Stonebacker, Mrs. Lothridge
  • O P Cobb & Co., groceries to Jennie Farrar, D Faulkner, Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Noble, Mrs. McCain, Mrs. Riley, Wm Baker, Mary Wood
  • J C Green, groceries to Mrs. Worley, Mrs. Barkdoll, H and S Johnson, Mrs. Cook
  • Chambers, Stevens, & Co., groceries to Wm Vinson, Woolever, John Thompson, Mrs. Hagey, Jane Clark, Mrs. Rabbitt, Mrs. Noble, Wm Farrell, Steve Peters, Campbell, Gray, Mrs. Sanders
  • Wildridge & Buffington, groceries to Henry Miller, Thomas Rand, Wm Vinson, Willie Criss, Mrs. Barkdoll, Frank Glaub, Mrs. Riley, Mrs. Garrison, Wm Stevens, Charles Faulkner, Ernst Mooney, Jennie Farrell, Frank Klever
  • N C Murdoch & Co., groceries to John Crist, Wm Stevens, Martin Grooves, Wm Kelley, Mrs. Beardon, Sarah Smith
  • F Opperman, groceries to Mary Hughes, John Kerrigan, H A Johnson, Kate Welsh, Mrs. Wooley
  • Robert Maybin, groceries to Joe Buffington, Mrs. R Campbell, Alex Criswell, Mrs. Tracey, John Thompson, Henry Miller, Dora Powers, Fred Cook, Eph Bailey, Nancy Bailey, Mrs. Hagey, Jennie Farrell, Mrs. Riley, John Gray, Gottlieb Kirsch, Carrie Sabie, George Clark, Robt Kirkpatrick, Joe Jeffries, Mrs. Barkdoll, Wm McCartney, Wm Kelley, Wm Stoney, Mort Groves, Sarah Caffil, Robt T Day, Wm Brown, James Burdon, Chas Faulkner
  • Geo W Taylor, burial expenses of Wm Thompson, Goodpaster, John Barkdoll, Old man Thompson, Mrs. Jeffries, Rhoda Thompson, Marle E Riley, Mrs. Chas Lampkin; moving Mrs. Bradley; transportation to asylum for Mrs. Vidite, Mrs. Shanks, children of Vinson, Mrs. Vinson, Mr. Gleason
  • Aurora Distilling Co., coal to Mrs. Chamberlain, Jennie Thompson, Mrs. Campbell, Wm Theetge, Faulkner, A Criswell, M Groves, J H Walters, J Jeffries, VanSickles, Wm Stoney, Wm Acre, J Cottell, Mrs. McCain, Mrs. Barkdoll, Moody, Fr Kelaver, Mary Burns, Mrs. Bleasdale, Mrs. Warner, Mooney, Wm Peters, Wm Kelley
  • Aurora Gas Co., coal to Mrs. Farrell
  • Geo W Mitchell, overseer poor; cash to John Sortwell; for burying Mrs. Jeffries; transportation of paupers; to A Hill & Son for transportation of paupers; Richard Winkley for moving paupers; to Thomas Holmes for moving paupers; to C C Mueller, for whisky for Mrs. Jeffries; transporting Mrs. Wooley to Asylum
  • John A Niehaus, for milk for John H Thompson
  • John A Nees, for keeping transient poor
  • Thomas Wright, groceries for Mrs. Curry; groceries for Lizzie Warner
  • Wm T Day, coffin, robe and box for John H Thompson
  • Herdegen & Kress, groceries for Mrs. Van Sickles
  • Johnson Bros., groceries for Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Warner, Mrs. Powers, Henry Miller, J Buffington, Stephen Peters, Carolien Bardol, Wm Strong, Wm Riley
  • Henry Wood, groceries to Mrs. Hagey, John Ross, Mrs. Noble, Wm Curry, John Gray, John Goodpasture, Mrs. Riley, Mrs. Warner, John Criss, Nancy Bailey, Mrs. Steney, Sarah Smith, Wm Peters
  • Philip Kastner, groceries to Sarah Smith
  • Chas Fehling, groceries to Charles Faulkner, Mary Burns, Henry Miller, John Vogel, John Acres, Robt Kirkpatrick, Wm Kelley, Mrs. John Gray, Jennie Thompson, Mrs. M Rose.

Poor Harrison Township.

  • E D Bowlby, groceries to B Howard, Bill Smith, M Congo
  • Benedict Singer, overseer of poor

Poor Manchester Tp.

  • Louisa Slater, for sundry meals for tramps
  • Thomas Emerson, groceries to Fred W Briggs
  • W F Crocker, groceries to Mrs. Laybourn
  • Daniel Platt, overseer poor

Poor Washington Tp.

  • Chambers, Stevens & Co., groceries for Mrs. Loughridge
  • J M Wheeler, groceries for Mrs. Loughridge
  • A M Campbell, overseer of poor

Poor Clay Tp.

  • J C Vandolah, groceries to Evaline Noble, Jacob Fleming
  • Wm Teke, transporting poor to Asylum

Poor Sparta Tp.

  • John C Miller, cash sundries and overseer of poor
  • Fred Homan, groceries to John Border
  • H C Moore, allowance to Isaac Davis, 6 months

Poor Jackson Tp.

  • H Marxen, coffin for John Hepka
  • J P Van Wedding, overseer poor

Poor Kelso Tp.

  • F M Palmer, conveying paupers to Asylum

Poor Miller Tp.

  • Wm J Smith, coffin for Geo Conner
  • W J Smith, overseer poor
  • Robt Hargitt, groceries for Mrs. Huff, Mrs. Geo Conner

Poor York Township.

  • Henry Hammerle, sundries for Mrs. Mann
  • Francis Miller, groceries for Mrs. Mann

Public Buildings.

  • John S Dorman & Co., blankets for jail
  • A D Cook, repairing jail
  • L Kupferschmidt, repairing clock
  • A G Tebbs, supplies for jail
  • Early & Daniels, coal for jail and Court House
  • Sparks Bros., supplies for Court House
  • E C Baldwin, supplies for C House
  • Rudolph Walter, glass for C House
  • Dennis Halpin, shoveling coal
  • Henry Gerkin, shoveling coal
  • Albert Gerkin, shoveling coal
  • Law’bgh Gas Co., for gas
  • H G Kidd, sundry repairs to stoves
  • F R Dorman, supplies for jail

Specific Allowances.

  • Bell Telephone Co., for use of Telephone
  • Dan Miller, carriage hire
  • W W Brison, carriage hire
  • Julius Severin, stamps and express
  • Warren Tebbs, stamps and express

County Board of Health.

  • Warren Tebbs, clerk’s fees
  • W H Terrill, stationery & stamps

Expense of Elections.

  • John C Sims, posting notices of election

Commissioners Court of Expense.

  • Daniel M Guard, serving summons

Court Expenses.

  • John C Sims, serving jury summons
  • Daniel M Guard, serving jury summons

Expense of Criminals.

  • Daniel M Guard, boarding prisoners

Roads and Highways.

  • Daniel M Guard, serving road viewers
  • John Weiss and Job Little, for stone furnished
  • John Cairns, service as reviewer
  • John A Cole, service as reviewer
  • Valentine Draut, services as reviewer

Printing and Advertising.

  • Sam Chapman, blanks for Clerk
  • Hunter & O’Brien, sundry blanks and advertising

Books and Stationery.

  • A G Tebbs, wrapping paper
  • Wm B Burford, sundry books
  • Sentinel Co., sundry books and stationery
  • O H Hassleman, order book

Officers’ Salaries.

  • Charles Fisk, salary as Commissioner
  • T T Annis, salary as Commissioner
  • John Fisk, salary as Commissioner
  • Julius Severin, salary as Auditor
  • James D Gatch, salary as Treasurer

Bridges and Culverts.

Lawrenceburg Bridge.

  • Jos Tittle, repairing floor, labor and Lumber

Wilson Creek Bridge.

  • Sutton Mill Co., lumber furnished North Hogan Creek Bridge
  • Hugh D McMullen, service as Engineer
  • Dorsey & Hahn, balance on abutments
  • Wrought Iron Bridge Co., superstructure
  • John H Thompson, stonework
  • Geo E and J W Johnson, lumber
  • H C Busse, lime and labor
  • O P Cobb & Co., lime

County Asylum.

  • Thomas Duncan, salary as Sup’t
  • Charlotte Duncan, salary as matron
  • Charles Tally, farm hand
  • Louis Drake, farm hand
  • Katie Wilson, female servant
  • Ph Weiss, sundry flour and feed
  • Early & Daniels, coal
  • Giegoldt, Beinkamp & Co., sundry groceries
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co., sundry dry goods and groceries
  • Fred Bellman, for pork
  • Rufus Rice, for potatoes
  • C H Bruns, for coffins
  • James Murdock, for potatoes
  • C H Bruns, for coffins
  • James Murdock, for potatoes
  • Law’bgh and Napoleon Turnpike, for toll
  • T T Taylor, for farm tools and potatoes
  • L B Harbaugh, mending tinware
  • Thomas Duncan, sundry cash items
  • O P Cobb Co., two butcher knives
  • Baker Bros., lumber and flour
  • A Hill & Son, transporting paupers
  • John Feist, one cow and calf
  • Wm Pummill, mending shoes and sundries
  • W H Jordan, drugs
  • Chas Fisk, expense settling insurance
  • Hezron Haynes, farm implement
  • Ed Darling, cutting cord wood
  • Peter Perlee, conveying packages
  • Wm F Crocker, sundry groceries
  • Heustis & Powell, sawing lumber for new County barn
  • Henry Hagadorn, stone work for foundation
  • John E Wymond, insurance
  • Chas Rabe, iron work for barn
  • Frank Platt, hauling stone
  • W J M McHenry, lumber
  • Prestley Jolley, on contract